Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Liberal dishonesty in education.

The liberals have had way too much control of our school system for over 4 decades now and their extreme bias have become so transparent, it become a wonder why they even bother to deny it any more. Seem they think everything on their extreme leftist agenda is what they call balanced and fair. Anyone with a brain can see it as anything but. Being a substitute in our schools for now a total of 5 years and a full fledged teacher for an year, I have insight to the day to day workings of the public education system and have personally experience the corruption, dishonesty, both factual and intellectually, and the social engineering that goes on. Hence why those on the left continue to see the failure that goes on as the evil of a lack of funding and a lack of complete control. If only those pesky conservatives would just get out of the way.

Two stories of late shows the down right bias and stupidity of the left that control our education system. The first is the Harvard student that lied his way into the school. It seems this good, but not necessarily brilliant, student saw a way to con his way into Harvard. Since these administrators, most, if not all, radical leftist, told them what they like to hear and see what they like to see, a student that's to the left, they will take them at their word. After all, conservatives don't lie, do they? After 3 years, his lies caught up to him. Though they wouldn't mention what wised them up at Harvard, when he applied to Yale, who tend to not be much better than Harvard, but are more serious with honesty, found his applications to be full of holes and eventually led to his confession. Quite scary that a man could get this far on a series of egregious lies, but then again, we have Obama as President.

The argument being used against this man is that a "more" qualified student was denied of his place at the school. Given how Affirmative action is really nothing different that what this man did, made his qualification have more value than they really were, how is his fraud any different than a person that gets more qualification points because of their race or religion like Muslims do? Don't get me wrong, I think the man perpetrated fraud and should suffer the consequences of that fraud. It's those less qualified "minorities" that qualify over more qualified whites and now Asians. How is that any different. What because some were unfairly treated 50 to 100 years ago? How does that effect those today? The truth is it doesn't. What is that some groups are being told that they don't have to exert themselves as much to reap the same, if not more, rewards. That, in of itself, a perpetration of a fraud. If one think these students are equal in their abilities and accomplishment as those they're discriminating against, I would look again at our first Affirmative action President who's well on the way to becoming the worse in history as he doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

The other that story I find of interest is this massive outcry coming from liberals in Texas over the culture war that is going to determine what's going to be in Texas's history textbooks. Liberals want more bias against America and in particularly white Americans. They want more Pocahontas, and less John Smith, More sitting Bull, less Custard (though he was a evil bigoted manic, but that is the lesson to be learned), More Frederick Douglas (great as he was, his writing I find comparable to Thomas on the supreme court) and less Abraham Lincoln, get the picture. The same America is all evil while minorities and 3rd world countries are all benevolent and peaceful till we came. As the board of education, 2 to 1 conservatives are on the board, are making their final curriculum, some extreme leftist aren't going to take any chances. In the moonbat state of California, the legislature just passed a bill that will bar anything in the Texas's textbook to be used in the state of California. Like the cities stupid boycotts on a law in AZ that they haven't even read, here in California the Curriculum isn't even out yet, and already California is going to ban anything in the state's textbooks. Hey, every state have their own right to determine what they want in their education textbooks. It's all part of the state's rights. To ban a document that hasn't even been written yet because you don't like who's on the board that will determined their context highlights the bigotry that runs the state in California. No word if the govinator will sign it.

Liberals claim they want everything to be diverse. To be inclusive of all peoples and their culture. I say why? This moral relevancy has corrupted and polluted our society nearly to the breaking point. There's no stance on anything excepts on stances to anything. Take the previous mentioned AZ bill on illegal immigrant. The left assumes, incorrectly, that all people are equal and all culture and religion are equal and believe, well make it out that they believe but I'm not buying it for it's the votes they want, that illegal immigrants who wave the flags of their birthright while trying to turn America into the sewer pipe they left behind want to be Americans and find them to be more "Americans" than native born citizens. That the kind of BS they want to teach our children and hence why they riot in the streets and go hog crazy over what another state does. Now that we have an Affirmative Action President, take a look at whats going on in the country. Debt beyond belief, spending that boggle the mind, racist polices (one of which I'll get to in a second), and now we have races rising up against other races, cities against cities, and now states against other states. We're suppose to be the UNITED STATES (Estadios Unidos) but now we're becoming more like the Balkans every day.

