Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Federal Court rules that priates aren't priates til they succeed as Pirates.

I've read a lot of stupid legal rulings, and here in California, you can make a career mocking the laws we have on the books. After all, we ban plastic bags, happy meal toys and sales of pets while trying to decriminalize pot, promote the baking of hemp brownies (SF even have pamplets telling you how) and embrace and protect the most violent and evil illegal alien. However, the latest ruling by a federal court has to be one of the stupidest rulings I've ever read.

Anyone remember those pirates we captured last year when they took on one of our navy frigates thinking they had a nice easy freighter? Six animals were capture in their attempt and brought to America for trial. Well, the judge threw out the case. He stated that the US government didn't prove their case that they were actually pirates. You see, when these men, who were just floating along in speed boats with guns and RPG's tried to force their way on board the navy ship only to realize "OOPS!", these aren't unarmed civilians, but military men, it can't be assumed they were committing piracy while they were easily routed and captured. Yes, you heard that right.

Now follow the legal ruling this traitor, for stating this person as a judge would be an oxymoron, stated, that since the "definition" of piracy is the forceful taking of a ship and robbing it. OK, so the pirates failed to take over the ship and rob it. It was more than clear that it was their attempt since who goes floating around armed and raid a ship. What, they were trying to sell pita bread? Since they fail, they walk as it doesn't prove they're pirates. OK, granted, it proves they're BAD, STUPID, and INCOMPETENT pirates, but by this moron's reasoning, failure is grounds for acquittal. I have to wonder now if we'll release the Time Square bomber or Fruit of Kaboom as well since we really can't proved they were committing acts of terrorism. What was needed, by this standard, was for the military men to let the pirates take the ship, rob them and then the military men to retake the ship afterwards. Excuse me, but doesn't this strike anyone as being completely stupid, insane, unnecessarily dangerous and downright making excuses for the terrorist pirates? Does that mean if I pull a gun and try to rob a store but fail I'll be release because I technologically didn't "rob" the place? Or is that for Islamic pirates only?

It's becoming clear why terrorists don't fear us any more. In fact, after this ruling, they would be stupid and foolish not to be laughing at us. Now that these six Somali pirates are being freed, and in the US no less, where are they going to stay? In Dearborn, the most radical Muslim municipality in the US? You think we've heard the last of them? One lesson is for sure, attack US ships only and should you meet resistance, surrender and get a free ticket to their Brethren in Dearborn. We refuse to shoot them down, we refuse to fight them because of their human shields, we cower in the public forum and we let the UN walk all over us. If I was fighting an enemy as weak and stupid as the US, I wouldn't be afraid either and now we have this judge to thank for making it even more apparent.

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