Monday, August 2, 2010

No meaning anymore.

As I see more and more evil being accepted and embraced as the virtue of humanity, I have realized we have necessitated the elimination of another word as well: traitor. The PC police have so badly decayed our language, that certain words have no real meaning any more. Right, wrong, moral, immoral, righteousness and evil. In a world that no longer have absolutes, it becomes more and more apparent, some words may as well be eliminated from the lexicon, and I fear in the future, we just may see it.

Take the Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero. Had Japanese descendants had tried to place a Shinto Shrine at Pearl Harbor to be opened on December 7th, 1951, I don't think that person would had seen the time of day of getting it done. Islam, being a far greater, and perverse, evil, and it's because of this evil that this stupid thing is being considered as it's becoming no problem for Bloomberg and company. How much grease is being palmed. This kind of evil and corruption is so bad now, we don't even notice, much less get shocked. You see, just because people want to kill you because you're not like them, makes them enlightened. Tell me what enlightened means in this case?

Take the Rangel and Water's case. I knew when I heard that evil, vile woman Water's was being charged with ethics violations, I knew what was coming. You see, to the politically correct, it's not that these two, and God only knows how many more, are having their palms greased and taking bribes, taking contracts or real estate holdings, as in Rangel's case that was meant for the working poor, and pocketing the money for themselves (and refusing to pay taxes on it, but I thought that was a litmus test for being a democrat) or forcing contracts to go to institutions that will benefit themselves personally (conflict of interest) or a relative (conflict of interest, fraud) . Nope, by the PC definition of all morals are relative, and in this case it's relative to their skin color, it's because they're black. The truth is it's because they're black they'll be argued and being prosecuted, but in reality, it's because they're black they'll get away with it (or at least think they will) because they'll play the race card. If statistics are any indication, one of them is going to succeed. You see right and wrong aren't absolutes, for those that are Black, they're more good when they're being evil.

In fact, take the whole intelligentsia that believes in moral relativism. Since there are not right and wrongs, only shades of grey, then why are those that say there are rights and wrongs the only group to be scorned? Isn't that a value that a shade of grey? The truth is nobody that doesn't toe the leftist and socialist lines are failed or greatly antagonized. I know, I went through it and learned in a hurry to bury much of my faith and beliefs because they are not welcome. The biggest is the concept that some things are just plain wrong, absolutely, like murder (as defined as the murder of an innocent). Now we see Che being revered, by our President no less, or Mao who was responsible for more people killed than any other one person in human history, but the president of Iran is trying to take that record. Yet these people are revered and heroes and revolutionaries. What, the murder of 100 million people just by the communists (socialists by murder) isn't enough? Or as Stalin said, when you kill one man, it's murder, when you kill scores of men, it's a revolution?

With everything skewed and now defined so "grey", what is the point of certain words now? Right, wrong, good, bad, heck up, down, left and right? Since we can define anything as we want, one word for sure no longer applies to anyone: Traitor. To be a traitor you would have to go completely against an ideal or government and since loyalty is one of those relative words, and since that's all grey, you can't have the darkness in the meaning of traitor. There are a lot of traitors to humanity out there, Iranian President, the UN, jihadis, communist guerrillas, cultist extremists, the US media and unless they have the signature of Jew or Christians, nobody will even flinch as the worse of atrocities are spun as provocateurs of peace. When it said and done, when one wins the war, nobody cares if you told the truth. That was what an evil dictator named Hitler said. Turns out now, you don't even have to go to war.

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