Saturday, June 12, 2010

Arizona gets it right again.

Seems the state of Arizona have more brains that I originally thought. Having an illegal invasion problem and mirroring federal law. That's a no brainer that too many state just didn't have the conjonas to enact. Now they're going even a step further. They're going after the abuse of the 14th amendment: anchor babies. The state of Arizona is going to write a bill, and most likely pass into law, that will have the state refuse to issue birth certificates to babies of parents that are here illegally. This is a fight that has been long time coming as the liberal left with their hatred of America and their love of the 3rd world are going to come head to head with their bigotry and have to defend their stance.

Already the challenges are under way. Many illegals and their defenders think they have the war won already. They think they have the constitution on their side. Well, there's a double edge sword to this and I can see where those of use that believe in rule of law can go with this. The argument by the racist and bigoted invaders are going to be it's their children, anchor baby's, right to be automatic U.S. Citizens by the 14th Amendment. Well, hold your horses on that one. The intent of the 14th amendment is that it was to grant citizenship to the emancipated slaves who had now. It was designed to put an end to the Dredd Scott decisions and make them invalid. Any constitutional lawyer can tell you, other than those that have envisioned it as a living document or having negative liberties, that intent and past interpretations are the relevant factors and not just the letter of law.

Better yet, go into the reason why this future law will be enacted in the first place: the federal government neglect of their constitutional duties. This invasion has festered for over 4 decades because the federal government has neglected their duties as mandated in the constitution to defend and enforce the protection of our nations borders. Can one section of the constitution be used to reward those that benefit from the violation of another? Historically, the answer is no. Criminals aren't allowed to benefit from the proceeds of their crimes. That's why it's in our laws that illegals aren't to get welfare and other benefits, but the federals neglect to enforce our immigration laws have waned those policies. So the argument that the 14th amendment grants these anchor babies citizenship when they're being born on our soil as a consequence of an unconstitutional act by our federal government is going to spacious at best. That would be like me saying any punishment is unconstitutional for violating the 8th amendment because I deny the 1st amendment right of a reporter. Good luck getting that through.

Right now the court is precariously conservative by a 5-4 vote and very well see that these invaders are benefiting from the criminal activity of the federal government and thus aren't protected by the 14th amendment. What should concern us is will the conservative member survive long enough to put an end to the blatant excuse for the continuation of this invasion, an invasion encouraged and accomplices by the racist Mexican government, or will they final side with the intent of the rule of law that law biding citizens have been screaming for for decades. Should one of the conservative members die or retire before Obama's term is up, then the court will be radical on the left and most likely permanently. That will make this invasion legal and open the door for every deviant and anti-American psychopath to come in as well. One thing for sure, the court has been out of this debate for far too long and a ruling is needed one way or another to settle this issue once and for all.

With now 22 states seeking to follow Arizona's example because their citizens have had enough of the headaches, crime, and down right abuse of their laws, they're gaining the courage to fight back as well. That means, get 14 more states to get involved and a constitutional amendment can be ratified to repeal the soil birth right and this debate can be ended once and for all. The question is will those 14 additional states have the courage and dismissed the racism charges that will be sure to followed from the racist invaders? Time will tell. Should the illegals get amnesty, they will pollute the voting bloc enough to make this invasion legal so time is of the essence to keep our republic intact and bonded by the rule of law by it's CITIZENS.

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