Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First T-Shirts and now this.

Any one remember the story of the 5 teenagers that were required to remove their T-Shirts on the 5th of May because it was the "Mexico's" day and were being offensive and threatening public safety as it was being seen as being "disrespectful" to the illegal Mexicans. What gall. Seems the Illegals got the message because a new ban in that very same school district has been placed on a 13 year old boy. Seems this boy like to ride to school on his bike but "public safety" is being threaten as some "students" were complaining. What was it this boy was doing on his bike to be so provocative? He had attached an American flag on his seat. Seems the illegal Mexicans were feeling threatened by the flag of bigotry on his bike and has requested that he had it removed. The school board, to no surprise since they cowered to them before, agreed. What is going on in California when a 13 year old is giving a nasty lessons in civics and patriotism by being forced to refraining showing his patriotism by displaying the flag of his country because of the bigotry by illegal invaders. No word yet if he's barred from displaying a Mexican flag.

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