Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why I don't miss Bush.

I see a lot of Bush T-Shirts that say "Miss Me Yet?". My answer is NO! and it isn't ever going to change. You see, I'm a real conservative and Bush was a traitor to conservatives and their causes. Other than National Security which he didn't go far enough by making our borders more porous and letting Muslims in at will, taxes, and Court appointees, he was the biggest liberal ever in office til Obama. All Obama and company and their policies are just Bush on steroids. Bush started this mess and Obama has put it on overdrive. This is why when I ask liberals why the hate Bush so much since he did more for liberal causes than Clinton could ever hope for in his wettest of dreams, they say he was too conservative. That's like the Abu's hating the Moros because they're too humane (they're both ruthless, evil terrorist organization, just the abu's are more public with their murders). This is why I think the midterm elections are much ado about nothing. I don't think the voters are smart enough to see what's going on nor will vote their conscious. Even if the Dems lose the House, or Senate, or even both, the Republicans started this mess to begin with and their man Bush is who set out the path before them. So NO, I don't miss Bush, and I'll miss Obama even less.

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