Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can we please now get rid of David Stern. The NBA is becoming the NFL. The No Fun League.

I saw the new rules David Stern is having about disgruntling with the Referees, and this man is going to put the final nail in the coffin of the NBA unless he's removed. It's well known the that the NBA referees are the worse the most pampered, not to mention corrupt, officials in all the sports (except possibly soccer, but I'm referring to real sports here in the states) and now with the ridiculous powers the referees have now, they're now going to be allowed to be so thin skinned that they're going to be transparent. The following describe the new rule:

At the referees' annual meeting in Jersey City, N.J., on Thursday, the league announced the guidelines for technical fouls will expand to include "overt" player reactions to referee calls.
Referees have been instructed to call a technical for:
• Players making aggressive gestures, such as air punches, anywhere on the court.
• Demonstrative disagreement, such as when a player incredulously raises his hands, or smacks his own arm to demonstrate how he was fouled.
• Running directly at an official to complain about a call.
• Excessive inquiries about a call, even in a civilized tone.
In addition, referees have been instructed to consider calling technicals on players who use body language to question or demonstrate displeasure, or say things like, "Come on!" They can also consider technicals for players who "take the long path to the official", walking across the court to make their case.

So if someone dares to find a call questionable, you can T them or better, toss them. Given these stupid and downright corrupt rules, if so one so much as look at them wrong they'll be gone. The NBA better triple their team staff from 12 to 36 because if this is the case they're going to have teams in the showers before the game is over. I did Basketball officiating for 3 years and I know it's a tough sports to officiate, it's fast and no time to think if there was an infraction or not, but this kind of overt sensitivity and thin skinnedness is just silly and shows the officials in the NBA, which is considered rather easy, other than the 12 minutes quarters you have to run your butt across, to officiate at the Basketball level, and just try doing a high school girls game with all the swinging elbows and shoving to get an idea, that they can't take as much as they might had missed something then we're going to have a long and boring year. It's time the NBA officials grow the F*** up and take some criticism. After all, they've earned it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's have a ed-op contest.

I've loaded this editorial from the Atlas Shrugged website. Other than the Katrina reference which was out and out wrong, this person has it nailed.
Let's have a op-ed contest. What more can one add to this list?

I'll start with a few of mine own:

Now corruption has become a virtue and integrity disdainful.
You can be pro-choice as long as that choice is abortion.
We make the responsible member of society responsible for the irresponsible.
In public schools you can't pray but can have a call to prayer.
You can't wear a Christian Cross or a Jewish Star of David, but Muslims can have their Crescents and in some cases a dagger as a "historical" piece. In one school, a girl sued over her nose ring as she practice a "religion" about the virtues of body mutilation.
You can wear shirts with pot plants, FU, any gang banging expression and pants to your knees, but you can't wear an American flag. Especially on foreign holidays.
You can have a United Negro College Fund, or ones that only caters to Latinos or Asians and women, but any for Whites are racist.
Instead of admitting students and hiring those of merits and skill, we admit and hire people based on their race and that's not considered racist or discriminatory.
The Smartest and most brilliant of our people are to be shunned to raise the self esteem of the stupid, lazy, or unmotivated.
The police were allowed to protect us from the criminal, now the criminal are protected against the police.
Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddish, etc must be open for protest by Muslims at their events, but any other religion that protest Muslims at their events are inciting "civil unrest".

Those are mine for starters. Anyone care to add more?

American teens are clueless about the Jihadist tactics.

I rarely watch any media shows because of their seditious, if not downright treasonous, bias, but on occasion when I'm ahead of schedule for getting read for work, I do browse through a few. The one I saw today just sends chills down my spine and lose more hope for the future generations. They were interviewing a dozen teens, some Christian, some Jew, some Muslims, about the GZM. Two statements just makes me realize how much trouble and how lost the current generation is about their enemy and their tactics.

The first statement was about the Muslim talking about how their goal isn't about saving people from going to hell as one of the Christian teen stated, but having people see the love of God. That one just floored me. Since the world "love" doesn't appear in the Koran, what love is he talking about? It's an out and out lie. In Islam, God determines who goes to paradise, and who goes to hell. There is no road that lead to either just Allah's choice. They is why they don't tolerate other religions, especially those that espouses free will for that's blashomy to them. It's really a random choice of God who goes and who doesn't. That's why you don't see much hope and faith, other than Jihad, the only assurance that guarantees your place in paradise, in Islam. This is also why so many of them don't go into science. Since Allah makes the rules and laws of physics, he can change them if we piss him off bad enough so it's a waste of time. Just shows how far apart they are from the age of reason they are.

