Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Legalized Sexual Assault: The TSA.

The airlines better start taking a stand against the TSA or else they're going to go out of business. Why? Who in their right mind would want to go through what the TSA is doing to just to fly? I knew things were bad in the aviation industry, but this is complete insanity. The only sane statement I've heard in the whole carnival episode is that Muslims will NOT be getting a religious exemption. On that I can be thankful.

Other than those that must travel internationally, nobody is going to tolerate this invasion of their personal space just because the DHS say it's the only way to fly safe. As the illegals would say, TORO COCA! That means BULL SH*T in English. Israel doesn't subject their citizens to this craziness and they have active terrorists trying. They haven't had a terrorist bring down a plane since 1975. So what are they doing that we're not? One simple thing that no leftist will dare to suggest: profiling.

Israel, unlike the US, know who their enemy is and define them. They don't waste time accosting Irish nuns for they know they're not the terrorists. They're not going to grope the crouch of 3 year old girls because they're not the ones who put explosive in their undies. And if such an attack was to be attempted, there's going to be a plastic tube as the chemical needed to make that explosive to work must be injected. These X-rays and body searches aren't even necessary unless you're a pervert that get their rocks off doing such accosting. Lastly, they're not going to search old women in wheel chairs because they're not ready to meet Allah yet. The terrorist have won because they got our government so paranoid that they're seeing terrorists everywhere but where it really is: Muslim youth with Middle Eastern descent between the ages of 16 to 40. If young Muslims are offended by that, they can kiss off.

Now if I was to go grope a woman down to her crouch, I wonder what would happen to me, even if I claim it's the only way I can assure safe shopping in the mall? Gee, I think, one, the husband/boyfriend is going to beat me like a Pacquieo opponent. Two, I'm going to get arrested for sexual assault. Yet, it's legal for some ignorant and arrogant bureaucrat TSA pervert to do so for aviation safety. Well, I tell you, if anyone, TSA or not, think of going near my wife's or daughter "personal" zone, they're going to get my fist in their teeth and I don't care if I go to jail or have an IRS audit and judging by the reactions across the country, it looks like most of Americans don't either.

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