Monday, November 8, 2010

Gifts for Guns. How foolish can California get?

Seems the Goveniator wants to put an end to gang violence. So, this man that claims to be a conservative Republican in hostile terrority in Hollywood, what does he do? The same old liberal cliche, he offers money for guns. There's so many levels of stupid, I don't know where to begin.

First of all, this has been done before and with no success. The reason is primary the same. Gangs don't obey the law and they're sure not going to give up their guns. The state is offering $10 for a gun that doesn't work. First of all, if they're not working, why does the state care? They're not contributors to the gun violence. They're offering up to $150 for assault weapons. Since assault weapons are illegal in the state of California, why would anyone bring one for a gift card if by the very possession of the said weapon can land you 5 to 10 years in the state prison system? Does anyone see the logic, or the lack thereof? Assault weapons are the prime rib of the gang world, so I don't see them giving them up for gift cards. The only people that would be interested in this are those wanting to rid themselves of outdated fire arms or those that are in such poor condition, that they're useless. Regardless, as far as the so called intent, it's worthless as only law abiding citizen will be turn them in.

The state is dire straits as it is. We're already spending $40 million a day just on those that can't find work here in the state. We're already $20 billion in the hole, which is a rounding error to Obama, but in this state, it's a sufficient amount of money. Now we're coughing up money to allegedly spend to rid gangs of their weapons? Hey, why not pay them not to commit crimes while we're at it. We're overspending on everything else.

What's worse, these guns will all be destroyed. This really make me question the motive of the state. It's no mystery that mainly law abiding citizens will the ones participating, that means fewer firearms for the law abiding citizens while the criminal and government gain more power over us. Crime is out of control, with the citizenry being more disarmed isn't going to make things any better. In fact, it's going to just make things worse and isn't that what this program is suppose to prevent?


Opus #6 said...

It is a "feel good" program that will make liberals smile. Since liberals make up 55% of the state's voting population, their smiles are priceless. :-(

Suezanne said...

I am not staring a fight, however, this program has been around for years... And there's no reason (other than wanting to complain about SOMETHING) to talk so negatively about this. This year (in Compton alone) 560 guns were turned over and TWO LIVE HAND GRENADES! what about this screams "feel good program for liberals"? I understand that our state is in debt, and there may be better ways to go about stopping gang violence. But it seems to me that trying to blame the man for trying something that's actually working is ignorant. What are YOU doing to stop this perpetuating violence in California? To me, your negativity OS only making things worse.

madmath1 said...

Suezanne, congrats. You're the first person in 2 years to counter an arguement and actually counter the points instead of just calling me a bunch of vile, ugly, and nasty names. That's how one should counter an argument.

However, your main point, which goes againt my main point, is the same point the Governor is making: that purchasing these gun will prevent or reduce violent crime.

First of all, I don't blame the man for trying, I blame the state for their naivety. You think me ingornat because the program is working? Well, do you know this program used to be called Cash for Guns? How do I know? I was around when Pete Wilson enacted it. Yes it's been around for years, but the gun violence is going up, not down so to claim that this program is working doesn't have the evidence to back it up and thus this is my point. The orginal intent was to get rid of the UNSAFE guns out to their owners by offering cash for those that were old, outdated, or downright dangerous guns and had the Governor empathize that, I would have had no issue and wouldn't have even commented on it.

It's ineffect stopping violent crime because most gun crimes are caused by one major factor: Gangs. The gangs aren't going to give up their guns for gift cards to get iPods at Best Buys. It also peeved me because they offer money for assult rifles. The very possession of one is illegal in this state and can bring up to 15 years in prison, so the state is encouraging the violation of its own law.

Lastly, I used to be part of a neiborhood watch group, so don't tell me I don't so anything to stop violent crime. I do more than this silly project, if you're going to argue its merit on crime prevention, til I learned that for the most part the police either don't care or don't have the resources to track down every lead they get. Perhaps if the money was used for more officers than buying these guns, some actual results against violent crime would actually happen.