Think their prejudices and bigotry isn't festering, take a look at what Obama wants to do. He wants to take the test scores and if the schools are predominately have minority students, mainly Latinos and African American and they are failing. He wants to classified that failure as a symptom of a racist policy by the school district. That such failure is deemed as a violation of those students civil rights perpetrated, I'm sure by only white members of the school boards, by racism. This will be a means to intimidate any person lacking color to be in the education profession at all. I can tell you by experience these student, especially Blacks and Latinos, and now to a larger degree native born Filipinos, don't do well because they don't want to learn. The value of education and the parent's involvement have more to do how and how much children learn than anything the district does other than how much they support or oppose their attitudes and so far they're so scared of the gangs, both street and legal, that they just let them do whatever they want. Now Obama wants the federal government to have the power to prosecute you for a hate crime or civil rights crimes if the student decide they don't want to learn and refuse to do so. I know there are some teachers that shouldn't be in the classroom, but the teacher's unions are to blame why that goes on, but now to come down on those that do want to teach but can't because of the environment to risk prison time for it in the name of diversity. How honest is that? After all the people in the Administration believe as our head State Board of Education believes, that black students only can learn from a black teacher (from what I saw, believe, they won't), a Latino student from a Latino teacher (again, no they won't), and so on. They think there are too many white teacher, especially white women, and want to make it more "diverse". I wonder if white males are included, but I won't hold my breath. I've yet to see any kind of honesty by the diversity crowd.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Keep Your Husband

I've read a letter from one of Dr. Laura's fans who wrote a college paper where the assignment was to write a "how to" on something that they thought the class wouldn't know. As mentioned in previous posts, I don't have much "love" for western women and with good reasons. This one not only is the exception that proves the rule, but also vindicates me in a sense that a woman felt the need (I know it was a woman because she left her name which I left out of here) that such a lesson plan is necessary. I've posted the content of that paper here with my comments in boldface. I'm sure the feminazis will have issues with much of this, but if I cared what they thought, I would had gotten another one and married it.

How to Keep Your Husband

These instructions are a fool proof method of how to not only keep your husband, but how to keep him happy. These instructions do not apply to relationships with abuse, drug or alcohol addictions, or affairs. I would had added one more here, though it could be mute: abandonment. Although, it is important to note that if the following steps are followed, there will be no affairs.
Amen to that.

Step 1: Own your position

As the wife, it is important to know that you hold the power to control the marital relationship and family atmosphere.
If there is one consistent theme in the feminazi position, everything is about them and men are always at fault as if we have any power at all, which we don't. Should this control be abused or ignored, the health of the relationship will surely falter. The woman must recognize her position and use it to create peace and keep her husband eager to come home every day. Not that it matters to the norm of western men, especially "educated" western women who are taught from day one that men are the enemy and they wonder why they are treated so badly.

This is accomplished by the following mini steps:

a. When he comes home, greet your husband at the door with a smile, a kiss and a hug, regardless of how you feel at that moment. Good luck. It's all about them, remember? Oh how many times I've had to paid for their bad days.

b. Do not even consider, not for a second, dumping your worries and woes on your man before he has a chance to get in the door, take his shoes off, and catch his breath after his day.

c. Feed him Love. affection, and food. How simple is that?

Step 2: Pick your battles wisely

Men, being very simple creatures, see things in a 'works' or 'does not work' fashion. The wife sees things in a fashion of 'my way', 'his way', 'the neighbors' way', 'the messy way', 'the right way', etc...
The battle cry of the women studies courses at our university and our media. The wife who is angry over the husband leaving his plate in the living room will not have a very harmonious marriage. She will eventually drive her man to fearing that any movement he makes will be wrong and she will become angry, yelling, pouting, and hammering him to death over something he sees as trivial and she sees as disrespectful, purposefully hurtful, lazy, etc... See previous statement..This behavior, in turn, will make the husband not so eager to rush home to his wife. Duh! You think! Nobody wants to feel belittled or talked down to. Yet western women tend to think we men do.

Avoid this with the following mini steps:

a. Decide if the little things are worth becoming big things.

b. Save your argument for those things that are meaningful and pertinent to the family (i.e. Irresponsibly spending money, making time for date nights, confronting the father of the boy who's intentions are not so great towards your teenage daughter...).

