Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perhaps it's time to end the TSA.

The news from Portland should distrub us law abiding and sane Americans. Thank heavens, despite Holder's prejudice against the targeted victims, that the FBI foil an attempted plot to a public bombing of a public event, in this case a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Though the FBI's record on stopping terrorist plots are spotty, they do have that they do actually FOIL terrorist plots as they did in this case. I still find it concerning that most plots so far have been foil by incompetence and luck, but the FBI can take credit for this one as they set up a sting and have this SOB left to right. What's becoming no longer interesting but monotonous is that again, it's a young Muslim born in a Muslim country, in this case the so called peaceful people of Somalia, and yes, the Somalis are claiming discrimination against them and I'm sick and tired of savages calling themselves peaceful to be honest, and was trained in Pakistan. This is becoming a broken record folks.

These incidences are making me think that the TSA has to go. The reason? Well, as stated, the FBI can make some claims that their interventions have actually encumbered terrorist attempts. I've checked the record of the TSA and do you know how many terrorist plots have been foiled by the TSA? No guess. In over 40 years, they still have yet to stop one attempt. Their record is a big fat ZERO! Not once has the TSA foiled a criminal act. The closest they've ever come was in 2001 when a head security supervisor wanted to hold Mohammad Atta, the master mind of the execution of 9-11, but the lawyers said that he had no right to despite all the evidence he had that this man was planning something but it based on profiling, and the rest, unfortunately, is history.

Now the TSA is have now invoked the most invasive protocols in its history. Heck, they get to do things even my wife doesn't do. What's worse is so many Americans are accepting of these new procedures. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for security at the airports. Without them, we're just giving an open door to those that want to do us harm, but the tactics aren't effective. Too many are making the claim that they rather be safe than sorry. Given that the TSA has never foiled a terrorist plot (they have foiled some criminal ones), how much safer are you really than you were before? The answer is NONE! It's all an illusion and many times terrorist have got on board. Just look at the shoe bomber and fruit of kaboom. If you think these new procedures are going to help, you're absolutely wrong. The chemicals used in both aren't detectable by any means. So these new procedures won't do a think to prevent them and that's what I find completely insane. All these new invasions of our personal space, in this case, our bodies and no better security than before. The news from MI-5, British Intelligence, is that now Muslim doctors are planting these explosives in Muslim women breasts and all they would need to do is bring a insulin syringe and inject the accelerating agent and you got explosive boobs and then what will be our new protocol? Mammograms, and since we can't discriminate against gender, men and children will have to take them too. I think Ben Franklin summed it up best when he said "a people that give up liberty for security deserves neither". What's worse is with all this stupidity and irrationality, we're giving up liberty and not even gaining an iota of security.

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