Friday, November 19, 2010

Kobe being flacked for a commerical. Oh man come on!

Seems that Kobe Bryant is getting a lot of heat, and I don't mean the kind LeBron and company, about the cameo he did in the commercial for the immensely popular "Call to Duty: Special Ops." Man, I know the leftist hate guns and all, unless used by Muslims or Socialists, but this is just plain stupid.

First of all, why Kobe? Tyra Banks, in high heels even, was among the gun toting maniacs by these gun hating fools. There was some bad comedian whose name I don't know firing a bazooka. The point of the commercial is with the popularity of the game, you never know who you'll be fighting with, or even against, online. Somehow to make that now gun violence is going to increase because Kobe was in the commercial is just plain nonsense.

I'm not a fan of M rated games. I don't own any and haven't in 15 years (the last one was Duke Nukem, but the birth of my daughter had me change my priorities). I find most of them to be disgusting and morally reprehensible, but there a few that placate to the warrior instinct, especially in males. Games like Grand Theft Auto or Hitman. If it was up to me they would be banned because they teach and encourage you to murder innocent bystanders or targets, or even authority. Such cruel and evil objectives have no value and not really free speech, but the Supreme Court disagrees with me on that one. Call to Duty is about good guys and bad guys having it out. I think the core of this "conserversey" is the leftist hatred of guns and frankly of our military. They think all nations are equal. . . equally evil but we have too much firepower and strength. This game is where Americans are fighting against communist imperialism and this is really why the gun haters are criticizing this game are having their panties in a bunch about. They sure don't have issues about killing cops or prostitutes, or even playing the taliban against our soldiers but killing communist soldiers, that's evil in their minds.

Seems those that don't want to blame gun violence on weakness of character, lack of morals, or just plain the darkness that resides in some men's heart that choose to act upon their impulses rather than controlling them, but it's just easier to blame a machine or even a video game that emulate heroism even at the cost of the true horror of war. As for Kobe, I hope he takes it with a grain of salt. Ask them if we were being invaded or our innocent civilians are being massacred by Islamic terrorists what would they rather the people use to defend themselves: The ACLU, foul language, or shoot them before they shoot you?


Andrew33 said...

As a lifelong (well since 89 anyways) Heat fan, it's a given I have absolutely NO love for Kobe...but gimme a break. This is just the kind of crap the left loves to stir up. Next they will be calling for the unionization of video game programmers and the nationalization of the Playstation.

Opus #6 said...

The second Amendment is America's liberty teeth. Sorry if the left doesn't like it. There are lots of countries with gun control. Maybe they should go there.