Monday, November 29, 2010

Are the people of Portland just plain stupid or so anti-American they're willing to comitt suicide by jihadist?

Leftist never cease to amaze me in their hatred, stupidity and downright insanity. The people of Portland have demonstrate all of the above as they were a target of a jihadi attack. Again by a native born Muslim from Somalia, trained in Pakistan though need the lesson of how to weed out a true brother vs. the FBI as he got caught in a sting. I'm sure all the BS about Muslims being discriminated about the act of a few that seem to accumulating. If anyone pays attention to the Imam of the mosque that he attended, he didn't seem shocked, upset, didn't condemn his act, nor even deny that he promoted jihadi hatred. His big concern was going to be the Muslim backlash that often occur when one of their brethren commits a crime, mainly attempted murder if not down right murder. Again, it as an attempted arson in a small, unoccupied, office and nobody saw who did it. Ok, one thing, no infidel is going to enter one of these building of evil, not to mention that the Muslim attending aren't going to notice an infidel in their mist. Give me a break, they go ballistic when infidel are in a park with them or attend one of their "festivals". It's a bunch of nonsense perpetrated by the Muslims to make them out to be a victim of a hate crime when they are in fact the least victimized, other than whites who, by definition, can't be victims.

What makes this whole thing stupid and the leftist morons of Portland so clueless is that their number one concern is over the anti-Muslim backlash. First one, these people are stupid. This man tried to KILL THEM!!! All over because they were in the act of a Christian ritual of lighting a Christmas tree. He wanted to murder thousands and he's made it clear that was his attempt. This man has admitted that was his goal. What's worse, he has been asked if he feared that he would get caught and punished, and his answer was no. That the law enforcement of Portland don't investigate them as they have a no cooperation policy with the Federal government that they won't turn in or report on Muslim jihadist activities nor illegal alien activity.

So this man stated that the spinelessness of the law enforcement and liberal policies of the city made him embolden to pursue his jihadi goals of killing as many infidels, mainly the Christian and liberal fools that allow him to go on his merry way and attempt to murder them, and all the people of Portland, the people he tried to kill, is worried about is the consequences of those that support him, then I can't find a better definition of insanity and stupidity. Either these people lives, like Muslims it seems, is so miserable and meaningless, that they want to be sacrified by these 7th century savages, or just so stupidity and voided from reality that they think that they can't be killed because "they're with them". Either way, Portland, like San Francisco, deserve whatever they get from those animals and I for one no longer have any more sympathy for them.

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