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Daisy Khan should change her name to Ganghus.

I've inserted a clip from a recent article from NY Post about Daisy Khan and her views about her victory mosque and the opposition. All my comments will be in Bold.

The defiant wife of the cleric behind the planned mosque near Ground Zero vowed yesterday to go ahead with the project -- calling it a "history-making moment" in the fight against "Islamophobia." A phobia is an Irrational fear, not a buzzword for anyone that oppose your bigoted view. What's unreasonable in fearing a cult that has made it clear that anyone that oppose them are to be put to death? I guess in your faith, fearing death is unreasonable.

Daisy Khan, who founded the project along with her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, said the increasing opposition -- which she blamed on Republicans -- has only caused organizers to become more committed. Muslims, like sharks, get aggressive when they smell blood. They can taste that huge victory and the symbol of their victory. This demonstrates how they love the anger they're getting out of the infidels.
"There is too much at stake, constitutional rights like the ones they like to destroy like deaths to infidels, removal of clitoris, women being less than cattle, silencing those that oppose Islam, and most importantly, no tolerance of other faiths, where in the constitution are these "rights"?, the development of the Muslims here like in Dearborn and Islamictown?, how the world is watching the United States I'm sure itching to celebrate like they did when the towers were hit. I remember how those "moderate" Muslims were dancing in the streets. We tell people America upholds religious freedom. We should not compromise those values Which the Muzzies demand we do once they dominate an area," she said in an interview with The Washington Post.
Daisy Khan, wife of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the moving force behind the planned mosque near Ground Zero, had strong words about the project yesterday. The furor surrounding the planned mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero has "only strengthened our supporters Yes, they smell blood and victory. None of them have caved. They are circling the wagons around us. They know they could be next". Yea, like they're really worried that our weak leaders are going to come down on them.
"We have too important a moment to back down VICTORY!. We have to take our opponents and transform them You mean convert or die?. We have to convince people that not all Muslims are extremists," she said. Then start acting like it. Everywhere in the world, the worse crimes and atrocities are being committed by Muslim that can't or just plain refuse to get along with their neighbors and in the most savage of ways. Beheadings, bombings, stoning, and burying alive. You want to convince people that first, there are such things as moderate Muslims even thought experts from the area state there are no such thing, and the faith isn't extreamist when everywhere they predominate, there's nothing but violence from them.
"We have to educate them on being able to distinguish between us and on the issue of Islamophobia." First, since you don't condemn evil terrorist groups like Hamas, what are the differences? Another, there's no such thing as Islamophobia, all fears are reasonable.
Khan spoke out about the mosque while her husband is in the Middle East on a goodwill trip sponsored by the US State Department. Why isn't Hilary and Obama being brought up on charges. This is clearly a violation of the establishment clause as passed down in court rulings by the ACLU. Yet when it's Muzzie's being promoted as a state religion by the government, chirp chirp chirp. Throughout the interview with columnist Sally Quinn, Khan repeatedly stressed the importance of moving forward with the project, which has stirred debate all over the country. Why is this so important as there are 100's of mosques throughout New York? Ask why there's such a debate and how she and her hubby are contributing."What gives me strength [is that] we are in a history-making moment. Too late, Muhammad Atta beat you to it. The only history this will make is it will mark a victory for his works. Our ideals must prevail. Which ideals are those, convert or die, Allah Akbar, Sharia Law? I like some clarity here. Otherwise I say, no they don't. We have to fight for a bigger society," said Khan. Bigger for whom? Democracy or Theocracy?
She states that she and her husband had received death threats and have informed the police. I like to hear that evidence. Muzzies are always making that claim, but no evidence to back it up. Khan said the organizers "will have a dialogue" with the families of 9/11 victims, but added about the mosque site: "It is private property. Typical Muslim double speak. They smile to your face while cursing you in their hearts. They claim in one statement of having a dialogue while making it clear no matter, they 're going to build where they want rather the victims like it or not. To walk away without taking everything into consideration would be irresponsible." Complete fabrication. They have considered everything, they don't care what others feel. They're going to have their victory mosque rather we like it or not. Instead of creating enemies, she said, she hopes this controversy will help people better understand Islam. By bring confrontational and defiant they hope to create friends. My what strange bedfellows they are. People are getting a much better understanding of Islam I have to agree there.
