Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Liberal dishonesty in education.

The liberals have had way too much control of our school system for over 4 decades now and their extreme bias have become so transparent, it become a wonder why they even bother to deny it any more. Seem they think everything on their extreme leftist agenda is what they call balanced and fair. Anyone with a brain can see it as anything but. Being a substitute in our schools for now a total of 5 years and a full fledged teacher for an year, I have insight to the day to day workings of the public education system and have personally experience the corruption, dishonesty, both factual and intellectually, and the social engineering that goes on. Hence why those on the left continue to see the failure that goes on as the evil of a lack of funding and a lack of complete control. If only those pesky conservatives would just get out of the way.

Two stories of late shows the down right bias and stupidity of the left that control our education system. The first is the Harvard student that lied his way into the school. It seems this good, but not necessarily brilliant, student saw a way to con his way into Harvard. Since these administrators, most, if not all, radical leftist, told them what they like to hear and see what they like to see, a student that's to the left, they will take them at their word. After all, conservatives don't lie, do they? After 3 years, his lies caught up to him. Though they wouldn't mention what wised them up at Harvard, when he applied to Yale, who tend to not be much better than Harvard, but are more serious with honesty, found his applications to be full of holes and eventually led to his confession. Quite scary that a man could get this far on a series of egregious lies, but then again, we have Obama as President.

The argument being used against this man is that a "more" qualified student was denied of his place at the school. Given how Affirmative action is really nothing different that what this man did, made his qualification have more value than they really were, how is his fraud any different than a person that gets more qualification points because of their race or religion like Muslims do? Don't get me wrong, I think the man perpetrated fraud and should suffer the consequences of that fraud. It's those less qualified "minorities" that qualify over more qualified whites and now Asians. How is that any different. What because some were unfairly treated 50 to 100 years ago? How does that effect those today? The truth is it doesn't. What is that some groups are being told that they don't have to exert themselves as much to reap the same, if not more, rewards. That, in of itself, a perpetration of a fraud. If one think these students are equal in their abilities and accomplishment as those they're discriminating against, I would look again at our first Affirmative action President who's well on the way to becoming the worse in history as he doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

The other that story I find of interest is this massive outcry coming from liberals in Texas over the culture war that is going to determine what's going to be in Texas's history textbooks. Liberals want more bias against America and in particularly white Americans. They want more Pocahontas, and less John Smith, More sitting Bull, less Custard (though he was a evil bigoted manic, but that is the lesson to be learned), More Frederick Douglas (great as he was, his writing I find comparable to Thomas on the supreme court) and less Abraham Lincoln, get the picture. The same America is all evil while minorities and 3rd world countries are all benevolent and peaceful till we came. As the board of education, 2 to 1 conservatives are on the board, are making their final curriculum, some extreme leftist aren't going to take any chances. In the moonbat state of California, the legislature just passed a bill that will bar anything in the Texas's textbook to be used in the state of California. Like the cities stupid boycotts on a law in AZ that they haven't even read, here in California the Curriculum isn't even out yet, and already California is going to ban anything in the state's textbooks. Hey, every state have their own right to determine what they want in their education textbooks. It's all part of the state's rights. To ban a document that hasn't even been written yet because you don't like who's on the board that will determined their context highlights the bigotry that runs the state in California. No word if the govinator will sign it.

Liberals claim they want everything to be diverse. To be inclusive of all peoples and their culture. I say why? This moral relevancy has corrupted and polluted our society nearly to the breaking point. There's no stance on anything excepts on stances to anything. Take the previous mentioned AZ bill on illegal immigrant. The left assumes, incorrectly, that all people are equal and all culture and religion are equal and believe, well make it out that they believe but I'm not buying it for it's the votes they want, that illegal immigrants who wave the flags of their birthright while trying to turn America into the sewer pipe they left behind want to be Americans and find them to be more "Americans" than native born citizens. That the kind of BS they want to teach our children and hence why they riot in the streets and go hog crazy over what another state does. Now that we have an Affirmative Action President, take a look at whats going on in the country. Debt beyond belief, spending that boggle the mind, racist polices (one of which I'll get to in a second), and now we have races rising up against other races, cities against cities, and now states against other states. We're suppose to be the UNITED STATES (Estadios Unidos) but now we're becoming more like the Balkans every day.

Think their prejudices and bigotry isn't festering, take a look at what Obama wants to do. He wants to take the test scores and if the schools are predominately have minority students, mainly Latinos and African American and they are failing. He wants to classified that failure as a symptom of a racist policy by the school district. That such failure is deemed as a violation of those students civil rights perpetrated, I'm sure by only white members of the school boards, by racism. This will be a means to intimidate any person lacking color to be in the education profession at all. I can tell you by experience these student, especially Blacks and Latinos, and now to a larger degree native born Filipinos, don't do well because they don't want to learn. The value of education and the parent's involvement have more to do how and how much children learn than anything the district does other than how much they support or oppose their attitudes and so far they're so scared of the gangs, both street and legal, that they just let them do whatever they want. Now Obama wants the federal government to have the power to prosecute you for a hate crime or civil rights crimes if the student decide they don't want to learn and refuse to do so. I know there are some teachers that shouldn't be in the classroom, but the teacher's unions are to blame why that goes on, but now to come down on those that do want to teach but can't because of the environment to risk prison time for it in the name of diversity. How honest is that? After all the people in the Administration believe as our head State Board of Education believes, that black students only can learn from a black teacher (from what I saw, believe, they won't), a Latino student from a Latino teacher (again, no they won't), and so on. They think there are too many white teacher, especially white women, and want to make it more "diverse". I wonder if white males are included, but I won't hold my breath. I've yet to see any kind of honesty by the diversity crowd.

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