Monday, September 13, 2010

To the fallen of Flight 93.

Every September 11th, I dust off the Flight 93 DVD and watch it as a reminder of who attack, why, and how 40 passengers foiled one of the 4 group's plan which was either the capital building or the white house (given Bush wasn't in DC at the time, it would make more sense to hit the capital building). This is one of those movies, like Titanic, you watch and hope this time it will be different like this time they actually miss the iceberg or the passengers regain control of the plane. As I analyze the sequence of events of that fateful flight, I often ask myself the question: why were the terrorist who were just 1/11th of the total of the people on that fight (remember, there were 2 pilots, a flight attendant, and a passenger murdered during the takeover), out numbered 11 to 1 able to succeed to take over the plane while the remaining passengers failed? When you get down to it, it all came down to planning, and frankly, that's where our enemies really are kicking our rear ends. Not so much the planning of actual violent jihad, but the propaganda war.

The terrorists that day had one huge advantage: the element of surprised. At the time such an attack didn't even cross our minds. It was something that happened in other countries, mainly 3rd world countries with grossly corrupt governments and traitorous military and police forces that often make it all too easy for the terrorists to operate. Just look at Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Columbia, and Mexico as prime examples (yes, I consider the drug cartels to be terrorist organizations). Though outnumbered 11 to 1, and yes they had box cutters as knives, if the passengers just raised up during the original assault, the terrorist fail because they can't stop them all as was such the case when they tried to take over the plane leading them to crash the plane before getting to their target over surrendering to the Infidels. With everyone on board shocked and in disbelief and no doubt thinking this most likely a hijacking for profit, with the exception of the one that tried to pacified the situation which lead to his death as the hateful and evil radical Islamics decided they wanted none of that, everyone just did as they were told. Though the flight attendant that was taken hostage didn't cooperate, they had observed enough to know how she knocked and fooled the pilots, though warned something was going on as both towers had been hit at the time, thinking that it wasn't going to happen to them and complacent that it had to be their friend at the other end of the door, sealed their fate as well as the passengers.

The element of surprise and deception can really never be underestimated. Getting an opponent of guard or on the wrong trial gives such a foe an extreme advantage. The pilots were dead in less than a minute, within a minute 4 were dead and the plane taken over and the remaining people just plain dumbfounded. The terrorist made one huge mistake however: the passengers had their cell phones.

Because of cell phone technology, the BS claim that they were hijacking for profit and that they're heading back to the airport because the authorities met their demands were quickly refuted. They were informed of the twin towers as well later, the Pentagon, and it was clear it was a suicide mission. Without that information, the passengers most likely don't try anything thinking, most likely hoping against hope, that they're only after money or some political gain. Once it was clear that their fate was death, they choose that they rather die fighting than running.

However, the passengers that fought back made a huge mistake of their own. In poker, players often look for the tell, a gesture or act that tips off the strength, or the lack there of, of their hands. The passengers when they took their hand vote assured their plan to takeover the plane was doomed and their fate sealed. Why? The terrorist knew that their deception was exposed. They knew they were coming. The passengers lost the element of surprised that proved to be so advantageous for the terrorist. At that point, Salid, the pilot, entrenched his position to keep the passengers from getting in by having two of his goons lock and barricade themselves inside making getting in all the more difficult and costly for those fighting back. Had they been more clandestined about it, they could had taken the one in their compartment, then had the other two outside the cockpit. Then it would be a matter of getting them out of the way and getting into the cockpit. At that stage, they had a good chance, but the sequence of events didn't go that way. After attacking the guarding terrorist with the fake bomb (something they knew because planes weren't being bombed, but crashed), it just took too much time and causalities (I'm sure several were stabbed by the two barricading the door) and the pilot decided to crash the plane rather than surrender or perhaps just was so bad at flying that crashed it by accident, but the lost of time assured that the heroes of flight 93 wouldn't be able to gain control in time.

I'm sure it's easy for me to realize the flaws and come up with when I don't see 4 people murdered and have box cutters in my face armed by a foaming, angry, evil lunatic as well as considering the lives of the others that are with me. I'm don't have the panic, fear, chaos that surrounded them. Hopefully, by learning the lesson of the one critical execution of the terrorist plan and the fatal flaw of the attempted taker, should such another attempt is ever made, we can be victorious and regain the plane or at least sufficiently increase the odds. Given the situation they were in, they fought valantly given what they had. Just if I had a time machine and had them make that one change.

My daughter made a note about those that made the movies. She gave credos to the actors, especially the ones that played the terrorist. Unlike all movies since this one, these terrorist weren't portray with any sympathy or as oppressed and misunderstood people. They were seen with coldness and callous hatred. It wasn't so much what was said or done, but just by the looks in their eyes. One could feel the chill, hate, and lust for blood. As now as I demonstrate how the memorial is being made to praise those people, it really puts the passion and contempt for those that want to continue appease and cater to these evil animals. It should demonstrate how people like those that designed that crescent tribute to the terrorist for the memorial (why it's taken over 9 years to start with should say something), Imam Kauf and his evil remarks, Goldbloom and his disdain for those that oppose this victory mosque, the government that protect those in Dearborn if someone so much as hands out a flyer about Christianity, Bush and Obama who defend these governments that protect these terrorists, especially the Saudis.

To the fallen of flight 93, I salute you. Your deaths shall not be in vein with me. Though they tried to execute a flawed plan, it's far superior what our leaders are doing today and our fallen heroes fought against the evils of radical Islam. Unlike today, our leaders and media appease them everywhere they turn. How at every turn they spit in the face of those heroes that died that day. We've had many close calls to more of these terrorist creating more death and destruction and only by sheer luck and incompetence we've haven't. If our government and leaders had more valor of those passengers, perhaps we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

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