Sunday, October 10, 2010

Obama to show his true, Chicago thuggery?

I caught an article in the Sacramento Bee, the only rag of a newspaper that exist in this city. I don't normally look at it as I put it under a birdcage once, the bird broke out of the cage and pooped on me. However, I digress. I noticed an article that Obama has a plan to push, more like shove down our throats, his agenda should the Republicans take control of the congress after next month's election: executive orders.

The gist of the theme is to advance the change that he's promised, that he will just bypass the congress and follow through with executive orders. Anyone that understand our constitutional republic will realize what this mean? It will be war on our republic. Not only will this be a means to by pass the checks and balances in our Constitution, but given his affection to Czars, who knows what those executive orders will entailed. The biggest one that I fear will be the funding of his civilian national force to enforce security of our country that only answers to him. Given the abuse of power this man has demonstrated thus far, this is quite a scary thing. Not to mention, if he just want any law he likes, like no civil rights for white voters, citizenship for illegals, or forget taxing the wealthy, just nationalized all their possessions. This threat should be met as for what it is: a declaration of war against America and her people.

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