"We are debating about having a healing dialogue, building bridges, and this whole thing has turned into the opposite of what we have envisioned," she said. Well, Duh! what did she expect? Americans to be so weak and stupid that we would let them just waltz in and celebrate over our dead. . . again? Khan said she is completely taken aback by the opposition. Oh, that answers my previous question. She expressed surprise that "a community center for everyone in the neighborhood, to scale up and build up people of all religions, has become so skewed." Because we're wise that Muslims are the biggest liars and most intolerant people on the planet as their actions around the world have demonstrated. The only thing skewed here is her naivete in thinking we would be so weak to just let it happen without a fight. The clamor around the mosque has become so deafening, she said, she's afraid to turn on the TV. Good, the people are making their voices heard. "It's hard to see yourself portrayed this way daily. But to me, it's an indication that the post-9/11 controversy is not finished. It's not over and neither is the healing. This is a teaching moment. A healing moment," she said. By giving the victims and the people of this country the finger, and I know from a Muzzie it's not America is #1, you expect healing and closure of the worse terrorist attack on our soil? This woman is either stupid or insane. She blamed partisan strife for stirring up people's emotions. Yea, try looking in the mirror for who's partisan strife. "It's hard for us to imagine we are in the thick of a controversy like this. The Republicans are really going after us," she said.
The uproar over the mosque, said Khan, shows that "there is still healing that needs to happen. Still shocked that anyone would oppose and must be the Republicans? Heck, Howard Dean, who isn't a very bright bulb to begin with, and the corrupt Reid are even opposed to this, so don't go with the racist Tea Parties or Republicans. There are bigger issues here and it's also about how Muslims are perceived. When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?" News Flash, when you start acting like "plain old Americans" and not raving lunatics like in Dearborn."This is a bigger fight. This is a defining moment for us." Duh, why we're fighting against your evil cult. Addressing one of the more controversial aspects of the project -- who will pay the big bucks for its completion -- she said that the fund-raising has not begun yet. Bull crap! They have $120 million already and nobody knows were those funds are coming from. How else does a man that was a Waiter just 2 years ago come up with the money to buy the property and in New York, property doesn't come cheap and especially in this economy?"On the advice of our attorneys, we wanted to clear the civic hurdles first," she said.
Khan said that she and her husband have been talking to Muslims all over the United States about the project. Wait, I thought this was a community center for everyone. Why are you only talking to Muslims only? "It's a major concern of the Muslim communities because it has sparked anti-Islam and anti-mosque feelings everywhere. Six mosques have already been prevented from being established. The way the governments bend over backwards to please these animals, I like to see the evidence. Again, more "woe is us, we're so discriminated against, we're victims of a bigoted society without proof. Please, is such events were happening, there would be riots in the street and just ask anyone in England or France. We have to be careful about every step we take. There are huge stakes in this," she said. They wouldn't want their real intentions to be inadvertently revealed it seems. She claimed that there has been little interest in her project from Muslims outside the United States, but said that might change since her husband began his tour of the Middle East. Who is she kidding, that money didn't come from the US. How stupid does she think we are? Perhaps the same sources that contributed to Obama campaign. Surely I'm just being paranoid, right?
A State Department spokesman said that Rauf might speak about the mosque during the tour.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he talks about the ongoing debate within the United States, as an example of our emphasis on religious tolerance and resolving questions that come up within the rule of law," said department spokesman P.J. Crowley. Rule of law? From Muslims? Are you kidding. You know damn well he's going to promote this mosque, it's a symbol of victory over the infidels as they do thorough out their history when they conquer a infidel's land. Rauf -- who has been on several State Department tours, including two under former President George W. Bush -- is not allowed to fund-raise on the trip. Read more:
Yea, but this administration hasn't care for the law so far.

This woman talks about community center, healing, and building bridges and all their actions have shown quite the contrary. If it wasn't for ground zero and the Islamic victory symbols, I wouldn't even care, but it's clear this is step towards increasing their propaganda against the US and the West. There's no evidence that they're seeking healing and building bridges when one of the first thing they're doing is dividing and pouring salt into the wounds. Be sure, if there's a mosque in this "community" center, infidels won't be allowed as to upset Muslim sensitives and I would bet the farm that five years after it's completion, they'll rename it the "Mohammad Atta Community Center" and by then, telling you we told you so will be too late.

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