Monday, September 13, 2010

Education Experts are stumped at the most often question teachers have for them.

Seems experts on education are at a loss to answer the most often asked, and complaint, by teacher in the field. I find it ironic that here are all these experts on education and yet they have no clue what's going in the education field at all. Teachers are complaining more and more that their jobs are becoming impossible to perform because of one main problem: the students are refusing to learn more and more. So when one ask the question what are we to do when the students just don't care and neither do their parents, what is the proper response. I'll tell you because it was mine: nothing! You can't force someone to do something they don't really want to and frankly, Americans more and more just plain don't value an education, especially those with entitlements. The solution as simple as it is, is going to be very difficult to put in practice: making students and PARENTS accountable (not to mention administrators, but this is based on the problem of apathy by students and parents).

How the heck did we get to the point that teachers are being penalized for students giving education as well as them the finger? I base it on PC and a couple of horrid court rulings.

1. No prayers in school. I often wonder if O'Neil, that foul excuse of a woman would be proud of what she's done to the education system in this country. I have a feeling she would, even though the child she fought to eliminate him from such exposure hated her to her death over it. This ruling was the beginning of the end of standards. Not that God is needed to learn, but it provided the slippery slope of disintegrating values to allow the infestation of liberalism and Political Correctness to become the god that the system worship. The elimination of any reference to a God or higher power of authority devalued values, especially those on the culture and allowed for any belief, no matter how far fetched, insane, or just plain stupid, to be embraced. Now we can't sing Happy Birthday, wear an American Flag on the 5th of May, play tag, or teach the declaration of independence, but we sure can teach about Islam, class warfare, drugs, sex, and cater to invaders.

2. Every child is entitled to a public education. With the lack of values came what I believe to be the worse court decision on education to ever be ruled. Granted it was done during a time when blacks were being ostracized from the education they rightfully deserved, but this ruling opened up the bottle of a malicious genie we yet even have a clue is released, much less try to put back into the bottle. This court ruling has allowed for some pretty bad and stupid policies. The biggest one is that even those that don't want an education and will do everything to make sure nobody else does is entitled to a public education they don't want. You want to see the source of why the schools are failing from the student's and parent's prospective, just look at the gangsters, instigators and agitators and let's not forget the problems of bullying in our schools. It's because they have a right to promote this chaos. When a child as well as their parents think education is the white man's way of doing thing and disrespectful to the black race or Hispanic race, when other students threaten violence to those that learn and in some cases murdered, how is this productive to a safe learning environment? When you add those with emotional issues and just downright bigotry that is protected as a civil right (more on this later) and it's no mystery why children today don't learn. Either they don't want, are scared stupid, and just can't under the conditions that those that don't have created.

3. Affirmative Action. Now that results are to be "equal" and "diverse", why would any minority put in a real effort if by their gender, race, social status, whatever, they're going to move on any ways? Have you tried getting a grant, scholarship lately? If you're not an oppressive minority, you're not going to get one. SAT sucks, that's ok, they'll add points for your race, gender, whatever. The gist of the matter is that academic excellence is on the bottom of the scale for admission and in some cases their grades. When I was teaching, I was required to give them 50% of their grade if they showed up. Those that did didn't do much but attacked my character, threatened me with civil rights violation if I failed them or tried to maintain discipline and despite only needing 20% of the points of the work, over 55% still failed. Despite that, many were still expecting to either make it big as gangsters, or get into college anyway because as one student of mine said, "I'm Mexican. I don't need grades to get into college." Hard to argue against that.

4. Unwarranted Civil Rights. Ask any teacher what scares them most, the answer will nearly be universal: it's getting sued over civil rights violations. Many gang bangers and antagonizers can get away with their nonsense because to encumber such behavior will be cause to look at if their civil rights are being violated. I had one student who got suspended for a total of 28 days in 5 months (that's nearly 1 day in 4 being spent at home). Many times I was threaten and heard the cry, "He's getting on you for acting too Black". The school policy was if you get suspended for a total of 20 days, you're expelled. Well, they never enforced that policy because of the possible civil rights lawsuit. So on they went on their reign of terror and contempt because to dare resist can bring the battle cry, "I SUE I SUE!"

5. No accountability. When I say no accountability, I don't mean towards the teachers. I mean come on, they're blamed for everything. No Child Left Behind was enacted to even put more blame on teachers and schools, but no where in the legislation, and hence why it's doomed to fail, is there anything about holding students and parents accountable for failure.

6. Political Correctness. As I've stated in other blogs, Johnny can't read, write, or do math, but he sure knows enough about sex to make a Nevada brothel worker blush, class warfare, racism, and all the other liberal BS that doesn't make anyone a productive member of society. This is why I think students and parents aren't held accountable. Political Correctness. Most of the children who fail are minorities or low income member of our society. It's falsely concluded that those with money have an advantage because they buy their way out or the system is discriminating against them. Nope. Because of PC, nobody in the media, government or in public opinion is going to demand that minority parents need to step up to the plate. That it's the fault of those with the entitlement or victim hood mentality that they are their own worse enemy and they're responsible for their own fate and prosperity. That's why every time they have one of these studies, you never see how the lack of involvement of parents or poor attitude of students are analyzed as being part of the problem. As well as holding them accountable is the solution. Yet they get mystified as to how the problem continues to grow bigger and bigger every year.

The corruption of the populace, whom I blame for the terminal illness that's having our republic dying, is why the education system is failing. . . miserably. As we pull away from individualism, creating a larger gap between the productive and responsible vs. the entitlmentistic, this lack of accountability will just create more and more dysfunction not just in our schools and government (hence why we have the government we deserve), but in society in general. We're now falling behind more and more to now even 3rd world countries in math, science, engineering, medicine. As we become more and more ignorant, stupid, and lazy, who are going to make the goods, build the roads, bridges, buildings, and homes, figure out the finances, keep us informed accurately and ethically in the future? The US used to produce 55% of all the people with engineering degrees in the world, now it's 15%, produce 60% of the food, now it's 40%, produce 65% of the technological advances, now it's 39%. We better start wising up, stop pandering to the stupid, lazy, antagonistic, and giving out entitlements to those that haven't proved they've earned them or else we're going to become a 3rd world country ourselves. However, rest assured, the White man and bad teachers I'm sure are the ones they're going to blame when we do.

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