Thursday, November 18, 2010

California is still batting zero politically. Now illegals to gain instate truition.

I've done many postings about the education system and its corruption that has basically sucked the life blood out of the system. There are many leeches that eat the blood from the system, the biggest tick of them all is the teacher's union. What I placed 2nd is apathy from the student and parents. Gangs are the biggest infestation of this apathy and the biggest members are of the Latino community since they have the greater numbers than the African Americans the two largest minority groups that do so pathetically awful in educating themselves. It's these gangs that the 3rd world keep throwing at us.

So imagine my lack of surprise and complete disappointment when the California Supreme Court, who keep to the same insane and suicidal mentality the other two branches have, deemed that illegal aliens are entitled to go to our university at the instate tuition. It comes as no surprise, but this is going to be the catalyst that's going to put the university system to 3rd world status now. It isn't like they don't have enough challanges as it is.

Before the invasion by illegal nationals that began in 1965, the same year welfare was passed and don't find it coincidental, California's education system, both K-12 and the CSU/UC system, weren't just one of the best in country, but the world as well. Now, the K-12 is a hopeless dysfunctional mess and the CSU/UC isn't faring all that well. Now we're going to allow illegal aliens with their 3rd world mentality, and don't tell me they're more American than I am or how we're a nation of immigrants when those immigrants of the past were legal and these anti-American foreign nationals waving their homeland flags (so why aren't they there protesting the wonders of their home country?) are going to flood our CSU/UC system.

Let's keep in mind our state is completely broke. It's going to be the first one to declare bankruptcy. We're already 8 billion in the hole and that's just a couple of months of a 3 month late budget and we're going to have to modify that already, and looking to be over 22 billion for the next fiscal year. Now we're going to add illegals to our secondary education system. With this "right" to attend as a citizen when they're foreign invaders, they're going to be qualified for financial aid which is hard enough for legal citizens to get but add affirmative action rules (they can't use race for admission, but you know they still do) they're going to be on the top of the totem pole for the state monies as well. Either we're going to deny more of our legal citizens and naturalized citizens admissions and aid, or the state is going to go deeper in the hole.

Not to mention what's this going to do to the political landscape of our university system. It's already anti-American, radical leftist as it is. Now we're going to throw the mentality of the illegal aliens? Our schools can't afford the students they have already. There are no more freshman status anymore, they stopped taking 1st, and thus, 2nd years students 3 years ago. Most, if not all, are transfer students. Classes have been cut 15% and many can't get their courses to graduate in time. Average time now in California is over 6 years to get a 4 year degree.

The court has used the legality that the tuition prices are based on a person's residency. Since the illegals are residing in California, they're entitled to resident costs. That reasoning is seriously flawed. If an out of stater comes to California to learn, by this reasoning, they're a residence by their 6th month. So they should only be paying out of state tuition, which in California is the most expensive in the country, for only their first semester, but that's not how it works. The residency is based on where their residence of orgin. Unless they full out move, get a house, California driver's license, basically having evidence that they're going to live here the rest of their life, then and only then does the residency status change and it's not easy to prove unless you live here all your life. Illegals residence of orgin is their home country, so by this reasoning, they got it wrong. They've made a special status for illegals because they can use the state they've invaded as their residence while the legal citizen can't. That's a double standard.

What's worse here is that this 3rd world mentality. This different strokes for different folks is what causes legal chaos in the underdeveloped world. Heck, it's why they're underdeveloped. If one was to ask me what's the most import clause in the Constitution, it would be the rule of law. Without the rule of law, all the other laws are meaningless as they can be changed at any time on any whim and that's what our courts with liberal activist judges have been doing for the last 30 years and this ruling a blatant violation of that clause. Illegals aren't following the rule of law. The fact they're illegal is proof of that. Why should a person that doesn't follow the law be allowed to benefit from it. This is the total antithesis of the rule of law. What next? Jihadi's right to take chemistry classes on our dime? Given that the rules don't apply to all makes anything possible and that is the worse travesty about this ruling.

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