The other were by the Christian teens showing their out and out ignorance or just plain denial of whom their enemies really are. They claim if the mosque doesn't get built, then the jihadis win and we lose our constitutional principals. The Christian teens didn't noticed that a couple of the Muslim teens smirked when they heard that. Most Americans think that if we abandon our principals and not treat them as absolutes, the Jihadis win. They think that the Jihadis want us to abandoned our constitution. They're completely wrong. The Jihadis could care less. All they care about is the Islamazation of America. They would rather we KEEP to the constitution because it gives them yet another weapon to use against us. With the liberals thinking the constitution is a suicide pact, the jihadis will use those "liberties" to further their cause of the Islamicazation of America.

Now am I certifying the elimination of the liberties of religion as stated in the 1st Amendment? No. I'm heeding to that we're free as long as we don't impugn on another's freedom. The GZM was chosen for one reason and one reason only: Islamic supremacy. Throughout their history, when they succeed in conquering a people, they build mosque on sacred sights to signify their supremacy. That's all this is. Why is the Imam, a man who claims this is being build as a bridge to bring others together so hellbent on giving the finger and having this build. Because his true objective is a victory mosque, not building bridges. They say if we don't let them build, it will feed sentiment against us. That's going to exist no matter what, and if this is build, they will all want to come to perform more jihad because they'll taste blood and victory. They want to impugn non-Muslim's faith and it's clear that's Rauf's goal because he's done everything short of confession to demonstrate that goal. If our future generation wants to keep the literal written rule over the spirit, then they're going to find and without a clue of how, they will lose both.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Recession has been over since last June. More media deceptions.

Economists have declared the recession has been over since June of 2009. Gee, I think the markets didn't get the memo. Often times, definitions are hard to properly word. If you like prime examples, just pick up a Calculus book. One of those definitions that seems to be hard to word is the term Recession. It's much like defining pornography. Nobody can word it, but they know it when they see it. Well, it seems the wording defining a recession is going to need some fine tuning because if anyone believes the recession is over, much less ended in 2009 is either stupid, crazy, or financially "secured" for life because of those of us that work for a living, the recession isn't just alive and well, it's getting a lot worse.

A recession is defined as a loss in the GDP for 2 straight quarters. So if one can make a gain, however small or insufficent, you can claim the recession over. This can be deceptive as this is exactly what this is: a deception to make Obama look better than he really is. Last June does anyone know of two programs that were making headlines? Well, to refresh those memory that are stale, they were the Cash for Clunkers and the ending of the First Time Home Buyer Credit. These two programs didn't really reflect any real gains in the GDP. It just deferred a lot of sales to this earlier date. Those that were planning to buy later just bought cars and houses earlier to take advantage of a temporary benefit. In the end, nothing changed as unemployment went up and the GDP went down again. These programs were design as such to give this Administration a means of saying things are better with them when it isn't. Job losses continued til recently and most of the gains now are government jobs, not the private sector. Such bad definitions can lead to misleading conclusions, and anyone that's trying to find work and buy just the basics right now can tell you, the recession is far from over and we're likely in a soft depression and no smoke and mirror program can't smoke screen that reality.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Education Experts are stumped at the most often question teachers have for them.

Seems experts on education are at a loss to answer the most often asked, and complaint, by teacher in the field. I find it ironic that here are all these experts on education and yet they have no clue what's going in the education field at all. Teachers are complaining more and more that their jobs are becoming impossible to perform because of one main problem: the students are refusing to learn more and more. So when one ask the question what are we to do when the students just don't care and neither do their parents, what is the proper response. I'll tell you because it was mine: nothing! You can't force someone to do something they don't really want to and frankly, Americans more and more just plain don't value an education, especially those with entitlements. The solution as simple as it is, is going to be very difficult to put in practice: making students and PARENTS accountable (not to mention administrators, but this is based on the problem of apathy by students and parents).

How the heck did we get to the point that teachers are being penalized for students giving education as well as them the finger? I base it on PC and a couple of horrid court rulings.

