Thursday, September 23, 2010

American teens are clueless about the Jihadist tactics.

I rarely watch any media shows because of their seditious, if not downright treasonous, bias, but on occasion when I'm ahead of schedule for getting read for work, I do browse through a few. The one I saw today just sends chills down my spine and lose more hope for the future generations. They were interviewing a dozen teens, some Christian, some Jew, some Muslims, about the GZM. Two statements just makes me realize how much trouble and how lost the current generation is about their enemy and their tactics.

The first statement was about the Muslim talking about how their goal isn't about saving people from going to hell as one of the Christian teen stated, but having people see the love of God. That one just floored me. Since the world "love" doesn't appear in the Koran, what love is he talking about? It's an out and out lie. In Islam, God determines who goes to paradise, and who goes to hell. There is no road that lead to either just Allah's choice. They is why they don't tolerate other religions, especially those that espouses free will for that's blashomy to them. It's really a random choice of God who goes and who doesn't. That's why you don't see much hope and faith, other than Jihad, the only assurance that guarantees your place in paradise, in Islam. This is also why so many of them don't go into science. Since Allah makes the rules and laws of physics, he can change them if we piss him off bad enough so it's a waste of time. Just shows how far apart they are from the age of reason they are.

The other were by the Christian teens showing their out and out ignorance or just plain denial of whom their enemies really are. They claim if the mosque doesn't get built, then the jihadis win and we lose our constitutional principals. The Christian teens didn't noticed that a couple of the Muslim teens smirked when they heard that. Most Americans think that if we abandon our principals and not treat them as absolutes, the Jihadis win. They think that the Jihadis want us to abandoned our constitution. They're completely wrong. The Jihadis could care less. All they care about is the Islamazation of America. They would rather we KEEP to the constitution because it gives them yet another weapon to use against us. With the liberals thinking the constitution is a suicide pact, the jihadis will use those "liberties" to further their cause of the Islamicazation of America.

Now am I certifying the elimination of the liberties of religion as stated in the 1st Amendment? No. I'm heeding to that we're free as long as we don't impugn on another's freedom. The GZM was chosen for one reason and one reason only: Islamic supremacy. Throughout their history, when they succeed in conquering a people, they build mosque on sacred sights to signify their supremacy. That's all this is. Why is the Imam, a man who claims this is being build as a bridge to bring others together so hellbent on giving the finger and having this build. Because his true objective is a victory mosque, not building bridges. They say if we don't let them build, it will feed sentiment against us. That's going to exist no matter what, and if this is build, they will all want to come to perform more jihad because they'll taste blood and victory. They want to impugn non-Muslim's faith and it's clear that's Rauf's goal because he's done everything short of confession to demonstrate that goal. If our future generation wants to keep the literal written rule over the spirit, then they're going to find and without a clue of how, they will lose both.

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