Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More California insanity.

San Fransicko has two new laws that demonstrate how idiotic people here are, at least in San Francisco. First, yesterday, they banned all sugary sodas from all government buildings and land. Seems they have a problem with sugar, but if they think children aren't going to get their hands because the shrine to the pagan god of socialist stupidity, in this case the local government buildings, then they stupid and insane. The other law, which came out today, gives a guideline to making LEGAL hemp brownies within the city limits. Just when I think the government here can't get any more stupid, especially after the banning of plastic bags, they go out do themselves by outlawing the consumption of sugar at government building while legalizing the consumption of hemp brownies. Makes perfect sense to me (UGH!). People here wonder why I fear moonbeam Brown will win a 3rd term?

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