Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why do liberals fight for illegals then bash those that hire them?

Right now, the biggest shock being a Californian isn't that we've finally passed a budget 95 days late. Heck, that's par for the course, though 95 days a bit on the 2nd standard deviation. It's the dirty and evil tactic by Jerry Brown and his media whores. If anyone hasn't been tuning in, I can't say I blame you how nasty and dirty politics get here, there's a brouhaha over candidate Meg Whitmen having employed an illegal alien as a house keeper for 9 years. When you look at the big picture here, the irony of this is inescapable.

Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that California has a massive invasion of illegal aliens. Only Arizona has a larger problem by density of population. Since illegal aliens, unofficially, get to vote, our politicians tend to pander to their interests. One of which is that many want to give in state tuition to them, even though most natives can't get in now much less afford it, but I digress. One of the political footballs that are played with here is worker rights for the illegals. Democrats fight so hard for "rights" of the illegal, free health care, free education, free from deportation and prosecution, but most importantly, their right to work. They're fighting here to force those that employ them to pay them minimum wage. Since by law they're not allowed to work, sort of make no sense. Was this what the Confederacy meant by state rights?

So since the Democrats are big on illegals being able to work here while the unemployment rate for Americans continue to go up, it's the height of hypocrisy to demean as well as libel and slander a person just for SUSPICION of employing an illegal alien. I guess when it's the democrat doing the criminal activity, it's human compassion. When it's their opponent, it's exploitation.

My lord! if anyone had any sensitivity, this should backfire in Brown's team face. It's seem typical of the democrats to exploit minorities for their own political gain. What's worse, the Hispanics and illegals actually think this party is fighting for them, when they're being used. This woman, if her claims of abuse are true, which I doubt because she rambles a bit of nonsense like puppets are people too, but that's just my opinion, this epitomizes not just the Democrat vs. Republican issue, but of human rights. Exploitation, either for votes or slave labor, is just plain wrong. This is why this whole issue really ticks me off and why the Tea Parties want our immigration laws enforced. To avoid this abuse of these people. Giving them a lawyer that exposes them to deportation for a politicians ambitions or their own gains should be seen for what they are: self serving bigots.

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