Saturday, May 8, 2010

How western women still don't get it.

Been away for awhile as I ponder if this blog is even worth the time I seem to waste on it. Well, it is just a personal online log. I've been through quite a bit with the death of my mother-in-law, my wife's mourning, my kids step cousins being murdered, and then to top it off, my niece's mother disappears for a week. UGH! With all the political BS as well as the state of California embarrassing me yet again and twice with the racist illegals getting offended and threatening violence over T-shirts and a racist Principal having blacks only going on a field trip and it wasn't just whites he was racist again. There was an unremarkable article which the comments just demonstrate how on the social issues between the sexes how western women just don't get it and I think as long as liberal nut jobs continue to run our media and government institutions, as well as our universities, they never will.

The article was giving a list of 5 things that women do to drive men away. Thought I thought it was for the most part a stupid and silly list, where 2 were just out and out wrong, it was one that really got every one's goat. #2, you focus on his faults. Oh, the women just went ballistic. In fact, they harped on every fault they could find in the male race, the biggest being why should they care about his needs and desires. Gee, what a concept. I thought relationships were the full filling of each other needs but western women are so selfish and narcissistic now, that the thought that they should contribute to the needs and emotional well being of their partner (unless a woman) is some sort of crime against women.

The one statement that really demonstrate why western women deserve the misery they're getting, for if their belligerent attitude was providing the desired results, they wouldn't had been so bitterly complaining, is why should they care about their needs. It's not like they don't have faults. I can sum it up. Women have the power in relationships, men don't. Dr Laura was hammered for her book the The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. You would had thought she was asking for the sacrifices of virgins (like there are any now a days?) by the reactions by the feminists. They demanded that she wrote one for the proper care and feeding of wives, but when asked what could she put in it, they had no answer. Especially from men because they have no power. So when one arrogant and stupid woman ask why should they not ridicule us for our faults, it's like we don't have any and failures are all our fault. There you go, it's you "ladies" that have the power and when you abuse it, which is daily and often, you're ticked over the negative reaction.

This is part in parcel of the entitlement mentality they have. They still seem to think everything is about THEM. It's suppose to be about us, but men are so badly vilified, that any imperfection is subject to ridicule. Gosh, mention any faults about women and watch how fast you get demonized. Just mention anything about their weight for example and see how fast you're deemed sexist, brutish, bigoted because you don't accept women "as they are". While we're disdained, if not down right hated, for so much as not remembering to take out the garbage or even having an education because we must had taken it from a more deserving woman, like Sotomayor believes. Have any issue about their neglect of family (for those that even dare to have children) or emotional support and get verbally abused. Have any thought that their hair is out of place or why they accumulate so much debt, or don't want to give and take because they had a bad day at the office, well, we men know how well that goes.

What really typifies this mentality is vividly demonstrated by one of the women in the current season of the Amazing Race: Caite. She was the Miss Teen South Carolina that made that stupid and irrational rant about Iraq and South Africa. Her treatment of Brent, the man she's team up with and dates, shows how she thinks he's stupid, mean, and useless in their pursuit to make the finish line for $1 million. At the time of this writing, they're in first place (for the first time) as the final leg of the race. However, her contempt, demeaning and downright nastiness towards Brent shows how she has nothing but disdain for him. She doesn't think he's a worthy partner and believes that it's all about her. So much so, that she thinks she's proven all her critics wrong by their lead in this race that she's not the ignorant dolt that everyone made her out to be on YouTube. Given her mean, nasty, and irrational attitude not only against Brent, but other members, she's right. I don't find her ignorant, I think she's just plain and completely stupid. After all, she thought Chile was in China (apparently her knowledge of geography didn't improved) and many stupid and contradictory statement shows she is not only a mean person, but a really stupid one. Just because she's lucked out in a race where Brent's decisions and strategy, not hers, got them there just shows the narcissism she has. I would pity them if they win this race because the money is going to ruin them and no doubt she'll want her half of his share as well.

The comment in this list shows the true state of the mentality in too many progressive western women. They want us to accept them with all their faults, while they use ours to justify their cruelty to men. Thus they wonder why men don't want to have anything to do with them, or worse, not to justify abuse as I tell men to get out of abusive relationship or if you find yourself becoming abusive. However, if you're going to go on a double standard, don't be shocked that you find resistance or just out and out disrespect. When one has the power but chooses to abuse it, good things don't follow.

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