Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bloomberg and the left need to learn the difference between Islam and the other religions of the world.

Bloomberg has really gone from being offensive to downright evil. He's out there basically telling those of us that oppose this assault and the spitting of the graves of 3000 Americans in the name of the death cult called Islam to shut up and that we're enemies of the freedom of religion in this country really either doesn't understand the differences between Islam and the other faiths of the world, or just plain is so either stupid, evil, or corrupt that he doesn't care. Let's take a look at this, at least from my prospective from the observation and what I've studied on the subject matter and see what it is he's really telling us.

1. Islam, unlike Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and other faiths is NOT based on love. Unlike many here, I've actually read some of the Koran. I did a word search once because I was disturbed by a common theme in that disgusting book: there's no mention that Allah actually loves his subjects. The truth is, he doesn't. Look for the word love in the Koran and you're left with a bitter and rude surprise: it isn't there. Nowhere does the word love appear in the Koran. Think of what this means. No command for husbands to love their wives, no command to love your neighbor as yourself, no divine motive that for so loving the world that he gave his own begotten son to save the world. This explains why there's so much hate, anger, apathy and downright evil in this faith.

2. Islam is fatalistic unlike others that promote free will. Islam is the only major faith in the world that preaches fatalism. For those that never took a philosophy class, it means that all things are written. Thus, in the Islamic faith, Allah has written everything that will come to pass. That all that happens because it's the will of Allah. We have no free will, we're all puppets to Allah. This should show the hypocrisy of the Islamic faith, because if all is because of Allah's will, then how can anyone be responsible for anything, including being an infidel? After all, we had no choice, it's all God's will. This is why they're at war with the West. Concepts like freedom, individualism, free thought is repugnant to them. Thus why they hate free speech, religion, press, or anything to do with free will. Hence why everything about Islam is incompatible with the West. It flies in contempt with their concept that Allah controls all, not us. What's worse is that whether you go to paradise or hell is predetermined as well. So if you're poor, uneducated (as 80% of Muslims in Muslim countries are illiterate), or lacking political clout, it's because Allah has decided you're one of those going to hell. This is why they have no trouble murdering women that are raped or that dishonor them, because it was Allah will they be exposed as an adulter. Why they have no problems beheading innocent people, it's Allah's will. Why they'll blow up buses with children, it's Allah's will. The only free choice is martyrdom. Thus why they're so willing to kill themselves and us with them. This explains why most of the big time terror attacks are done by wealthy Muslim. If you have the signs of being chosen, yet you've committed some crime, like with Mohammad Atta's case, homosexuality, how do you justify the choice? Oh, I must be destined to jihad against the infidels. As most Islamic are too stupid or lacking in resources to go on such jihads, unless someone like Bin Laden supports them. So the argument that suicide bombings and jihadism is created by proverty is nonsense since the ones that most often do such attacks are the elites.

3. Most other faiths have had their reformations, Islam hasn't. Most faith has had their share of bloodshed and mayhem, but they go through a reformation that we're to convert with love and sharing of the truth than warfare. Islam does no such thing, and given the fatalistic nature of Islam, it's highly unlikely that a reformation will ever happen. No Muslim is going to challenge the will of Allah. This is what make the "moderate" Muslim so dangerous. There's no such thing. Either they're practicing Muslim and thus totally submitted to the will of Allah, or you're not. If there was a norm that was in between, the terrorism that is so prevalent wouldn't really exist. Bin Laden would had been turned in for the $25 million bounty, but to the faithful Muslim, their faith is worth more than money thus why we can't find him. Bringing more in will just bring more of this support for the Jihadists.

So Bloomberg thinks those of opposing that shrine to the terrorists (just watch, 5 years after its construction, it will be renamed the Mohammad Atta Community Center) and their victory over the infidel will being outreach from the Muslim world, just not the kind we were hoping. A faith with no love, no freedom, and really no integrity. All they care about is conquest and establishing a world wide Islamic empire. These are people that don't respect human live as Allah doesn't. He doesn't even love his own people for crying out loud, do you think they're going to show any love for infidels? This is why Islam, and using freedom of religion to support them, is a violation of the said freedom of religion. This group doesn't respect life, doesn't respect freedom, doesn't respect tolerance, heck really doesn't respect peace. Freedoms are not absolute. I can't have a faith that allows me to sacrifice virgins, or humans or endangered children (just ask Christian scientists with their faith healing or Jehovah Witnesses and their refusal on blood transfusions) or I can't go to a crowded theater and scream fire to cause a panic or get a group of people together to lynch someone. Freedoms have a price and that price is that one can't impugned another's freedom.

Islam is all about submission, not freedom. Their outreach isn't about love, but conquest. They're not about upholding the constitution and the freedoms they contain, but its destruction. If this isn't a case to REFUSE Muslim to exercise their so called faith as they are at war against the very foundations of the country, then we're making the constitution a suicide pact. It makes as much sense as Israel being demanded to allow Nazi's in and follow their "faith". Oh wait, they are with the so called "peace accord" and look at the rewards they get. This is what's coming to America if we allow the Muslims to have their victory Mosque at ground zero. That is what Muslim do, they destroy a cultural icon (like the twin towers were) and build mosques to demonstrate Islamic supremacy over the conquered.

So Bloomberg, I say F*** Y*** and your mosque. You're a fool and a traitor. If you think this is going to bring peace and outreach, then you've either haven't been paying attention and are ignoring 1400 years of history, don't know who you're doing dealing with the Muslims, or just plain don't care. We will not shut up. Frankly, it is we that are fighting to keep religion freedom in this country because it's clear the Muslims are here to destroy it. It is not we that don't like freedoms for all, it's them. If you don't like it, Bloomberg, then take your billions and move to the Middle East. Last I checked, the constitution wasn't a suicide pact and Sharia law hasn't been established yet and still a free country. However, it won't be for long with traitors like you.

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