Friday, November 5, 2010

Americans got it right, California, as usual, got it wrong.

First of all, I like to say that I'm overjoyed that I was wrong. Wrong that the American voters will disappoint me and let the Marxist go unpunished for their crimes against America with the likes of trillion dollar stimulus spending that seemed to only stimulate Bill Clinton who's always stimulated when a pretty intern is nearby and the likes of Obamacare. American voters by the droves voted out and let the dictators know we won't go silently during the night. However, one group didn't disappoint and pretty much did what I expected of them by being stupid: Californians.

First of all, it looks like all our major seats will be held by the Demoncrats. Jerry Brown! AGAIN! They man was a miserable failure the first two terms he served here. I remember what it was like 20 years ago when he left. Given how things are now, it's like he's never left. Unemployment was 13%, deficit spending that today we haven't recover, our infected borders being overruned by the virus of anti-American invaders, and the one of the most hostile environments in the world. The only thing missing is a complete moron and lunatic Supreme Court Justice like Rose Bird, but give that time. Seems Californians have forgotten the long gas line, high interest rates, and migration from this state. Now with the illegal alien problem worse than ever, 13% unemployment rate, and extremely high hostility to business interest that the state haven't been able to attract one business from another, it truly seems like Brown never left and we just elected him to complete what he started 20 years ago.

How bad the invasion from the south is going to be. Brown won mainly because of the votes from LA by a million and everyone here knows that the illegals vote here. However, with Brown 70 years old, senile, crazy, and likely not to survive his term would mean we get Gavin Nussum as governor. As an illegal alien you have to be giddy because this was the mastermind of the sanctuary city policies. Oh yea, he condemned it late in his career in San Fran, but only when it was expedient for him in his desire for higher office. Don't get him wrong, he's all for the parasites and the illegal alien. With these two at the top position, we're going to be crushed by the interest in the Latino nationals.

Many of the ballot intitatives don't make sense for what they voted for the higher office. First of all, Californians voted for moonbeam but against pot. I mean if you're going vote as if you're stoned and stupid, why not make it legal? Never said Californians make sense or rational. They voted to end the 2/3rd's super majority to 50% plus one. With the legislature being 65% democrat, that means more tax and spend budgets (don't think they're not find a loop hole or an end around the voter approval requirement) so the financial health the state is dead and we're already 20 billion in the hole as it is. We voted to finally take redistricting from the politicians, but is it too little too late? The one that befuddles me is that we voted to suspend taxing business for green policies til the unemployment is 5.5% or lower. OK, California got a few things right, but since they got 50% plus one, wrong, California still got it wrong. Now with Moonbeam back with thing worse than when he left, Boxer gets another 6 years to send jobs to China so her husband can profit from it, and the same group of thugs running the legislature, the rest of the country will hopefully see improvement, while California will sink deeper in the abyss of liberal insanity.

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