Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Media reports that economic downturn has lead to decrease in having children is basically a half truth.

There's recent numbers showing that Americans are having less children during this economic downturn. It would come as no surprise as more and more Americans are making less and less money all the while what little they have are losing more and more purchasing power. It's the argument that the cost of having children is the reason behind this decline. Though there is a degree of truth behind the "if you can't feed them, don't breed them" mentality, the truth is that the economic strength is really an insufficient element to our declining birth rate. The truth is the birth rate in the country was declining long before the economic downturn and the reason is one of the biggest cover ups in the media and education system.

The big comparison was that before the recession started in 2008, Americans were having children at a rate of 15.8 per 1000 people, or about 1.58%. Now the rate is 14.2, or 1.42%. The comparison that should had raised some flags that something more is going on here is when they make the comparison to the birth rate during the great depression: 20 per 1000 or 2.0%. Seems that the birthrate before the economic recession or depression, depending on what numbers you look at, was nearly 50% lower than during the great depression and these numbers weren't all that different during the boom years of the 90's, so it seems that the economy is playing a very small role. What's worse, the birthrate has been in decline for nearly 20 years. Only because of immigration, and much of it illegal, has the birth rate maintain a minimal rate and increase of the US population. So what's the core of why Americans, other than naturalized citizens, are having children?

Actually, my wife hit it on the head when she stated to me, "One thing about Filipino women, we sure do love our babies. American women only seem to only love themselves." It was at that moment I had an epiphany about one of the hard core reasons why America is dying (The other is the corruption of the voters), we hate America so much and we're so narcissistic now, we no longer want to procreate. I don't mean we don't want to do the horizontal mambo, but we don't want to have off springs. The movement that has done the most damage to our culture in our desire to procreate has been the modern feminist movement.

When was the last time feminist supported family, procreation, or even America for that matter? They're good at fighting for the right for women to be able to pursue their dreams. Be free to choose for themselves. What's often left out is they're really for oppression: of men and children. You see, they're for pursuing their dreams, as long as their dreams don't involve a man or children. They're all for choice as long as that choice is for abortion or career. Why do they go ballistic over any restriction of abortion as a method of birth control? Never mind the rare cases of criminal activities or health. Seventy percent of abortions are used as the PRIMARY means of birth control. The other 27% is when the optional other method fails. So why the RIGHT to terminate? It's the war against the family. This is why so many are lesbians and fight for "gay rights" especially gay marriage. It's to demean and desecrate the family.

You see, feminists think anyone can be a mother. Even the stupidest and most useless female, thus only stupid and useless females should procreate. They have a derogatory term for them: breeders. Those that have smarts, those that have "real value" can make a difference by advancing themselves in the job market. It's through works and their career advancement that a woman places their worth. Geesh, they say men have bad egos. Children, you see, interferes with this changing of the world and their careers. After all, no woman worth anything should ever relay on a man to support her. Hence why those that have a dream involving a man or children are disdained. It's demeans the value of their cause. Thus, more and more women are choosing not to have children over their careers. Not to say one shouldn't if they so do choose, but why is so much of their value as women placed on how much they make. That's what men tend to do. Last I check, one of the most important job is raising the next generation to competently take over when the current generation ages. The leftist baby boomers, including these feminists, are about to learn how valuable.

With the hatred of men, family, American values it seems, the feminist that gave the females these liberties are about to face a major crisis. They're going to retire shortly and far too many, because they were either too stupid or lazy, are going to completely rely on Social Security for their retirement. The problem is that there are so few workers now to support what will become a glut of retirees, that the Ponzi scheme of SS is going to collapse. Seems everyone think the government will bail Social Security out, but with what? IOU's? Oh wait, that's what's in all the SS accounts. Worthless printed paper money? That will make what little they get all the more worthless. Import more workers? By the time this debacle manifest itself, even the 3rd world won't want to come here any more because we will become too much like where they are now. The time for reaping what they sow will come and then and only then will they realize the error in their thinking. They changed the world, but not for the better and now the most important job in the world was so badly desecrated, that there's nobody to support them when they needed. I'll say too bad now lay in the bed that you made for yourself.

When you get down to it, this movement was a symptom of a far larger problem and a sub sect of a far greater movement: the socialist destruction of America. Look at what this movement has led to. The emasculation of men, the perversion of morals, moral relativism, a war on truth, the debasement of our education system. Think I'm being sexist and ignorant or just plain misogamist, take a look at our media and education system for the last 40 years when the movement started. Can anyone watch a show where men aren't portrayed as stupid, dysfunctional, or only think with their small head over their big one? Even children are given more intelligence than grown men. Can anyone in the university state obvious differences (other than the sexual) between men and women without getting censored for downright expelled. Just ask the EX Chancellor at the University of Colorado when he stated that men excelled in the science and engineering while women in the arts and languages because perhaps their is something in our DNA that propels the genders to the said fields. Oh you would had thought he called for the sacrifices of virgins and puppies by the reaction. Can men do anything unless women are allowed to do so or more? Why are women getting into and graduating college two to one over men? Are men that stupid or is the system bias against them? Heck, men, as a group make more money, 22% more but only because they work 39% more hours and yet we're still discrminating against women in the work place though per hour worked, they make 17% more money. After all, if women are twice as educated as men, does anyone really think they'll take being paid less than an uneducated man? How are warriors and protectors portrayed? Men as evil brutes, women as defenders. The police can't even sneeze without a threat of a civil rights lawsuit. Can anyone name the last woman officer sue for civil right violations? Do they even serve and protect or pander and coddle? I could go on, but it's a sketchy picture of how things have "progressed" and now we're a country that won't (I won't say can't, we have the means, just not the will) defend itself because we believe that the traits of those that protect and defend are something to be ashamed of or downright evil as the wars against terrorism have demonstrated. Remember the group that got the most attention in opposition of those wars til Obama was elected. Don't remember? Code Pink.

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