1. No prayers in school. I often wonder if O'Neil, that foul excuse of a woman would be proud of what she's done to the education system in this country. I have a feeling she would, even though the child she fought to eliminate him from such exposure hated her to her death over it. This ruling was the beginning of the end of standards. Not that God is needed to learn, but it provided the slippery slope of disintegrating values to allow the infestation of liberalism and Political Correctness to become the god that the system worship. The elimination of any reference to a God or higher power of authority devalued values, especially those on the culture and allowed for any belief, no matter how far fetched, insane, or just plain stupid, to be embraced. Now we can't sing Happy Birthday, wear an American Flag on the 5th of May, play tag, or teach the declaration of independence, but we sure can teach about Islam, class warfare, drugs, sex, and cater to invaders.

2. Every child is entitled to a public education. With the lack of values came what I believe to be the worse court decision on education to ever be ruled. Granted it was done during a time when blacks were being ostracized from the education they rightfully deserved, but this ruling opened up the bottle of a malicious genie we yet even have a clue is released, much less try to put back into the bottle. This court ruling has allowed for some pretty bad and stupid policies. The biggest one is that even those that don't want an education and will do everything to make sure nobody else does is entitled to a public education they don't want. You want to see the source of why the schools are failing from the student's and parent's prospective, just look at the gangsters, instigators and agitators and let's not forget the problems of bullying in our schools. It's because they have a right to promote this chaos. When a child as well as their parents think education is the white man's way of doing thing and disrespectful to the black race or Hispanic race, when other students threaten violence to those that learn and in some cases murdered, how is this productive to a safe learning environment? When you add those with emotional issues and just downright bigotry that is protected as a civil right (more on this later) and it's no mystery why children today don't learn. Either they don't want, are scared stupid, and just can't under the conditions that those that don't have created.

3. Affirmative Action. Now that results are to be "equal" and "diverse", why would any minority put in a real effort if by their gender, race, social status, whatever, they're going to move on any ways? Have you tried getting a grant, scholarship lately? If you're not an oppressive minority, you're not going to get one. SAT sucks, that's ok, they'll add points for your race, gender, whatever. The gist of the matter is that academic excellence is on the bottom of the scale for admission and in some cases their grades. When I was teaching, I was required to give them 50% of their grade if they showed up. Those that did didn't do much but attacked my character, threatened me with civil rights violation if I failed them or tried to maintain discipline and despite only needing 20% of the points of the work, over 55% still failed. Despite that, many were still expecting to either make it big as gangsters, or get into college anyway because as one student of mine said, "I'm Mexican. I don't need grades to get into college." Hard to argue against that.

4. Unwarranted Civil Rights. Ask any teacher what scares them most, the answer will nearly be universal: it's getting sued over civil rights violations. Many gang bangers and antagonizers can get away with their nonsense because to encumber such behavior will be cause to look at if their civil rights are being violated. I had one student who got suspended for a total of 28 days in 5 months (that's nearly 1 day in 4 being spent at home). Many times I was threaten and heard the cry, "He's getting on you for acting too Black". The school policy was if you get suspended for a total of 20 days, you're expelled. Well, they never enforced that policy because of the possible civil rights lawsuit. So on they went on their reign of terror and contempt because to dare resist can bring the battle cry, "I SUE I SUE!"

5. No accountability. When I say no accountability, I don't mean towards the teachers. I mean come on, they're blamed for everything. No Child Left Behind was enacted to even put more blame on teachers and schools, but no where in the legislation, and hence why it's doomed to fail, is there anything about holding students and parents accountable for failure.

6. Political Correctness. As I've stated in other blogs, Johnny can't read, write, or do math, but he sure knows enough about sex to make a Nevada brothel worker blush, class warfare, racism, and all the other liberal BS that doesn't make anyone a productive member of society. This is why I think students and parents aren't held accountable. Political Correctness. Most of the children who fail are minorities or low income member of our society. It's falsely concluded that those with money have an advantage because they buy their way out or the system is discriminating against them. Nope. Because of PC, nobody in the media, government or in public opinion is going to demand that minority parents need to step up to the plate. That it's the fault of those with the entitlement or victim hood mentality that they are their own worse enemy and they're responsible for their own fate and prosperity. That's why every time they have one of these studies, you never see how the lack of involvement of parents or poor attitude of students are analyzed as being part of the problem. As well as holding them accountable is the solution. Yet they get mystified as to how the problem continues to grow bigger and bigger every year.

