Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why are we still in the UN?

Seems now that the leftist racists that want to continue with the policy of letting Latin America invade our country have failed to get Americans motivated to combat one state's efforts to dilute the tide, they go to their next tactic: The United Nations (a bit of an oxymoron since very few are united). Every time something doesn't go the liberals way here in the states, they try to get the UN to make their statements to condemn such policies against them. Seems they want to guilt us into submission. Fortunately, most Americans are seeing the UN's threat to our sovereignty and giving them the finger (and no they're not number one).

What gets my goat, the left is using an organization that is infected with evil dictators, murders and homicidal lunatics. The Commission on Human Rights has come out stating that Arizona is violating human rights with their "anti-immigration" law using statements like profiling, discrimination, and a few other statements that make me wonder what they're snorting in that overpriced building. I've looked up the members of the commission and one member should be of note. That is the United States. Why did we allow this commission to make such a "damning" statement against us? What are Obama's appointees doing at the UN? Given this statement, I say promoting their leftist agenda using the UN against those they oppose politically. Russia is a member. Given their history of abuse by the state, I find it a bit oxymoronic that they're even a member. France and Britain are member, but given how they're caving in to the Islamic threats in their own countries, I find their motives to be suspect. Bosnia raises my eyebrows. With the atrocities that are going on in that balkan state, you got to be kidding me that they're a country that is determining who's in compliance of human rights. Much like having wolves who's best to guard henhouses. Krygyzstan, there's a country fit for judging human rights. Given that kidnapping and forcing women into marriages is legal and as long as the "girl" is at least 9 years old, it's completely legal. Who made these countries members?

Let's also look at what countries they find in compliance or members. Cuba in on their list of countries in compliance with human rights. Huh? A country that imprison if not execute political prisoners as well as those that have AIDS. Oh yea, this gives me confidence that Arizona is dehumanizing people. Saudi Arabia is deemed compliance though they preach wabbism that mandate the murder of non-Muslim and prosecution of Christians. They still behead their prisoners, right? I guess Arizona take the wrong punishment. Now, Pakistan is a member. How the heck a country that give protection to Osama Bin Laden with radical Madrases as well as terrorist attacks on their own people as well as those of India, the country that has the most terrorist attacks (no, it's not Israel, but India has far more targets) is a country viewed by the UN as respecting human rights? Hey, South Africa with all their legal murder of whites are members as well. Perhaps that's the UN limpus test. Rid the world of whites, then you're advancing humanity. That would explain their contempt for Arizona.

The UN, like the League of Nations, started out with good intentions, but now has made the liberal notion of moral relativism go global. Since most countries are dictatorships and monarchies, what do we have in common anymore with them? Evil is spreading around the world at an accelerated pace now more than ever because we have a world organization filled with the most corrupt people with a charter that now can't even define the most basic of human rights. Thus how countries that rape little girls, treat women like cattle, and coddle terrorist as freedom fighters, can make the rules, I go back to one of the sermons on the mount that asked the universal question. What does righteousness have in common with unrighteousness. What does good have in common with evil? What does right have in common with wrong. The answer is nothing and that is why we need to leave the UN.

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