Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I find REALLY scary this Halloween.

With California, despite all the hoopla that the races are going to be close believe me they're not, going to officially going to the far left with the concept that the best way to job creation is to make it too difficult to run one while taxing the stuffing out the Thanksgiving turkey of those that run businesses or still have a job. With the elections now just two days away, there's a common theme I see from leftist voters that should put the fear of evil and tyranny in all of us. Those the statements vary a bit, the theme is the same. One comment sums it up: The tea party hate the government unlike those that embrace law and order. Oh how that statement should scare us.

There's a speech by a famous politician that went as follows: "We have people starving in the street, our currency isn't worth the paper its printed on, communists are knocking on our front door and lawlessness is every where. What we need in our country is law and order. Yes, without out law and order, our country can't survive". Does anyone know who made that speech in 1931? By the year I take it you can make a pretty good guess and you would be right. It was Adolf Hitler. He used the law and order, as well as hope and change as the Weinhiemer Republic was collapsing. Seems those on the left are claiming Obama is bringing law and order to our Republic as well as the hope and change that is needed from the oppression that Bush instilled during his 8 years, so they say. Those are bad enough, but this statement: "Tea Party hates government". They make it out those in the Tea Party are a bunch of anarchists, just as Hitler was stating about the communist from the East and the democratic societies from the West.

First of all, where is it written anywhere, that a person MUST love the government, or ever like it, or to make it simpler, even entrust the government? This is why the Constitution was written. People shouldn't trust their government. Power corrupts and the goal was to LIMIT government power. The goal was to divide the power among the populace with the theory that the people will keep the politicians as well as any government over reach, in check. This defies that people should place trust in their government, but it's wisdom was in the distrust of power to government. That statement that those that distrust government are loony defies the fundamental foundation of the power of the constitution. That the government have no power that isn't given from the consent of the governed. Anyone that state we should always trust or have love for the government disdain this principal.

This can lead to another abuse of power. Too often messiahs have risen with the promise to the citizens a trip to the promise land. History is filled with them. When one has a love and complete trust of their government, they are endangered of becoming a useful idiot or a willing slave to a tyrant. Remember, power corrupts. This is what bothered conservatives during the campaign about Obama and his supporters. They were more mesmerized by his orator skills than what the man stood for or critically analyzing what his beliefs and policies can lead us. Now we're learning the hard way. Though 67% have smelled the caffeine, there are still 33% that just refuse to look at facts and continue to love their government even when they're not looking out for your best interest. Should this grow to 50% plus one, we're in trouble.

Tea Party members don't hate government, they oppose an overreaching and bloated government, especially in regards to over empowerment upon their citizens rights to choose for themselves. They believe that government should be limited to a limited few obligations, mainly protecting life and property. What the government has become now is a nanny state with the President being the top nanny. We have a government that doesn't believe in the liberties of the individual, that people are too untrustworthy and stupid and need a centralized federalist government to maintain law and order. What we're getting is completely the opposite. This is what Obama care is about, this is what the issue over his Czars are about, Cap and Trade, Global Warming, heck even the Blank Panther Case is about.

Jefferson stated that natural law can't be defied. Any attempt at destruction of natural law will only lead to either anarchy or complete tyranny. What are these natural laws? There are only two. Bill Wittle at PJTV summed it up best: "Do what you promise to do" and "The limitation of your liberties unlimited with the restriction that is must not impune another person's liberties or his property". Basically, this is what the tea party wants to bring back into government, enforce contracts and protect life and property. The bail outs defied the first one, do what you promise to do. GM didn't do what they promised, and then the government gave them a get out of jail free card. Now if you're a creditor of GM or even Crystler, are you going trust the company to full fill their contract if the government can come in and say no they don't? Same with the banks and financial institution. Why do you think the money supply is so tight right now. Nobody trust industry to full fill their obligation fearing the government will negate the contract. Small business have the largest cash reserves in US history right now, but are too afraid to invest because they have no clue what's going to happen nor what laws and contracts are actually going to be enforced. This is why most 3rd world countries economies are so crappy. With government corruption so bad, what can business and banks trustwith their money, not to mention the waste that must be overcomed.

Being free as long as you don't impune another liberties and property. Government is suppose to protect life and property, but look at what's happened in just under the last two years with Obama. Terrorists are going crazy trying to commit terrorist acts and our government is not only failing to protect us, or even to attempt to protect us, but doing everything they can to make easier for them to murder us. So far the perfect system has been working only because of terrorist's incompetence. Our right to vote is being impune as they protect the illegal alien invasion as well as Black Panthers right to intimidate white voters. They're under minding our national defense and TSA intrude on our property and person with their invasive machine while placating the demands of those that want to take our lives and properties away with the Islamic threat by having them exempted from such procedures. Our property, such as wages and earnings, are being impune to pay for social programs, illegal aliens, felons, and the unproductive. Yes, there are going to be some impunity as government need taxes and revenue to provide the protection of our life and property, however, these social programs do neither. They punish the productive, take their property, and now with Obama care perhaps our lives, to give it to those that don't earn nor deserve it. No wonder so many in the younger generation don't want to work and feel entitle to a living by the state.

We should fear an over reaching and unchecked powers within a government. The abuse and oppression threatened is documented though out history. However, when people feel that we should love the government and trust it implicitly, that's a far worse threat of them all. Plato said, "A life unchecked, is not worth living." Jefferson said, basically, "A government unchecked is not worth supporting." Right now a third of our populace now believe otherwise. I fear what will happen when it comes over 50% and that is the scariest thought of them all.


A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

With my family history it is natural I don't trust the government...however I am surprised by how many of those family members believed and actually adore Obama and the current direction of the government.

it creeps me out. little minions running around accepting everything without question.

madmath1 said...

There's a documentary that I can no longer find at the library called Mein Kaupt. It recorded Hitler's speeches and the look on the faces of the spectators. They looked mesmerized, just like BO's supporters which is why I was frightened by this man karisma.

Now I see more and more people telling me that I need to trust this government more that government is our friends, they're looking out for us against the racists, bigots, terrorist (white ones only), etc. The worse scare I've had during any halloween.

Opus #6 said...

We went too far when we accepted the Patriot Act in the first place. I see that now. NEVER trade liberty for security.

madmath1 said...

One thing people who support those in power never think of: we're not going to be the ruling party forever. The same with the fairness doctrine I'm sure they're going to punish us voters with. A Republican will be in office next and then what? Never trade liberty for security, nor power from the people to the government.