Step 3: Don't make him your girlfriend

A man, being a man, wants to 'fix' things. When he is given a problem that he cannot fix, he is, in his own mind, a failure. A man does not do well with failing.
Talk about no win scenario. If we fix it, we're condemned as uncaring, if we don't, we're considered useless. The wife cannot complain incessantly about how unfair it is that she has too much homework to do and there is not enough time and she doesn't have the freedom to meet her friends for lunch cause she has due dates to meet, and....The wife is in school because she wants to be in school. How does it benefit her to whine to her husband about something he cannot fix? Yes, please tell me because I know for one I'm sick of hearing about it all the while it's the consequences of your own choices. How does making him feel like he can't take care of your problems make him feel like a man? No, but it sure makes THEM feel better. Right? It doesn't. Call your sister, mother, or girlfriend to complain instead.

So, following are some guidelines to follow to complete Step 3:

a. When needing something from your husband, simply state it in black and white, specific terms (i.e. the dishwasher is leaking or we need more milk). We're simple, you need something just tell us. We hate those stupid guessing games, especially when we're guessing incorrectly.

b. Do not continually bring up a specific point, thought, or problem in a 'nagging' fashion. Again, your husband is not your girlfriend.
Yes, there are emotional differences in the sexes. Nor is he your child. Isn't it the common complain that men act too much like children yet they don't treat us any better. You don't need to tell him 42 times in two days that the dishwasher is broken he knows, you already told him. Now, let him take care of it.

Step 4: Give affection often

While both men and women need affection, we need it differently. Women want flowers, cards, candy, romanticism, and gifts. Men want to know they are your man by you letting them show you intimately. (While this step should be explained much deeper, this is not the place.) By a wife deciding to withhold affection because she is angry or pouty, she is not making the point she hopes to be making. She is causing long-lasting damage. Western women tend to think of affection as empowerment. Seems it's all about having power and using that power for personal gain. Since men have no power in relationships, it's a silly fight to have.

Looking at the following mini steps will help the wife avoid this dreadful mistake:

a. NEVER withhold intimacy from your husband out of spite!
Can you say power trip. Plus, what do the ladies get in return? Bitterness? Never, ever try to 'teach him' by giving him the cold shoulder or ignoring him, belittling his desires and love for you, the wife. If it's your intention to tighten the screws on the man, well, this works great. Doesn't do anything for your relationship, but I bet it will make you feel a lot better. . . or not.

b. Remember that while expecting him to fulfill your desires of romance, gifts, flowers, etc..., you are obligated to not only return the favor, but be proactive in fulfilling it. Oooooooh, I bet that's a dirty statement with our feminist mentality in our society. That a woman has a responsibility for her own happiness in a relationship. What a concept.

Step 5: Learn forgiveness and letting go

Women are infamous for holding grudges
Don't get me started on this. Not only women are better at holding grudges, my current wife still holds a grudge against me for thing done by her ex's before we even met, but women are #1 in getting revenge. You want to get even with someone, ask a woman.. We can make a man suffer for a very long time when we feel we have been slighted, if only a little. Slighted a little. There are times I like to know what I did wrong only to find out she's having a crappy time. The wife's mentality of "I'll show him!" is the abuse of power from Step 1. Women abusive of their power, they don't even believe they have it. Men, our husbands, quickly move on from the disagreements we have with them. It is a waste of time, energy, and effort for the wife to hold a grudge, because the husband doesn't usually know why she's acting so irrationally. HELLOOOOOOOO!!! He's moved on! To him, she is pouty, moody, and unapproachable. And no, it's not in our minds. She cannot meet him at the door with a smile and a kiss when she is maintaining this poor attitude, which is in noncompliance of Step 1. Soon, the wife will see the husband pulling away and not trying to 'find out what's wrong'. Remember how I said we hate playing guessing games, here's why. Sadly, he will be protecting himself from her. We're not going to get chummy with someone that attacks us all the time or out of the blue. This is one more scenario leading to long-term damage, due to the wife's actions.