The corruption of the populace, whom I blame for the terminal illness that's having our republic dying, is why the education system is failing. . . miserably. As we pull away from individualism, creating a larger gap between the productive and responsible vs. the entitlmentistic, this lack of accountability will just create more and more dysfunction not just in our schools and government (hence why we have the government we deserve), but in society in general. We're now falling behind more and more to now even 3rd world countries in math, science, engineering, medicine. As we become more and more ignorant, stupid, and lazy, who are going to make the goods, build the roads, bridges, buildings, and homes, figure out the finances, keep us informed accurately and ethically in the future? The US used to produce 55% of all the people with engineering degrees in the world, now it's 15%, produce 60% of the food, now it's 40%, produce 65% of the technological advances, now it's 39%. We better start wising up, stop pandering to the stupid, lazy, antagonistic, and giving out entitlements to those that haven't proved they've earned them or else we're going to become a 3rd world country ourselves. However, rest assured, the White man and bad teachers I'm sure are the ones they're going to blame when we do.

To the fallen of Flight 93.

Every September 11th, I dust off the Flight 93 DVD and watch it as a reminder of who attack, why, and how 40 passengers foiled one of the 4 group's plan which was either the capital building or the white house (given Bush wasn't in DC at the time, it would make more sense to hit the capital building). This is one of those movies, like Titanic, you watch and hope this time it will be different like this time they actually miss the iceberg or the passengers regain control of the plane. As I analyze the sequence of events of that fateful flight, I often ask myself the question: why were the terrorist who were just 1/11th of the total of the people on that fight (remember, there were 2 pilots, a flight attendant, and a passenger murdered during the takeover), out numbered 11 to 1 able to succeed to take over the plane while the remaining passengers failed? When you get down to it, it all came down to planning, and frankly, that's where our enemies really are kicking our rear ends. Not so much the planning of actual violent jihad, but the propaganda war.

The terrorists that day had one huge advantage: the element of surprised. At the time such an attack didn't even cross our minds. It was something that happened in other countries, mainly 3rd world countries with grossly corrupt governments and traitorous military and police forces that often make it all too easy for the terrorists to operate. Just look at Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Columbia, and Mexico as prime examples (yes, I consider the drug cartels to be terrorist organizations). Though outnumbered 11 to 1, and yes they had box cutters as knives, if the passengers just raised up during the original assault, the terrorist fail because they can't stop them all as was such the case when they tried to take over the plane leading them to crash the plane before getting to their target over surrendering to the Infidels. With everyone on board shocked and in disbelief and no doubt thinking this most likely a hijacking for profit, with the exception of the one that tried to pacified the situation which lead to his death as the hateful and evil radical Islamics decided they wanted none of that, everyone just did as they were told. Though the flight attendant that was taken hostage didn't cooperate, they had observed enough to know how she knocked and fooled the pilots, though warned something was going on as both towers had been hit at the time, thinking that it wasn't going to happen to them and complacent that it had to be their friend at the other end of the door, sealed their fate as well as the passengers.

The element of surprise and deception can really never be underestimated. Getting an opponent of guard or on the wrong trial gives such a foe an extreme advantage. The pilots were dead in less than a minute, within a minute 4 were dead and the plane taken over and the remaining people just plain dumbfounded. The terrorist made one huge mistake however: the passengers had their cell phones.

Because of cell phone technology, the BS claim that they were hijacking for profit and that they're heading back to the airport because the authorities met their demands were quickly refuted. They were informed of the twin towers as well later, the Pentagon, and it was clear it was a suicide mission. Without that information, the passengers most likely don't try anything thinking, most likely hoping against hope, that they're only after money or some political gain. Once it was clear that their fate was death, they choose that they rather die fighting than running.

However, the passengers that fought back made a huge mistake of their own. In poker, players often look for the tell, a gesture or act that tips off the strength, or the lack there of, of their hands. The passengers when they took their hand vote assured their plan to takeover the plane was doomed and their fate sealed. Why? The terrorist knew that their deception was exposed. They knew they were coming. The passengers lost the element of surprised that proved to be so advantageous for the terrorist. At that point, Salid, the pilot, entrenched his position to keep the passengers from getting in by having two of his goons lock and barricade themselves inside making getting in all the more difficult and costly for those fighting back. Had they been more clandestined about it, they could had taken the one in their compartment, then had the other two outside the cockpit. Then it would be a matter of getting them out of the way and getting into the cockpit. At that stage, they had a good chance, but the sequence of events didn't go that way. After attacking the guarding terrorist with the fake bomb (something they knew because planes weren't being bombed, but crashed), it just took too much time and causalities (I'm sure several were stabbed by the two barricading the door) and the pilot decided to crash the plane rather than surrender or perhaps just was so bad at flying that crashed it by accident, but the lost of time assured that the heroes of flight 93 wouldn't be able to gain control in time.

