Thursday, September 2, 2010

Japanese men are wooing virtual girlfriends. They're not loser, they're fed up.

There's an article about a hotel that's become the first to cater to not just human clientele, but to their virtual dates on a site called "Love Plus". Basically, men can "enjoy" a weekend or time with their virtual girlfriends from the site as if they're a human companion. A bit bizarre and creepy on my part. I rather have the real thing and thankfully do with my FILIPINO wife, but there's an underlining reason why Japanese men are being attracted to virtual women and no, it's not because they're losers that can't handle having a real woman, it's because they're fed up with the attitude Japanese women have now.

If anyone doesn't know the history of Japan for the last 70 years, and with the state of the education system, it's not far fetched, Japan had gone through a major change in its culture after their complete and humiliating defeat to the Allies in World War 2. They were occupied for several years and became the largest democratic society in the Far East. With that expansion of democracy came a price: the US mentality. Japan is the most "westernized" of the Eastern countries. The last 20 years saw an expansion of American culture: feminism. What should be said Feminazism. Japanese women have become more "liberated" the last 20 years including the hatred and disdain of men and children. Japan has the lowest birthrate in the East, and for an Asian country, this declining birthrate is unheard of, especially in Buddhist and Confucius countries where family is of the highest honor. Women there, like those here, don't find any honor in families any more, but those of the careers and pursuit of power. They now find men unnecessary and unwanted now. However, unlike in the West, the men of Asia didn't do what the men of the West did under feminism: tolerated their disrespect.

Western men, for the most part, have become accustomed to being vilified and disdained. In fairness it seems, they have accepted that the women are right, we're a bunch of sexist, evil, destructive and stupid brutes and can't function civilly or ever survive, without the women. Well, Asian men aren't that stupid or complacent. They have basically said "screw that" and replaced their lying, cheating, disloyal, and disrespectful women (OK, Asian men do take things to extremes and there are some legitimacy to their complaints, but to take it the other extreme isn't going to solve things either) with anything that will allow them to vicariously experience what is lacking with the humans: love and respect. Yea, it's fake, but the hatred and disdain that feminism has brought isn't, so yea ,they'll replace with with a virtual girlfriend, and I won't get into their latest biggest booming market: sex dolls.

With women becoming more masculine, disrespectful, and disdainful of men and their roles, it's no mystery why the men there aren't going to take it anymore. With their advancement in robotics (they have one that can teach with the ability to express 8 emotions), it's not a stretch that soon they will have Cherry 2000 bots to satisfied their needs. So what if they have no free will as long as they act like WOMEN and not like competitors who lie, cheat, steal and blackmail which is the biggest complaint Japanese men, not to mention Western, have.

What should become most worrisome is every country that have "women rights" and feminism all have one thing in common: declining birthrates. Culture and societies are in danger of dying out and historically, that is what has happened to every matriarchal society because they become too weak and either too unwilling to procreate to survive or to protect and preserve their societies from their enemies. Now we have virtual women to cater to men's needs so no procreation necessary nor wanted now. Soon we may have realistic robots which on the plane of sexuality will make WOMEN unnecessary. Not for procreation mind you, but for fullfillment of a biological need. However in the end, the society will die out and become extinct and that should be the real story behind these sad and strange acts that men, here in Japan, will do to avoid the harshness and cruelty that feminism has brought about.

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