Sunday, October 24, 2010

More insanity and stupidity from the Feminists.

I've often written about the feminist and how destructive and evil their mindset have been. Based on lies, hatred and downright narcissism they have laid a path that has been so destructive to human relationships and societies that implement them. The story that's coming from Taiwan has to take the cake. If you think gay marriage is oxymoronic well this one isn't just oxymoronic, it's downright silly, if not stupid, and demonstrates what western feminism is bringing to the world.

I had to take a double take on this story because it seemed to absurd to be true, but alas, it's on record for all to see. There's a male hating feminist out there deciding to concede to societies' pressure to get married, so she is. . . to herself. Has the dress, catering, guests, and chapel ready for her self grandizing ceremony. Her excuse is basically the same, men are too stupid, evil, selfish, demanding, blah blah blah and she wants to demonstrate to women around the world that they need to love themselves over others, especially men. Wow, what a surprise.

Taiwan, as well as other Asian industrializing countries, are seeing a huge dropped in marriage and child bearing. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are seeing huge drops, even worse than the US, and we can think western feminism and I'll make a bold prediction right here: India will be next. As more and more of the hatred of family and narcissism over love of family mentality of feminism spreads like a cancer in these industrialized countries that follow the old American model, these countries are becoming more and more Americanized, which means taking on the attitude that marriage is oppressive and the best value for women is career over family. This is way you hear perverse stories like Japanese men more into sex dolls and virtual girlfriends. They're sick and tired of the attitude of their women. It's why their birthrates are dying.

Just read the comments that the women that support her self nuptials. Oh sure there are the share of jokes like did she get a pre-nup and who do the police arrest if she gets in a physical altercation with herself, but most of it is the male hating brile. They even argue that it's good for society for these "modern" women who get educated and go into the work force over supporting a family traditionally. Really? They why are these societies desperate to get these women to have families. What, are they oppressive? Why are their birth rates going down? Why is unemployment going up, especially for men? The biggest issue that's starting to plague these nations, the financial strain on their version of Social Security. Right now, like America, they have 3 workers for every senior citizen. In 20 years it's going to 1.5. Taiwan isn't as bad, it's 7 to 1, but in 20 years it's going to be 3 to 1. I'll let you do the math to see Taiwan is just 20 years behind. There isn't going to be enough workers to support the seniors. Perhaps they'll follow our example and pass Obamacare and they can have their death panels as well. Perhaps they should be aware that the generation that's going to suffer for this matrimonial discrimination is going to be theirs since it will be their generation that's going to lose the benefits their parents enjoy today.

What makes this particularly silly is that marriage is an institution that was designed mainly to encourage and nurture procreation. This is why women, unless it's lesbians, hate marriage. They view childbearing as the pathway to oppression and poverty. The fewer that marry and have children, the fewer that will live in liberty and prosperity. My wife worries that in her old age nobody will care for her since she never had any children. Perhaps these marriage hating hags should ask the same question, because right now they expect the state to do so and like France, who are having riots over it, and Greece, they just plain can't do it. The money isn't there. It also goes against nature since women where designed to have children. Oh, not every woman is suited to be a mother, just look at the hags that run the NOW. However, they policy that the norm of women aren't suited is just plain wrong and society is going to pay the price.

How? A nation or culture dies if the procreation rate isn't at least 2.21. In liberalized nations, US 2.21 but only because of illegal immigration, average of Europe, 1.6, Japan, 1.8, Korea, 1.9, Taiwan, 1.7, Canada, 2.0, get the picture. These societies are going to die. The only industrialize country that isn't effected China. Dispite a one child policy, many in the rural areas aren't well policed, there's too much ground to cover, and they are having children like it's becoming illegal. Oh wait, it is, but they are anyways. China is the only industrialized nation that doesn't have western modes or influence in their culture. The one child policy was created as their population has become too massive to control at 1.6 billion. Not because their women have become "empowered". Now that India is taking the American model to industrializing their society as well taking in the western culture of empowering women, it won't be long before they stop having babies as well. Not only do they have a large massive population, but have a great deal of poverty themselves and I'm sure they'll blame marriage and child rearing for that too, not the main reason poverty exists today. No, it's not "overpopulation". Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have dense populations, but they're not suffering from poverty. It's cultural and government corruption. All the poverty in the world are from countries are massively corrupt or have cultures, like ours, that encourage parents not to care for their children and blame them their for their plights.

So with women now demanding the right to be married to themselves (does that mean she has to go f*ck herself when she's done?) just demonstrates the agenda of the modern feminist to destroy everything that is feminine. They're enemies of families, of their societies, and nature. Every society that are implementing their cultural biases and mores are in decline. With this silliness and insanity now being brought out and encouraged, what's next? Marriage to goats, virtual people, sex dolls, robots, mother earth? I mean where does this end? Since marriage has been perverted and skewed from it's original and intended meaning, what's no longer tabooed? How far down does a society have to go before we say enough is enough on this nonsense. Given how supportive the populace has been so far, it doesn't look like any time soon.


A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

I don't think we've even seen the worst yet. US society is spiraling down due to 1) it hasn't suffered real hardship in decades, which somehow relieves the mind from preoccupation with absurd envelope pushing and

2) the majority of US citizens are being spoon fed a Disneyland version of history and therefore can't see the repeated errors of humanity throughout time.

there is nothing new going on is just stupidity revisited ...

and yes, she probably will have to go f herself to consummate the marriage...if it is two becoming one flesh then does she have MPD?

madmath1 said...

Given we're given a Disneyland version of the evil from this administration, I do fear we haven't seen the worse, especially if the voters give their stamp of approval by allowing the dems to keep both houses.

As for Yates, I don't understand why this woman is still breathing, 6 of her children aren't bacause of her and let's face it, if her husband had done the same thing, he wouldn't be. This society have their priorities so screwed up, and drinking the kool aide, it's not a mystery that such stupidity continues to go unchecked.