Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering the lessons of 9-11.

Here on the 9th anniversary of the evil and horrid attacks on our soil by radical members of Islamic ideologies. Every year, I have my family watch a pair of documentary segments of the attacks including people jumping to their deaths rather than be burned to death by the 2000 degree flames fueled by the aviation fuel that was ignited when the planes were crashed into the said buildings. I do so not just to be reminded what happened, but to feel, to actually relive the horror as to never forget the evil that portrayed that day and who it was that did it to us. Frankly, what's going on today, not only have way too many people have forgotten, but are being deliverably ignorant as to the who and why.

September 11th, 2001. A day that should live in infamy. There are a lot of similarities of 9-11 and the attack of Pearl Harbor. They were both planned weeks in advance while those behind and financing the attack were feigning peace like the Saudis of whom 15 of the terrorism where from. The Americans had plenty of advance warnings but choose to ignore them. The day of the Pearl Harbor attack, the planes were detected and a sub committing an act of war was found and sunk (hence why Japan to this day said we started the war in the Pacific, not them) but either because of incompetence or just plain refusing to face facts, a group of middle Eastern men where able to learn to fly planes, but not how to land them with expires visas from radical sections of Islamic countries were allowed to pursue their plans while the Pentagon lawyers (all Clintonitas) portrayed them as law abating immigrants refused to let the FBI investigate Mohammad Atta. After all, he looked like an outstanding guy to them. Nothing like those Grandmas in wheelchairs or those suspicious Irish Nuns.

Well, despite several within law enforcement with brains that know terrorists don't come from Irish nuns and old people in wheelchairs that can sniff that something wrong with this man and his group of illegal "immigrants" that were up to no good, the government protected and eventually they put their plan in effect. I learned that of the 20 men that executed their plan that day (one missed his flight on United Flight 93 and later was caught from an unrelated crime) that despite the leftist propaganda, these men were anything but poor and oppressed. In fact, they were quite well to do so why would they go out on a suicide mission? They all have committed cardinal sins against Islam: many, like Atta, were homosexuals some were thieves. Atta was in prison before he migrated to America on a student visa (why do we think we can educate these savages is beyond me and 90% of Muslim that do go to collage major in Islam, a worthless degree. That's why the Saudis have to hire so many foreigners to man their oil fields, because they don't have anyone that knows how). So they were condemned in their faith to go to hell, but they had a way out: martyrdom. The rest is, shall we say, history. Here are some imagines of their fine work all in the name of Islam.

As the Kink would sing . .people watched as their castles burned.

Yes, those are people that later died out the windows.

The Pentagon.

The American flight just before hitting the south tower. Only then did we realized we were actually being attacked.

The south tower just before impact.

The South Tower impact.

It's enough to make the mightiest of warriors sob.

Now our world will never be the same, however, not the reason we patriotic Americans have envisioned. Bush went to war against terrorism, but never really defined what that meant as he made many mistake in that declaration of war. First was claiming the goals of Islam is peaceful. Really? Where in the world are Muslim at peace? Every major conflict going on the world then is the same as it is now. With the exception of the IRA conflict in Ireland, all the disruption of peace in the world are all the same: Muslims that refuse to get along with their neighbors or infidels within their own countries. One thing is clear, the goals of Islamic states aren't peaceful. His second mistake, perhaps, is claiming that we're at war with terrorism, not Islam. There's a belief out there that most, 99%, of Muslims are peaceful and just want to go about their own business. I say they're too optimistic. Most Islamic expert, those that lived and fled the Middle East and should know, say it's about 15% that are radicalized and the remaining 85% are just those that want to go about their business. Well, first of all, given there's about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, 15% is 225 million. That's over 70% of the population of the United States, and they're the ones in power. The other problem, how many of those 85% percent will go on a jihad if those 15% demands them to out of loyalty to their faith or just plain fear of being beheaded? Suddenly, the practitioners of peace are getting out numbered really quick. If you think most Muslims would side with peace, perhaps one should look at how those everyday Muslims reacted to the news of 911.

Oh, yea, so peaceful. So Mortified of Racial Islam.

Blessed are the children.

All praise Allah. Allah Ackbar!

How Great is our God!

Time to take my American made shirt and play some football

Now it's nine years later and not only have the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan gone badly, especially after our first Muslim supporting president took office, these same peace loving people are smelling blood and seeking to put the final seal on their victory on that day, and lets face it, it's a victory. Since that day the difference between the liberals and conservatives exposed their faces after the dust settled on that day. Conservatives wanted to know who attacked us and fight back. Libtards in their true fashioned immediately checked out books about Islam at the library and seeked how we offended them and find out how WE caused this attacked. Nine years later, now that anti-American liberals control both houses of congress and an Islamic raised President is in the white house, who would had believed that 9 years ago, the Muslims are seeking to put up their symbol of their victory with a mega mosque right at ground zero. Not exactly on the site of the towers, but well within range of the damage that was created too symbolized their victory has they have always done in the past to demonstrate their not only their victory, but their supremacy over the defeated infidels. Here are a few examples:

The Medina Mosque. Build over a Jewish Temple when Mohammad conquered Medina.

The Istanbul Mosque, built over the Church that resided when it was Constantinople.

It wasn't always this way. Even the New York Time got it.
Look at what's happened the last nine years. Islam hasn't become like the Civil Right Movement of the 21st century. Only Gay marriage has gotten more press. Bush, in my opinion, made his biggest mistake when he lifted immigration restriction and allowed people from Islamic countries much easier access to getting visa and residency status. Now we're getting swamp with Muslims and what are they doing in their new homeland? Demanding Sharia Law and superior rights to their faith over infidels. In other words, what they always do, create mayhem and conjure. Now in Dearborn with their overwhelming number of Somali refugees (yes, that country that has all the pirates that fear the US Navy like a Gangster with a fully loaded machine gun at a spit ball fight. In nine years, we've gone to taking the fight to the enemy to empower those that feel we've offended the Muslim world and got what we deserve to appeasement that is so maudlin that's it's sickening in its own right if it wasn't so damn dangerous. To add the ultimate insult to injury, the US government, as well as the local government that got a up close and person look at what terrorism is on that day as well as the first attack in 93 as well as an attempted Marketing bombing by a nationalized citizen and they're willing to let an evil Imam that supports Hamas and Islamic brotherhood, the oldest terrorist organization on earth right, that makes threats that we are to be killed in a holy fatwa and jihad if we don't allow this mosque to be build to build this victory mosque. What's worse, they're using freedom of religion as the grounds for their right to build. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Even the Jews knew this when they wanted to build a place for worship just outside Auswich, but they wised up that it was too sensitive to place it so close where so much evil and death was created. This Imam claims that he's building this mosque to "build bridges" to the non Islamic world. Yea, and I got a condo on the moon to sell you. Every leader in the Middle East is calling it what it is: a victory Mosque. The claim is that if it isn't built, the terrorist win. Wrong. The terrorist would wet their pants if they knew that a mosque was going to be built, most likely later in their honor once this evil plot is exposed out in the open. This mosque has nothing to do with freedom of religion, but it's antithesis since Islam is all about conquests, not building bridges. If it was truly about building bridges, then he wouldn't build it there and wouldn't be lying, cheating, stealing and using propaganda to get it built. But then again, we still haven't learned our lessons about why behind the attack on September 11th, 2001. Perhaps we will on September 11th, 2011. That's the day they're planning to open their victory mosque.

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