Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Could the state of California get any dumber?

I know California, filled with freaks, stoners, and illegals with no allegiance to America, can come up with some dumb and downright bewildering laws, but this is getting beyond silly. Here, where selling of pets, use of plastic bags, and prosecuting illegals for their crimes are out, while hemp brownies, Russian military, hostile business environment to the likes of over 13% unemployment are in, we have a new law that defies the mind. The fire Marshall of the State of California is going to have 3000 gas station be prosecuted for what he see as a dangerous practice, pump locks. Yeap, there are 3000 gas station that have locks on the pump so people can pump their gas hands free. You see, after 40 years that these locks have been on pumps, there have been 13 accidents of over pumping that lead to one man being injured when he got gas in his eyes. So now we're all going to have to pump our gas manually. What next? Be like Oregon where it's illegal to pump your own gas? No word what the fine is to individual that dare to pump their gas hands free. Oh, BTW, dumb asses that support this stupidity, those malfunctioning pumps would still had malfunction if the person was manually pumping the gas as well, so I don't see what this has to do with anything but to maintain the government's belief that people are too stupid to choose anything for themselves and they need Big Brother.

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