Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's the Culture STUPID! Not Slavery nor Racism!

There is a big hoopla about how from 1965 to the present that the illegitimacy rate has increased, but the biggest and most shocking gain came from the African American sect. They have gone from 24% to a staggering 72% and guess what they're blaming for it? Yea, no surprise, white bigotry and slavery. Really?

They're stating that the institution of slavery has taken from them the definition of marriage and family and they're too ill equip for such responsibility. The old "I'm a victim mentality. Granted that slavery had some evil and dark consequences for the country, and there would be some legitimacy, but that's at this point is nonsense as I'll get into later. They also blame economic suppression as being unable to fulfill their responsibility, mainly the infestation of drugs and imprisonment. My Lord, is there nothing these race baiters won't use?

MYTH #1: Slavery have made us too incompetent to form families. Using slavery for anything is just absurd. The institution of slavery, thankfully, ended in 1865. That's 135 years ago for those that have a public education. How after 135 years you still haven't learned to maintain a family is either just defiance of natural instincts, or just plain laziness. It's been over a Century since slavery ended. Nobody was bonded by their institutions, and thus nobody is a victim of slavery any more. Those that are being "slaves" do so by their own choice. Show me where people are property of others without free will and then I'll buy your nonsense.

MYTH #2: White bigotry makes it impossible for economic support of a family. Oh, how the flames of hate and racism encumbers progress. Behind women, blacks have had all the economic advantages. They don't even need to be competent to get a job or even keep it. They get all the advantages in college placements and social promotions within the education sector as well as the employment sector. For 45 years they had this advantage, yet the norm of them don't even take advantage of it, much less can excuse racism as the reason behind their economic digression

FACT #1: Black racism has done more damage than slavery ever did. The Race baiters are the true slave master of the day. Without the fire of hate and prejudice against White America, they would become completely powerless and broke. These race baiters keep the talent base and manpower of the black race in America to the lowest common denominator which keep them from progressing. Yet they believe they are the progressive when they stigmatize themselves from going forward and how does that differ than the slave masters that were defeated 135 years ago only in that now they are willing participants?

Fact #2: Black culture has kept the chains of slavery on their people. Want a sample, just watch MTV and BET tv and just look at the decadence and stupidity that are on these shows. They're all about Sex, drugs, and gangsterism. Nothing about promoting self improvement, or even a work ethic. Worse of all, it continues to promote the myths, lies and downright deception of the slave master race baiters.

Fact #3: American culture has desecrated the central culture among the entire spectrum. Ever watch TV or listen to the news lately? Go to a university and sample the brine they serve to their learning youth? Hedonism, socialism, bigotry, sexism and class warfare are all par for the course. The illegitimate rate isn't just increasing for the African race, but all races. For the white America, it's 27% from 4% in 1965. Just look at the faminazism and the contempt for family that are promoted by the media and intelligentsia. Heck, now there are movies promoting the joys and wonders of single motherhood. Why have a man when you don't need one? The feminist standard for men are so unrealistically high that shrinks have a term for it: The Lois Lane Syndrome. They're so high that only Superman will do (and frankly I think it wouldn't be enough because he's male). Got shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and others where the people with the least amount of Ethics are the ones that win and move on. Can anyone name a handful of media display where families aren't mocked, disdained or viewed as unnatural? Are we all like 2 1/2 men where the only man functional is gay?

The fact is despite all the government mandated advantages, the African American sect is getting worse and by their own hands and attitude. The rest of the country is following as now White America is where Black America was 45 years ago. The illegitimacy rate is now, overall, 31% and no culture in history has survived a rate that hit 40% and the rate we're going, that's going ot happen in our lifetime unless this is directed and as long as we allow the race baiters and perverts and evil people of our society to promote their destructive mentality into polices and continue our contempt for the family, we're going to join and if we allow it to get that bad, America deserves to die.

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