These following recommendations will prevent this scenario from playing out in your marriage:

a. Remember to let go - very little is worth hanging on to and mulling over. Forgive whatever situation creates the "I'll teach him" mode. He forgiven you, return the gesture. Keep moving forward. Forgive and forget, what a concept.

b. Do not repeatedly bring up the hurt or difference once you've forgiven. You cannot let go of it if you keep choosing to pick it up and carry it around letting means letting go. Western women's ability to hold on to these "wrongs" are famous throughout the world, believe me. This is why, no not because who would have them, foreign men don't want western wives.


The above steps, while not all inclusive, are a sure-fire way to strengthen and maintain a marriage. While there are certainly other aspects that must be considered, the five guidelines above are a good 'rule of thumb'. We must recognize and never forget that a man wants to take care of his wife. He wants to provide for her and protect her. He sees it as his job. The wife must allow him to do this. We cannot stifle what makes our men 'men'. We should embrace it and support it. If we keep our husbands happy, they will surely grab the stars from the sky to make us happy!

Following is a brief synopsis of the five steps to keeping your husband:
1. Own your position
2. Pick your battles wisely
3. Don't make him your girlfriend
4. Give affection often
5. Learn forgiveness and letting go

If you are noticing strain or discomfort in your marriage as a wife, begin at step one and work your way through step five and you will surely find resolution.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why are we still in the UN?

Seems now that the leftist racists that want to continue with the policy of letting Latin America invade our country have failed to get Americans motivated to combat one state's efforts to dilute the tide, they go to their next tactic: The United Nations (a bit of an oxymoron since very few are united). Every time something doesn't go the liberals way here in the states, they try to get the UN to make their statements to condemn such policies against them. Seems they want to guilt us into submission. Fortunately, most Americans are seeing the UN's threat to our sovereignty and giving them the finger (and no they're not number one).

What gets my goat, the left is using an organization that is infected with evil dictators, murders and homicidal lunatics. The Commission on Human Rights has come out stating that Arizona is violating human rights with their "anti-immigration" law using statements like profiling, discrimination, and a few other statements that make me wonder what they're snorting in that overpriced building. I've looked up the members of the commission and one member should be of note. That is the United States. Why did we allow this commission to make such a "damning" statement against us? What are Obama's appointees doing at the UN? Given this statement, I say promoting their leftist agenda using the UN against those they oppose politically. Russia is a member. Given their history of abuse by the state, I find it a bit oxymoronic that they're even a member. France and Britain are member, but given how they're caving in to the Islamic threats in their own countries, I find their motives to be suspect. Bosnia raises my eyebrows. With the atrocities that are going on in that balkan state, you got to be kidding me that they're a country that is determining who's in compliance of human rights. Much like having wolves who's best to guard henhouses. Krygyzstan, there's a country fit for judging human rights. Given that kidnapping and forcing women into marriages is legal and as long as the "girl" is at least 9 years old, it's completely legal. Who made these countries members?

Let's also look at what countries they find in compliance or members. Cuba in on their list of countries in compliance with human rights. Huh? A country that imprison if not execute political prisoners as well as those that have AIDS. Oh yea, this gives me confidence that Arizona is dehumanizing people. Saudi Arabia is deemed compliance though they preach wabbism that mandate the murder of non-Muslim and prosecution of Christians. They still behead their prisoners, right? I guess Arizona take the wrong punishment. Now, Pakistan is a member. How the heck a country that give protection to Osama Bin Laden with radical Madrases as well as terrorist attacks on their own people as well as those of India, the country that has the most terrorist attacks (no, it's not Israel, but India has far more targets) is a country viewed by the UN as respecting human rights? Hey, South Africa with all their legal murder of whites are members as well. Perhaps that's the UN limpus test. Rid the world of whites, then you're advancing humanity. That would explain their contempt for Arizona.

The UN, like the League of Nations, started out with good intentions, but now has made the liberal notion of moral relativism go global. Since most countries are dictatorships and monarchies, what do we have in common anymore with them? Evil is spreading around the world at an accelerated pace now more than ever because we have a world organization filled with the most corrupt people with a charter that now can't even define the most basic of human rights. Thus how countries that rape little girls, treat women like cattle, and coddle terrorist as freedom fighters, can make the rules, I go back to one of the sermons on the mount that asked the universal question. What does righteousness have in common with unrighteousness. What does good have in common with evil? What does right have in common with wrong. The answer is nothing and that is why we need to leave the UN.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How western women still don't get it.

