Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Muslim victories over America.

As we get closer and closer to the 9th anniversary of 911, I was hoping to post this on 9/11, but things are just going too fast to hold it off. What I see now just completely boggles the mind, considering how were were maliciously attacked on that faithful day. Much has me pessimistic about the survival of our republic. I don't find much interest to write because I see our republic dying and fear reprisal in the future. Not to mention the methods going out are such the wrong way and so much the same old thing, that what really is going to change?

First of all, who would believe what's going on in Dearborn Michigan. Michigan is a racist state that I would never want to go to, but never in my worse nightmares did I expect to see what we're seeing there. The first sickening thing is who would had believe as the towers were coming down less than 9 years ago, we would be seeing such outspokenness and support. . . FOR TERRORISTS? Who would had believed after witnessing the tragedy of that day than in less then a decade, those that perpetrated this evil monstrosity would have more rights and higher moral standing than law abiding non-Muslims? Well, let's head to Dearborn, a town with a high concentration of Somali refugees. You know, those goons that think Piracy is a legitimate occupation. They were out in the streets by the THOUSANDS. To protest against terrorism or the stain to their faith? Against those that murder their wives and daughter polluting the faith by their heinous acts? To outreach non-Muslims by preaching those that commit such acts are an abomination and deserve no support from the Mosques? Nope! They were out to mourn and give prise to a genocidal lunatic terrorist that died in the "Palestine terrorises". Here are the terrorists among us out in the open expressing their support for such evil, and without fear or reprisals. Can you imagine what would had happen if neo-Nazi's came out on Hilter's anniversary of his death. Never mind, we know what would happen. To have gone down so far as to be blatantly attack and then protect the murders and their supporters out in the open like this just shown how far we've fallen.

In the same town, a "group" (in this case 4) Christian were arrested during a Muslim festival (who knew they had any since they're so angry or having a jihadist gripe about something) while distributing pamphlets. They were "disturbing the peace". Here the Muzzies had an opportunity for some outreach to a handful of non-Muslims, but instead they went on the attack and called the police for their arrest. The hatred and intolerance of the Muzzies were protected because they didn't want no Christians staining their festivities (though they weren't actually in the market). Again, the interest of the intolerant Muzzies were protected while those who were exercising free speech were arrested because the peace that was disturbed was by the hateful members of a death cult that can't tolerate anyone different than them. To think this is happening in America and not even a decade after 911. Can anyone imagining this happening a year or two after, or even after 1993, the first world trading bombing?

The next assault is the proposed building of the mega mosque that would over look ground zero in New York. I find it hard to believe that even a Muslim like Obama would be so blatant to assault the sensitives of Americans like this. A 15 story Mosque to be built over ground zero. Anyone with a brain knows what this is: A tribute to the terrorists and the victory of Islam over America as well as, being this would make it the biggest building to oversee ground zero, Islam supremacy. I figure why not have a Shirito, or what ever that Samurai faith of Japan in the 30's and 40's, temple be build at Pearl Harbor, or the Church of England at Yorktown, Shall we go and demand a church over there at that stupid rock in Mecca? The way our leaders are just bowing down, like Obama to a Saudi King, to the Muslims is just sickening. These people haven't condemn Hama, Hezzbolla, Islamic Brotherhood who are by the way funding this mega mosque, or the terrorist actions. In fact, during the meeting to proceed with the building of this evil monstrosity, the opponents are getting called the name, you guessed it, islamophobe. I won't go over how there's no IRRATIONAL fear of these lunatics nor how they won't condemn the radicals in their mists. Just as they keep getting exposed, they keep the name calling. Seems the Muzzies have nothing else to use since they can't hide their true feelings or intentions. I wonder how many more 911 minded individuals are going to be recruited to this mosque. How many more assaults on our freedoms? How much more Sharia law will be placated from the legal teams that work there? So far, the ones that want to build this thing aren't denying it, though not admitting it as well.

The wars overseas are going badly. The war at the home front is going even worse. In less than 9 years after 911 not only have we forgotten who attacked us and why, we now aiding and abetting them in their quest to bring down the great Satan. The cancer cells have been planted and we're starting to see the growth. Will we continue down the path of Islamification or will we finally have enough and elect those that will support America and not her enemies. Well we support our founding ideals, or succumb to those that despise them? Will we fight for the Judeo-Christians values and ideals that form this republic, or follow the PC delusion and use the constitution to destroy the constitution? The rate things are going, we are close to the critical point.

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