I'm sure it's easy for me to realize the flaws and come up with when I don't see 4 people murdered and have box cutters in my face armed by a foaming, angry, evil lunatic as well as considering the lives of the others that are with me. I'm don't have the panic, fear, chaos that surrounded them. Hopefully, by learning the lesson of the one critical execution of the terrorist plan and the fatal flaw of the attempted taker, should such another attempt is ever made, we can be victorious and regain the plane or at least sufficiently increase the odds. Given the situation they were in, they fought valantly given what they had. Just if I had a time machine and had them make that one change.

My daughter made a note about those that made the movies. She gave credos to the actors, especially the ones that played the terrorist. Unlike all movies since this one, these terrorist weren't portray with any sympathy or as oppressed and misunderstood people. They were seen with coldness and callous hatred. It wasn't so much what was said or done, but just by the looks in their eyes. One could feel the chill, hate, and lust for blood. As now as I demonstrate how the memorial is being made to praise those people, it really puts the passion and contempt for those that want to continue appease and cater to these evil animals. It should demonstrate how people like those that designed that crescent tribute to the terrorist for the memorial (why it's taken over 9 years to start with should say something), Imam Kauf and his evil remarks, Goldbloom and his disdain for those that oppose this victory mosque, the government that protect those in Dearborn if someone so much as hands out a flyer about Christianity, Bush and Obama who defend these governments that protect these terrorists, especially the Saudis.

To the fallen of flight 93, I salute you. Your deaths shall not be in vein with me. Though they tried to execute a flawed plan, it's far superior what our leaders are doing today and our fallen heroes fought against the evils of radical Islam. Unlike today, our leaders and media appease them everywhere they turn. How at every turn they spit in the face of those heroes that died that day. We've had many close calls to more of these terrorist creating more death and destruction and only by sheer luck and incompetence we've haven't. If our government and leaders had more valor of those passengers, perhaps we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering the lessons of 9-11.

Here on the 9th anniversary of the evil and horrid attacks on our soil by radical members of Islamic ideologies. Every year, I have my family watch a pair of documentary segments of the attacks including people jumping to their deaths rather than be burned to death by the 2000 degree flames fueled by the aviation fuel that was ignited when the planes were crashed into the said buildings. I do so not just to be reminded what happened, but to feel, to actually relive the horror as to never forget the evil that portrayed that day and who it was that did it to us. Frankly, what's going on today, not only have way too many people have forgotten, but are being deliverably ignorant as to the who and why.

September 11th, 2001. A day that should live in infamy. There are a lot of similarities of 9-11 and the attack of Pearl Harbor. They were both planned weeks in advance while those behind and financing the attack were feigning peace like the Saudis of whom 15 of the terrorism where from. The Americans had plenty of advance warnings but choose to ignore them. The day of the Pearl Harbor attack, the planes were detected and a sub committing an act of war was found and sunk (hence why Japan to this day said we started the war in the Pacific, not them) but either because of incompetence or just plain refusing to face facts, a group of middle Eastern men where able to learn to fly planes, but not how to land them with expires visas from radical sections of Islamic countries were allowed to pursue their plans while the Pentagon lawyers (all Clintonitas) portrayed them as law abating immigrants refused to let the FBI investigate Mohammad Atta. After all, he looked like an outstanding guy to them. Nothing like those Grandmas in wheelchairs or those suspicious Irish Nuns.

Well, despite several within law enforcement with brains that know terrorists don't come from Irish nuns and old people in wheelchairs that can sniff that something wrong with this man and his group of illegal "immigrants" that were up to no good, the government protected and eventually they put their plan in effect. I learned that of the 20 men that executed their plan that day (one missed his flight on United Flight 93 and later was caught from an unrelated crime) that despite the leftist propaganda, these men were anything but poor and oppressed. In fact, they were quite well to do so why would they go out on a suicide mission? They all have committed cardinal sins against Islam: many, like Atta, were homosexuals some were thieves. Atta was in prison before he migrated to America on a student visa (why do we think we can educate these savages is beyond me and 90% of Muslim that do go to collage major in Islam, a worthless degree. That's why the Saudis have to hire so many foreigners to man their oil fields, because they don't have anyone that knows how). So they were condemned in their faith to go to hell, but they had a way out: martyrdom. The rest is, shall we say, history. Here are some imagines of their fine work all in the name of Islam.