Been away for awhile as I ponder if this blog is even worth the time I seem to waste on it. Well, it is just a personal online log. I've been through quite a bit with the death of my mother-in-law, my wife's mourning, my kids step cousins being murdered, and then to top it off, my niece's mother disappears for a week. UGH! With all the political BS as well as the state of California embarrassing me yet again and twice with the racist illegals getting offended and threatening violence over T-shirts and a racist Principal having blacks only going on a field trip and it wasn't just whites he was racist again. There was an unremarkable article which the comments just demonstrate how on the social issues between the sexes how western women just don't get it and I think as long as liberal nut jobs continue to run our media and government institutions, as well as our universities, they never will.

The article was giving a list of 5 things that women do to drive men away. Thought I thought it was for the most part a stupid and silly list, where 2 were just out and out wrong, it was one that really got every one's goat. #2, you focus on his faults. Oh, the women just went ballistic. In fact, they harped on every fault they could find in the male race, the biggest being why should they care about his needs and desires. Gee, what a concept. I thought relationships were the full filling of each other needs but western women are so selfish and narcissistic now, that the thought that they should contribute to the needs and emotional well being of their partner (unless a woman) is some sort of crime against women.

The one statement that really demonstrate why western women deserve the misery they're getting, for if their belligerent attitude was providing the desired results, they wouldn't had been so bitterly complaining, is why should they care about their needs. It's not like they don't have faults. I can sum it up. Women have the power in relationships, men don't. Dr Laura was hammered for her book the The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. You would had thought she was asking for the sacrifices of virgins (like there are any now a days?) by the reactions by the feminists. They demanded that she wrote one for the proper care and feeding of wives, but when asked what could she put in it, they had no answer. Especially from men because they have no power. So when one arrogant and stupid woman ask why should they not ridicule us for our faults, it's like we don't have any and failures are all our fault. There you go, it's you "ladies" that have the power and when you abuse it, which is daily and often, you're ticked over the negative reaction.

This is part in parcel of the entitlement mentality they have. They still seem to think everything is about THEM. It's suppose to be about us, but men are so badly vilified, that any imperfection is subject to ridicule. Gosh, mention any faults about women and watch how fast you get demonized. Just mention anything about their weight for example and see how fast you're deemed sexist, brutish, bigoted because you don't accept women "as they are". While we're disdained, if not down right hated, for so much as not remembering to take out the garbage or even having an education because we must had taken it from a more deserving woman, like Sotomayor believes. Have any issue about their neglect of family (for those that even dare to have children) or emotional support and get verbally abused. Have any thought that their hair is out of place or why they accumulate so much debt, or don't want to give and take because they had a bad day at the office, well, we men know how well that goes.

What really typifies this mentality is vividly demonstrated by one of the women in the current season of the Amazing Race: Caite. She was the Miss Teen South Carolina that made that stupid and irrational rant about Iraq and South Africa. Her treatment of Brent, the man she's team up with and dates, shows how she thinks he's stupid, mean, and useless in their pursuit to make the finish line for $1 million. At the time of this writing, they're in first place (for the first time) as the final leg of the race. However, her contempt, demeaning and downright nastiness towards Brent shows how she has nothing but disdain for him. She doesn't think he's a worthy partner and believes that it's all about her. So much so, that she thinks she's proven all her critics wrong by their lead in this race that she's not the ignorant dolt that everyone made her out to be on YouTube. Given her mean, nasty, and irrational attitude not only against Brent, but other members, she's right. I don't find her ignorant, I think she's just plain and completely stupid. After all, she thought Chile was in China (apparently her knowledge of geography didn't improved) and many stupid and contradictory statement shows she is not only a mean person, but a really stupid one. Just because she's lucked out in a race where Brent's decisions and strategy, not hers, got them there just shows the narcissism she has. I would pity them if they win this race because the money is going to ruin them and no doubt she'll want her half of his share as well.

The comment in this list shows the true state of the mentality in too many progressive western women. They want us to accept them with all their faults, while they use ours to justify their cruelty to men. Thus they wonder why men don't want to have anything to do with them, or worse, not to justify abuse as I tell men to get out of abusive relationship or if you find yourself becoming abusive. However, if you're going to go on a double standard, don't be shocked that you find resistance or just out and out disrespect. When one has the power but chooses to abuse it, good things don't follow.