Thursday, October 14, 2010

A trend that the left won't mention.

Here in Sacramento, an all too familiar story is out. A mother decided to stab, murder, and then set fire to her 3 year-old twin daughters. She's been arrested and charged with several counts, one of which is 2 counts of murder. What's a shocker to me isn't the crime, but that she's been charged with murder. Far too often, the woman isn't charged at all. However the statistic that should be raising eyebrows isn't even mentioned: the high rate of mothers murdering her children.

Only on Good Morning America had the gall, surprising, to mention a disturbing trend in this country. If I was to ask which family member would be the most likely to murder a child most people would be wrong and badly. As stated on the show, 85% of children who are murdered by a family member, are murdered by their mothers. Think about that, that's nearly 7 out of 8 times. Fathers are the culprit only 7%, which means mother is 12 more likely to do the murdering and nearly 6 times more than all other relatives COMBINED! It was only mentioned because that evil b*tch Bates is having a hearing to seek her release after 8 years in a mental institution for planning, hunting down and drowning her five children, the youngest only months old and the oldest, 7, fought to the bitter end as he was the only that knew what his fate was going to be (four dead siblings in the tub was a rather obvious clue). If you think this woman got away with premeditated murder, you would be right. It's how often they get away with it.

If I was to ask you what percentage of woman that commit these murder see jail time, what would you think? Quite a bit, murder is murder after all. Not when you're a woman. First, half aren't even prosecuted. Anyone remember Sandra Smith? She was the one that, because she was having an affair and want to abandoned her family for him, drowned them as he wasn't interested in having her as long as she had children. Though she got convicted, and only after she managed to enrage the black community claiming she was car jacked by a black man which I'll add they make too easy to frame for such a fabrication but that's another blog entry, she was convicted for murder and sentence to life. She was spared the death penalty because she confessed. Would John Smith, the father, had been shown such mercy had HE actually committed the crime? Well, take a look at the following statistic and you tell me. Women who are prosecuted and convicted for such murders are hospitalized 86% of the time, imprisoned 14%. Men on the other hand if you say the statics are turned around you would be wrong. They are hospitalized only 12% while 88% see prison. Yates may get out after 8 years, just a year older than her oldest victim and had they been alive today, still would be minors. Yet their lives don't even generate an iota of sympathy, not like their mother receives.

With women being excused from their behaviors because of things like poverty, bi-polar disorder, PMS, and as in Yates defense, PPD, it's a wonder women are held responsible for anything. Oh wait, they aren't. As with Yates, she gets a lot of sympathy because she's viewed as being ill. This is why go to prison 1/8th as much as men for the same crimes. With our male hating as well as child hating society, why do women have so little compassion or feelings for the children in these hideous cases, it's no clue as to why there are no real consequences for such abuses. It's always the societies, the children, the men, the order of the stars fault. The only real reason Sandra Smith saw time wasn't because she was viewed as ill. It was because she did it for a man. Had she made up some illness and not try to trampled on a scared minority, she too would had gotten away with it. Just how much longer are we going to accept this? Give how far below the radar such crimes are, I don't expect any changes within my lifetime.


KOOK said...

not politically correct, but nonetheless correct.

Moms Kill Kids, Husbands Kill Families (and often also themselves), Wives kill Husbands.

Saw one statistic that 200 moms a year kill their kids in the US.

madmath1 said...

Wow, 200 a year. How often does the media even report it? Have anyone one, other than the locals, heard about the double murder here and it was pretty henious? Seems children in our society aren't valued at all.

A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

I would be interested to see how much that stat has climbed since Roe/Wade.

It is sick...I have never and I mean NEVER wanted to kill my kids. Run away and hide myself in the closet (just kidding).

The Yates thing bothered me terribly...terribly. I wanted to see her drowned too. And this really upset a friend of mine who thought I should at least try to see or extend a sympathetic nod towards Yates. Needless to say I argued with my thoughts on it have not changed. Yates needs to stay behind bars or worse

I have 6 children and love em to the moon and back. I couldn't kill them but I could kill to protect them from harm.