As the Kink would sing . .people watched as their castles burned.

Yes, those are people that later died out the windows.

The Pentagon.

The American flight just before hitting the south tower. Only then did we realized we were actually being attacked.

The south tower just before impact.

The South Tower impact.

It's enough to make the mightiest of warriors sob.

Now our world will never be the same, however, not the reason we patriotic Americans have envisioned. Bush went to war against terrorism, but never really defined what that meant as he made many mistake in that declaration of war. First was claiming the goals of Islam is peaceful. Really? Where in the world are Muslim at peace? Every major conflict going on the world then is the same as it is now. With the exception of the IRA conflict in Ireland, all the disruption of peace in the world are all the same: Muslims that refuse to get along with their neighbors or infidels within their own countries. One thing is clear, the goals of Islamic states aren't peaceful. His second mistake, perhaps, is claiming that we're at war with terrorism, not Islam. There's a belief out there that most, 99%, of Muslims are peaceful and just want to go about their own business. I say they're too optimistic. Most Islamic expert, those that lived and fled the Middle East and should know, say it's about 15% that are radicalized and the remaining 85% are just those that want to go about their business. Well, first of all, given there's about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, 15% is 225 million. That's over 70% of the population of the United States, and they're the ones in power. The other problem, how many of those 85% percent will go on a jihad if those 15% demands them to out of loyalty to their faith or just plain fear of being beheaded? Suddenly, the practitioners of peace are getting out numbered really quick. If you think most Muslims would side with peace, perhaps one should look at how those everyday Muslims reacted to the news of 911.

Oh, yea, so peaceful. So Mortified of Racial Islam.

Blessed are the children.

All praise Allah. Allah Ackbar!

How Great is our God!

Time to take my American made shirt and play some football

Now it's nine years later and not only have the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan gone badly, especially after our first Muslim supporting president took office, these same peace loving people are smelling blood and seeking to put the final seal on their victory on that day, and lets face it, it's a victory. Since that day the difference between the liberals and conservatives exposed their faces after the dust settled on that day. Conservatives wanted to know who attacked us and fight back. Libtards in their true fashioned immediately checked out books about Islam at the library and seeked how we offended them and find out how WE caused this attacked. Nine years later, now that anti-American liberals control both houses of congress and an Islamic raised President is in the white house, who would had believed that 9 years ago, the Muslims are seeking to put up their symbol of their victory with a mega mosque right at ground zero. Not exactly on the site of the towers, but well within range of the damage that was created too symbolized their victory has they have always done in the past to demonstrate their not only their victory, but their supremacy over the defeated infidels. Here are a few examples:

The Medina Mosque. Build over a Jewish Temple when Mohammad conquered Medina.

The Istanbul Mosque, built over the Church that resided when it was Constantinople.

It wasn't always this way. Even the New York Time got it.
Look at what's happened the last nine years. Islam hasn't become like the Civil Right Movement of the 21st century. Only Gay marriage has gotten more press. Bush, in my opinion, made his biggest mistake when he lifted immigration restriction and allowed people from Islamic countries much easier access to getting visa and residency status. Now we're getting swamp with Muslims and what are they doing in their new homeland? Demanding Sharia Law and superior rights to their faith over infidels. In other words, what they always do, create mayhem and conjure. Now in Dearborn with their overwhelming number of Somali refugees (yes, that country that has all the pirates that fear the US Navy like a Gangster with a fully loaded machine gun at a spit ball fight. In nine years, we've gone to taking the fight to the enemy to empower those that feel we've offended the Muslim world and got what we deserve to appeasement that is so maudlin that's it's sickening in its own right if it wasn't so damn dangerous. To add the ultimate insult to injury, the US government, as well as the local government that got a up close and person look at what terrorism is on that day as well as the first attack in 93 as well as an attempted Marketing bombing by a nationalized citizen and they're willing to let an evil Imam that supports Hamas and Islamic brotherhood, the oldest terrorist organization on earth right, that makes threats that we are to be killed in a holy fatwa and jihad if we don't allow this mosque to be build to build this victory mosque. What's worse, they're using freedom of religion as the grounds for their right to build. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Even the Jews knew this when they wanted to build a place for worship just outside Auswich, but they wised up that it was too sensitive to place it so close where so much evil and death was created. This Imam claims that he's building this mosque to "build bridges" to the non Islamic world. Yea, and I got a condo on the moon to sell you. Every leader in the Middle East is calling it what it is: a victory Mosque. The claim is that if it isn't built, the terrorist win. Wrong. The terrorist would wet their pants if they knew that a mosque was going to be built, most likely later in their honor once this evil plot is exposed out in the open. This mosque has nothing to do with freedom of religion, but it's antithesis since Islam is all about conquests, not building bridges. If it was truly about building bridges, then he wouldn't build it there and wouldn't be lying, cheating, stealing and using propaganda to get it built. But then again, we still haven't learned our lessons about why behind the attack on September 11th, 2001. Perhaps we will on September 11th, 2011. That's the day they're planning to open their victory mosque.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Japanese men are wooing virtual girlfriends. They're not loser, they're fed up.

