Thursday, August 19, 2010

California corruption does it again.

Well, just when California gets to a point in her corruption that you think she can go no lower, she does. As any Californian can tell you, we're the prelude to Obama's horrid overspending and over taxation. The state is on the verge of financial collapse, and as of this writing, it's gotten so preposterous, that the legislature and Govinator, are still arguing over a budget that the governor doesn't think will happen til after he leaves office. One of the biggest sticking points is the funding for the public schools which here are a national disgrace. We have the worse test scores only behind Mississippi and DC and it doesn't take a genius as to why if anyone has read my previous posting. Minority (except Asians) don't take education seriously and find it a betrayal of their race to do so. However, that's not the direct point of the latest act of disgusting waste that has come to put this state in a $20 billion hole.

If anyone knew of the waste that goes behind the schools, there would be riots in the street here. To give how bad it is, take the costs that boggles the mind as we pay the 3rd highest per student in the country at about $12000. Take a class which now averages about 35 students. That mean the cost to the state for this one class is $420,000. OK, a teacher teaches 5 classes a day, but I'm demonstrating the total real costs and an average for a classroom with a teacher that teaches 5 classes will suffice. Take that the building is paid for (and falling apart most likely), that's $420,000 for every classroom and teacher. Teachers are paid, on average, 52,000. That's leave $368,000 to fund the class. Where does that money go because when I was teaching, I didn't see as much as a fraction of that kind of money towards my classroom and I was paid substandard as I was an intern at $36000. Used books that are falling apart, so it's not for books, buildings that are falling apart, so it's not for renovation, no computers or technology that could animate and visually stimulate (as most students respond to visual stimuli) so it's not for updated equipment, my class got cleaned by the janitors only twice FOR THE WHOLE YEAR, so it's not maintenance. My equipment was substandard (many vets had smart boards, I was using old fashion chalk and board), desk that were dangerous and falling apart (I lost two pair of pants to exposed sharp mental as well as two student got serious cuts but my complains and concerned fell on deaf ears), I had two boxes with 10 reams of paper for the while year for 5 math classes (about $40 total there) which limited my ability to do practice worksheets and write up independent lesson on the subject matter that many said they would had been interested in trying, and 10 calculators. So, that's leave $367,800.

Most of that money goes to the higher ups that don't do anything to educate our children and for social programs, like my all time favorite, La Raza outreach, multicultural rallies, ESL, Islamic awareness and other nonsense. But the greatest waste goes to administrators that make up now, 59% of the staffing of the public schools here. Compare that to private schools that only have 9% of their staff administrators. With the average salary of over $100,000 each, it becomes clear why the schools are in such shoddy shape and learning doesn't progress. That and the students have more rights than the teachers.

School districts all over the state have been laying off teachers, librarians (not that the students here read that much anyways), counselors (not they want guldens much as well) and the sports programs. Administrators have been keeping their jobs however. Now the federal government, thanks to more of Obama's infinite wisdom, has given the state an extra $1.2 billion stimulus to protect the teachers from layoffs. First of all, this kind of money doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the cost of the public school system here. The cost is over $60 billion, so 1.2 billion isn't really going to make a big dent. What's worse, the districts have no interest in keeping teacher's jobs. They just want to shove more students in already overcrowded classrooms, and allow the brilliant administrators to keep their overpaid and under worked jobs. You see, the districts are going to take that money and still lay off the teachers and spread to other more worthy programs. This nearly floored me, even here in California. All in the name of next year's budget is going to be worse and need to preserve these administrative projects (whatever that may be) to keep the schools from losing critical leadership positions.

Are you kidding me? We have way too many chiefs, and too few braves. We waste on average $369,800 for each classroom we use. The federal government throws us a bone and we just give it to administrators and other worthless causes that don't give the children of this state any education other than Political Correctness, class warfare, and ethnic division. No wonder California is in the state she's in. We can't waste money fast enough, and now the Democrats want to increase the spending as well as create more Chiefs to oversee and create more stupid and worthless programs that won't work to combat the problem. Frankly, you could give the school system here the National Debt and it would be the same story. The government, stymied by corruption and rigged election districts that guarantee 65% control to the Democrats and no real competition politically, there's are no incentive to make any changes. The only thing going wrong for the Dems isn't just the budget shortfall that they created, but a Governor that has nothing to lose nor have any other real interest to advance further in state politics that is standing up and fighting but the stalemate has the state in financial purgatory and all the money in the world from the Feds isn't going to cure that.

The fact is that our schools are over funded and over runned with overpaid administrators. You give them a surplus and they refuse to spend it where it's most helpful, in the classroom, on the schools, on new and more efficient technology. No, they will waste it on themselves. How much more are we willing to take before we say enough is enough? This is why I have no faith that the public school system can survive. There's too much corruption, waste and top heavy administration. A system can take on only so much weight before it collapses from it's own weight. No amount of free money can ever change that.

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