Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paper or Plastic? Not in California.

Of all the stupid and draconian laws I’ve seen in my 45 years living here, this one has to take the cake. With the state being over run by illegal aliens, racist and downright stupid and/or dangerous city supervisors providing sanctuary, 13% unemployment, $20 billion debt, crime up, life standards down, the ever so omnipotent and omniscient government of California were attacking the worse threat to the state as they saw it: plastic bags. Seems to our government, including the govinator who thankfully will be gone this January, the plastic bags we get at the store is choking us to death. Seems now we’re no longer going to be allowed to have plastic bags and should we recycle the ones we have, we are to be charged a tax for it. Worse yet, those that use paper aren’t going to be immune either as anyone taking a paper bag will be assessed a tax as well. Unless you bring fabric bags (I’m betting hemp being best in this stoned and stupid state), be prepared to be gouged by the state. I thought the above problems were the real enemy to the living standards here. The state must placate to the radical environmentalists. Didn't we fight a war with Britain over such innate tax policies?


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

ACK...So Stupid
Just another way to kill jobs.

madmath1 said...

It makes me wonder what's next in this stupid state. Red meat, driving, breathing, I mean everything is toxic to the environment to these guys.