Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's have a ed-op contest.

I've loaded this editorial from the Atlas Shrugged website. Other than the Katrina reference which was out and out wrong, this person has it nailed.
Let's have a op-ed contest. What more can one add to this list?

I'll start with a few of mine own:

Now corruption has become a virtue and integrity disdainful.
You can be pro-choice as long as that choice is abortion.
We make the responsible member of society responsible for the irresponsible.
In public schools you can't pray but can have a call to prayer.
You can't wear a Christian Cross or a Jewish Star of David, but Muslims can have their Crescents and in some cases a dagger as a "historical" piece. In one school, a girl sued over her nose ring as she practice a "religion" about the virtues of body mutilation.
You can wear shirts with pot plants, FU, any gang banging expression and pants to your knees, but you can't wear an American flag. Especially on foreign holidays.
You can have a United Negro College Fund, or ones that only caters to Latinos or Asians and women, but any for Whites are racist.
Instead of admitting students and hiring those of merits and skill, we admit and hire people based on their race and that's not considered racist or discriminatory.
The Smartest and most brilliant of our people are to be shunned to raise the self esteem of the stupid, lazy, or unmotivated.
The police were allowed to protect us from the criminal, now the criminal are protected against the police.
Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddish, etc must be open for protest by Muslims at their events, but any other religion that protest Muslims at their events are inciting "civil unrest".

Those are mine for starters. Anyone care to add more?

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