Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things are getting Ugly in California's campaigns.

You want a look at the future of elections in the country, come take a look at what's going on in California. I know politics can get messy, ugly, and downright nasty at times, but what I'm seeing this year has put it all to level that just defies belief. It's like now that the leftist socialists have been exposed and they're drunk with the powers to be, it's a no holds barrage now. I've never seen such ugly campaigns as I've seen now, and what's worse, they're all accurate leaving Californians left to basically vote between two candidates at various positions: Satan or Lucifer.

Take the governor's race. Whitmen vs. Brown. Ugh, talk about ugly. They've stop slinging mud months ago, now they're slinging rocks. Basically both sides are attacking the credibility and character of each other. Neither looks good. Brown, if anyone born before the 1980's know, is a failed tax and spend gutless liberal. He founded the gay rights movement that we suffer from today as with the exception of marriage (gay marriage is an oxymoron since gay people can't procreate naturally) and working within a religious business (why would they want to work there in the first place?), they're not discriminated against. Brown called Prop. 13 a fraud and waste because it limited the ability of government to raise property taxes. Californians do have some of the lowest rates, thank God, but because of the excessive high costs of real estate, pretty much pay the same monetarily. If Prop. 13 wasn't law, they would be so massive with our government here, nobody would be able to keep their homes as the taxes would be 2 to 3 times higher than the payment for the house. Brown is weak on crime, oppose the death penalty so much so that he appointed such leftist and radical judges, anyone remember Rose Bird for if you do you know how radical she was and how bad Brown can be. Brown after all signed an INMATE bill of rights. Seems Brown cares more about criminals than law abating citizens. Brown even supports affirmative action and wants to include illegal aliens to affirmative action rights including instate tuition.

Meg Whitman, other than she ran a business, Ebay, she's no different than Brown. A liar and a crook. She's a typical elitist that took over 100 million in salary at Ebay while laying off hundreds. She's in support of illegal alien rights as she stated in Spanish. She says she'll run the government like a business, but who's she going to lay off to get her millions? The taxpayers? I'll avoid the nanny gate. Her character doesn't instill a great deal of confidence and she's making the same promises that Arnold made without seeing the reality of our corrupt legislature.

As bad as this one is, the senate race is even uglier. Not only the two women running are as ugly as can be, but when you get down to it, you can flip a coin and let the coin vote because they're both the same candidate. They're both running on the platform that the other is exporting jobs to China and both are right. Boxer with the federal regulations and policies that encourage those to ship the jobs overseas and then her husband profits with his import/export business. Fianoa who shipped jobs oversea to save money and buy lavish goodies for herself and the board with 5 jets. Yea, I'm going to trust her on fiscal responsibility? I'm going to trust her on preserving jobs here in California or even in the states? I rather write in Donald Duck.

We got a real winner for the 3rd district between Berra and Lungren. Lungren has been in politics for nearly 30 years. Another lifetime politician. Berra is a radical, La Raza supported, Poloski selected candidate. Need I say more?

Lt. Govenor, who are elected separately, we got a guy I've never heard of vs. Gavin Newsome. Here, at least there's a choice because we don't have a career politician running against Gavin Newsome who's making the false claim that he oppose San Francisco's Sanctuary policies. Yea, after the highly profiled murder a father and 2 of his sons by an illegal alien gang banger. Newsome instill those policies, put in supervisor that supported the policies and only after gaining ambition for higher office, did he oppose. Add that if you're the manager of his campaign, you better make sure you have your wife under lock and key. He slept with the last one.

Thus are my choices this election. Given how bad and ugly the choices are, I think I'll vote and go to hell for some R&R.

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