Saturday, October 30, 2010

The country can have real hope and change on November 2nd, unlike California.

Judging by the latest polls and protests and outspokenness by the populace, the dems are running scared and with good reason. Obama has poisoned the well so badly that only those with death wishes or down and out parasites are going to vote for the party of "change". However, in California, things are far far more darker. Jerry Brown, perhaps one of our worse governors in history behind his protege Gray Davis who was the 2nd Governor in the history of the country to be recalled and less then two years at that, is going to be elected to a 3rd term (he served two terms in the 70's and I rather not remember that decade), Boxer is going to get her 3rd term, Gavin Nussome, the illegal's best friend in San Fransisco, is going to be lieutenant Governor, and for the most part the same leftist clowns are all going to get elected. Who knows how our propositions will go. The only one I'm interested in is Prop. 20 that allow citizens, not politicians to draw district lines which has been tried 6 times before and failed. However, it's clear about one thing, California is going to become more red even though the rest of the country isn't.

When Obama is considered a positive influence and we go more and more to the left, it's a bit hard not to become even more jaded. Just look at what's being mocked and disdained. Running a business, believing in doing the same thing over again with different results as being insane, ostracising illegals and support of the rule of law. Brown is being seen as a savior because he has no plan as what California needs. Tax breaks and easing the ability to run a business is considered insane while having 1100 lawyers ready to sue to ensure green polices is. Catering to illegals and eliminating law abating citizen so the illegals can get into our schools with tuition paid by the state. Jacking taxes in a state with the highest in the country even higher so parasite and non-citizens can prosper is what this state needs. Pardon me while I make my plans to bail out.

California is going to be the first state to collapse economically and declare bankruptcy with this clown taking office and I fear what our unemployment is going to be. Now that we're going to become Mexifornia, officially, the other states can see what their fate will be if the dems keep power or ever get it back should the dems lose their majority. However, living the first state to lose it's freedom and being the first to convert to foreign national socialism, it's a bit difficult to avoid jadedness and cynicism.


Opus #6 said...

Madmath, I too have been a bit down lately about California's prospects. I hope that it is all an evil conspiracy between the MSM and the pollsters, but I fear that it is not. :-(

I will not be deterred from my voting, however. I always vote.

madmath1 said...

I'll vote as I always do, knowing that taking the smart road is foolish in this state.