Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More proof that San Fransickos are just plain stupid.

I just learned that San Fransisco is going to allow the docking of a Russian war ship. A cruiser class ship who's very purpose is the defeat of our navy and our allies is going to dock on San Fransisco and the natives are in love with it. They're praising the display of Russia's military might as progress of the advancement of peace and how much we've progressed since the cold war. What moronic fools. Considering Russia, even though they're enemies to the Muslim cause, are often supplying enemy Islamics against us, are under minding our energy needs, allies with China in the UN against our interests and now a country who isn't our friends, though granted not an enemy but that doesn't mean I want them over for dinner either, are being befriended as agents of peace. This is the same city that had an ordinance that no ship of war would ever be docked when the Navy wanted to display the Missouri. The battle ship where the surrender of imperialistic Japan was signed. That ship was too evil to have on the pristine beaches by the bay, but this ship isn't. Where are their pacifist leanings now or their stand against don't ask don't tell? God almighty, please get me out of this stupid and suicidal state.

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