Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank you people of Arizona for showing my lack of faith in the American Voter isn't misplaced.

With all the talk about the Ground zero mosque, and better yet, Zero's opinion of it while lecturing us about the rights of Muslims to their religious freedoms (whatever that may be since they're the antithesis of religious freedom), there were some primary elections going on in the country for party members to select their candidates to go to the congress or other local and state position. The one that caught my eye and was going to be telling to me whether the tea parties were going to be a sufficient force to be reckoned with or just another group of paper tigers was answered and regrettably, the voters have disappointed and demonstrate it's going to be the same old dysfunctional mentality that's going to dominate.

The conservatives, or those registered as Republican, have overwealmly voted for McCain to be the Republican candidate for their senior senate seat. What a joke. If anyone has forgotten, though I don't know how, Arizona was the state that passed the bill that mirrored federal law to crackdown on the illegal aliens of that state. Remember the backlash, especially by the negligent federal government, that got a quasi victory by having the criminal part of the law struck down, but not the crackdown and reporting part. The illegal alien invasion in Arizona is so bad, that certain parts, a NATIONAL PARK no less, are forbidden for Americans to go to because Mexican invaders from the drug cartels have commandeered those section of the state (and frankly federal land within the state borders) and have threaten to murder anyone, including law enforcement officers, that interfere with their drug smuggling activities. Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the world only behind the Philippines (and mainly from the evil Islamic cult of the Abu Sayyraf [father of the sword in Arabic]) and the murder rate there has skyrocketed from the invasion of the Mexican drug cartels.

Yet, what do the Conservative voters of the state do. Remember, now, this is the conservative party. Illegals don't vote here because they register as Democrats, so their interest isn't involved in this primary election. They vote for McCain. This man is the front runner for the rights for illegal alien to gain amnesty now that Ted Kennedy is in . . . well, I don't want to take 3 guesses where he is and the first two don't count, I'm going to say dead. McCain is the biggest champion for the call to decriminalized the people that has made Arizona such a hell hole, and I don't mean from the heat. This man opposed his state's own illegal alien law, opposes everything about what that law represents. His stance is clear. When it comes to his conservative view, on illegal aliens, he's all on their side to grant them amnesty. Yet, the Conservatives and tea parties, those that claim they see what this invasion has done to their state,vote for him to represent the state in the Senate. What a travesty. They just voted for the biggest opponent to empowered the state to protect them against these invaders. If you were a member of one of these Mexican drug cartels, would you really take what the state of Arizona says or does seriously now? I know I wouldn't.

It should be mentioned how poorly he performed during the Presidential campaign. His choice for Veep was terrible. I know Palin talks a good game and is popular among conservatives. But she's a narcissist and no better than Obama. It's that she's our kind of A hole, but an A hole none the less. I trust her as much as Obama and she's not much more experienced. Every time he, McCain, gained in the polls, he did something to sabotage his efforts, the last straw being when he supported the bail outs for the financial institutions that created the financial crisis (only to have Obama escalate it once in office). The man is no longer in touch with the American people, yet the Conservatives and tea party members voted him back. In God's good name, I have to ask why?

I've been stating that if people think the Democrats are going to get hit and hit hard this midterm election, I fear you're going to be grossly disappointed. Now I have proof that I'm right. With McCain getting re-elected by the conservative, the same old stupid mentality has manifested itself again: Hate the congress but love my congressman. People know that our congress is the most impotent and corrupt perhaps in the country's history. The 9% approval rating demonstrates this. However, 94% are going to get re-elected. Other than the conservative districts that voted Democrat because they were so ticked off at Bush and his failures, they're vote back conservative, but that's not going to be enough to take the house. The senate is more vulnerable, but Americans have short memories. They're forgetting already and now more in survival mode than anything not paying much attention to what's going on in the political arena. Perhaps with so many out of work, they'll take their frustrations out with the current party in power, but I wouldn't bet on it. I do know one thing, if the Democrats keep both houses, our Republic is going to die. If we're so stupid, and Michael Moore summed it up and I have to wonder if he's right: Americans are the dumbest people on the planet. When it comes to their voting record, it does support his hypothesis. After all, if the people of Arizona who's seen how bad the invasion from Latin American illegals can be is willing to vote for one of their biggest supporters back for another term, then Arizona deserves what coming to them. As for the rest of the country, I can only hope they're wiser and paying more attention than those so called conservatives in Arizona, but I won't hold my breath on it.

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