There's an article about a hotel that's become the first to cater to not just human clientele, but to their virtual dates on a site called "Love Plus". Basically, men can "enjoy" a weekend or time with their virtual girlfriends from the site as if they're a human companion. A bit bizarre and creepy on my part. I rather have the real thing and thankfully do with my FILIPINO wife, but there's an underlining reason why Japanese men are being attracted to virtual women and no, it's not because they're losers that can't handle having a real woman, it's because they're fed up with the attitude Japanese women have now.

If anyone doesn't know the history of Japan for the last 70 years, and with the state of the education system, it's not far fetched, Japan had gone through a major change in its culture after their complete and humiliating defeat to the Allies in World War 2. They were occupied for several years and became the largest democratic society in the Far East. With that expansion of democracy came a price: the US mentality. Japan is the most "westernized" of the Eastern countries. The last 20 years saw an expansion of American culture: feminism. What should be said Feminazism. Japanese women have become more "liberated" the last 20 years including the hatred and disdain of men and children. Japan has the lowest birthrate in the East, and for an Asian country, this declining birthrate is unheard of, especially in Buddhist and Confucius countries where family is of the highest honor. Women there, like those here, don't find any honor in families any more, but those of the careers and pursuit of power. They now find men unnecessary and unwanted now. However, unlike in the West, the men of Asia didn't do what the men of the West did under feminism: tolerated their disrespect.

Western men, for the most part, have become accustomed to being vilified and disdained. In fairness it seems, they have accepted that the women are right, we're a bunch of sexist, evil, destructive and stupid brutes and can't function civilly or ever survive, without the women. Well, Asian men aren't that stupid or complacent. They have basically said "screw that" and replaced their lying, cheating, disloyal, and disrespectful women (OK, Asian men do take things to extremes and there are some legitimacy to their complaints, but to take it the other extreme isn't going to solve things either) with anything that will allow them to vicariously experience what is lacking with the humans: love and respect. Yea, it's fake, but the hatred and disdain that feminism has brought isn't, so yea ,they'll replace with with a virtual girlfriend, and I won't get into their latest biggest booming market: sex dolls.

With women becoming more masculine, disrespectful, and disdainful of men and their roles, it's no mystery why the men there aren't going to take it anymore. With their advancement in robotics (they have one that can teach with the ability to express 8 emotions), it's not a stretch that soon they will have Cherry 2000 bots to satisfied their needs. So what if they have no free will as long as they act like WOMEN and not like competitors who lie, cheat, steal and blackmail which is the biggest complaint Japanese men, not to mention Western, have.

What should become most worrisome is every country that have "women rights" and feminism all have one thing in common: declining birthrates. Culture and societies are in danger of dying out and historically, that is what has happened to every matriarchal society because they become too weak and either too unwilling to procreate to survive or to protect and preserve their societies from their enemies. Now we have virtual women to cater to men's needs so no procreation necessary nor wanted now. Soon we may have realistic robots which on the plane of sexuality will make WOMEN unnecessary. Not for procreation mind you, but for fullfillment of a biological need. However in the end, the society will die out and become extinct and that should be the real story behind these sad and strange acts that men, here in Japan, will do to avoid the harshness and cruelty that feminism has brought about.