Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama's worse hypocrisy

Now that Obama has basically give the middle finger to Americans, then again when doesn't he since he's been doing so since taking office, by his support of the GZ mega mosque, his reasoning just boggles the mind. He's claiming religion freedom as the ground that this evil symbol of victory shall be allowed to build. This outrage should be the final straw that demonstrate what this man is about and when he stands for: Islamic supremacy. To claim this is about religious liberty is just nonsense and dangerous nonsense as well. You see, Obama, like too many Muslim, is being disingenuous. This is more of what Islamics do: smile in our faces while cursing us in their hearts.

First of all, what does religious liberty mean? The concept of one being able to practice one faith anywhere? I see? I think the ACLU will have issues with that, provided it isn't Islam, as we're not allowed to have any such symbol of faith in public areas. Just ask the Alabama Supreme Court about as the federal government came and had the statuette's of the 10 commandments destroyed. No public display of Christian or even Jewish faith aren't allowed. That's why the crosses and Star of David's are being destroyed at war memorials. The ACLU has made is sure that the separation of church and state is an absolute though it's not in the constitution. However, when it comes to separation of Mosque and state, the ACLU is nowhere to be found. Otherwise this trip by the radical Imam to raise funds for this evil monstrosity by the State Department would be challenged. Too add insult to injury, the federal government is getting involved in the gay marriage debate and there's only one real reason the left would want this: to force those faiths, other than Islam, to accept gays as equal to heterosexuals and force "God" to accept them as same as well. If this isn't an assault on religious liberties, then what is? Remember, as Obama makes this disgusting claim, as he's such a supporter of religious liberties, why is it when he goes to college campuses to make this stupid and boring speeches, he has the Christian symbolism either removed or covered? Is it because he doesn't believe in the religious liberties of Christians? Has he made such demands of Muslims? Heck, he bows and kisses their hands (I'll wager that's not all he's kissing). This man is a liar when he says it's about religious liberties as he's shown no respect for such liberties in the past.

This hypocrisy is based on the Islamic command of smiling in the faces of the non-believers while cursing them in their hearts. Muslims, which I believe Obama is one as he says so in his books, are MANDATED by Allah to lie, deceive and even murder infidels. So to make this claim is just another one of his long list of chronological lies. Someone once said, "Assume a Muslim is lying at all times and you won't be disappointed". Can anyone, that isn't drinking the Kool-Aid, tell me this statement doesn't apply to Obama. Frankly, I don't think the man can tell the truth to save his life. I thought Bill Clinton was bad, but this man puts him to shame. Now are we to take at this words, when his action, as well as his administration, shows the contrary? We are to trust what a Muslim that think Hamas, the evil group of terrorist that believes launching rockets into civilians neighborhoods (remember, there are no civilians in Islamic thinking) to kill as many women and children where Israel's extinction is in their charter, isn't not a terrorist organization, but a group of freedom fighters. Worse, this Imam that's masterminding this "building" think all the terrorist attacks on the US, and the West in general, are the fault of the US and the West for their "ignoring the Muslims and their plight". How the ACLU has no problem with the State Department financing this man's trip to fund raise for this mosque is beyond me because our government is promoting the faith of Islam. Precisely the very thing they wanted to prevent.

Obama is all entitled to his opinion, but like so many of his opinion, it's just plain wrong and he's lying. This isn't about religious liberty, but national security. The constitutional freedoms aren't absolute. I can't scream a bogus fire claim in a crowded theater and create a panic, get a group of people together to form a lynching, slander or libel, nor sacrifice virgins or murder those that think different from me in my faith, yet Islam supports all of these and it's their FREEDOM that Obama is fighting for? While those that live in peace and have tolerance are attacked and muzzled. Last I checked this is the kind of totalitarian thinking that the founders were placing checks and balance against. To allow this mosque to be build will be viewed as a huge victory symbol by our enemies and will encourage more jihad against the US as it's being rewarded. And lets note something here. The Muslim have become more bold and are expanding their evil faith and actions far more now that one of their own is now in the White House. Can we really believe this mosque will bring outreach and healing? Remember what this Imam definition of outreach and healing is. As for Obama, this support of this evil man and his shrine to the terrorists has demonstrated the worse hypocrisy I've seen in his 20 months in office.

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