Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can we please now get rid of David Stern. The NBA is becoming the NFL. The No Fun League.

I saw the new rules David Stern is having about disgruntling with the Referees, and this man is going to put the final nail in the coffin of the NBA unless he's removed. It's well known the that the NBA referees are the worse the most pampered, not to mention corrupt, officials in all the sports (except possibly soccer, but I'm referring to real sports here in the states) and now with the ridiculous powers the referees have now, they're now going to be allowed to be so thin skinned that they're going to be transparent. The following describe the new rule:

At the referees' annual meeting in Jersey City, N.J., on Thursday, the league announced the guidelines for technical fouls will expand to include "overt" player reactions to referee calls.
Referees have been instructed to call a technical for:
• Players making aggressive gestures, such as air punches, anywhere on the court.
• Demonstrative disagreement, such as when a player incredulously raises his hands, or smacks his own arm to demonstrate how he was fouled.
• Running directly at an official to complain about a call.
• Excessive inquiries about a call, even in a civilized tone.
In addition, referees have been instructed to consider calling technicals on players who use body language to question or demonstrate displeasure, or say things like, "Come on!" They can also consider technicals for players who "take the long path to the official", walking across the court to make their case.

So if someone dares to find a call questionable, you can T them or better, toss them. Given these stupid and downright corrupt rules, if so one so much as look at them wrong they'll be gone. The NBA better triple their team staff from 12 to 36 because if this is the case they're going to have teams in the showers before the game is over. I did Basketball officiating for 3 years and I know it's a tough sports to officiate, it's fast and no time to think if there was an infraction or not, but this kind of overt sensitivity and thin skinnedness is just silly and shows the officials in the NBA, which is considered rather easy, other than the 12 minutes quarters you have to run your butt across, to officiate at the Basketball level, and just try doing a high school girls game with all the swinging elbows and shoving to get an idea, that they can't take as much as they might had missed something then we're going to have a long and boring year. It's time the NBA officials grow the F*** up and take some criticism. After all, they've earned it.


Opus #6 said...

I have not watched too much sports lately, but was shocked at the bad calls during the world cup. Definitely unsporting. I hope the NBA keeps its integrity.

madmath1 said...

The world cup officating was a terrible joke and the powers that be rated it excellent. This demonstrates why Soccer is so popular in poor socialist countries, and so boring in all but a few industrialized countries: it's corrupt and panders to the weakest link. What happened in the World Cup is exactly what I fear is going to happen in the NBA. When the Kings move to Las Vegas, the conflicts of interests are going to be too big to ignore.

Opus #6 said...

In Las Vegas there is no conflict of interest. Everybody is interested in $. Period.

madmath1 said...

I believe the word I'm looking for now is. . . Touche.