Thursday, October 14, 2010

Race baiters are at it again.

It's coming out that the NAACP is condeming the Tea Parties for racism. Considering that 91 % of blacks will vote for any black candidate simply because they're black (just look at Allen Greene in South Carolina if you need more evidence), support a racist party because it's the "black" thing to do, make accusation that they're being oppressed for "acting too black", and considering they support a united NEGRO college fund, but any school or scholarship that only support white as being racist, community organizer that threaten banks and business if they don't hire "enough" people not based on ability, talent or merit but only by the color of their skin, ACRON need I say more there, and they should learn that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Seems that the tea parties, a "party" that have all people from all walks of life, not just whites, must be getting under the skin to the hyperbole of the race baiters that not only can't the baiter defend their bigotry, but they used the tired and now cliched "racist" card that the word is truly having no meaning. This not only deludes their credibility, but also those that do suffer from real racism. Time for this outdated and outmoded "civil rights" organization to realize they have become the bigots that they were formed to oppose and realize they're of no use nor value anymore. Other than to promote more bigotry.

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