Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA-Totally Stupid & Asinine.

Listening to the fools that think we're either stupid or pooping in our britches over the terrorist threat at the airports are making some really stupid and Asinine statements. They're claim that all the sexual assaults, and that's what these new rules are, are what's needed to ensure safety isn't just flawed, it's downright wrong. Searching 8 year old boys, all under the permission of the father, like he had a choice, guarantee's safety on our flights. X-rays that expose all our glory in the name of security. If Ben Franklin was ever right, and I personally think he's not most of the time, it's over the giving of liberty for security that is the TSA. After all, they think the constitution be damned as it's irrelevant in the name of hiring fat slops that can't even see their own toes to inspect ours is just lunacy.

I've studied over 133 commercial airline disasters, of which 14 where caused by terrorism (and only included those that cause damaged, shoe bomber and fruit of kaboom weren't included). OK, think of that, of 133 that I could find, only 14 were by terrorists, and I'm only counting those that caused a plane to crash or be wrecked. It doesn't count the terrorism of execution like the 54 that were killed when a plane on a tarmac where killed during the commando raid (108 were on board, so half were killed during the rescue). So this claim that this BS is need for our security to fly is spacious at best because only 10% of airline disasters are caused by terrorism.

Let's see, of those 14 (and no, I didn't include the 4 planes by the 9-11 hijackers), how many where caused by white men with bombs. No, it's no zero actually. The only one caused by a white male was the first bombing ever in 1955 and it was a man that had mother issues and used it to bomb the plane to kill his mother. Other than that, no white men. Of the remaining 13, only one wasn't a Muslim. The one other one other than him was a group of Ethiopians (4) that hijacked a flight heading to Kenya that was forced to go to Australia because of their ignorance how aviation economics, thought all planes take off with full tanks and had fuel to get there. Instead it crashed into the Indian sea, killing 125 of 175 on board.

So, it's all PC running amok. Blacks (unless members of the Nation of Islam), Asians, whites, and pacific Islanders are all safe to fly with. They don't bring down planes. Only Middle Easterners who are males of age 18-40 are always the ones that bring down the planes. If we just profiled we wouldn't need any of this crap. I know, it's "discriminatory". Well, sorry to those Muslim that are peaceful, but until those radical elements of your brethren stop their evil jihadi attacks, as long as you look like them, you should be the one screens. Discriminatory, you bet yea. But I wouldn't want to ride a horse with a vile of nitro either. Those of us that mean no harm should be left the heck alone. Instead, we get this lunacy.

So when leftist morons say a child could be used in an attack, a child, even one raised by the evils of radial Islam, isn't going on a plane with a bomb without giving himself away. Let me check, number of times a terrorists used a child to detonate a bomb on a plane? Checking. . . . . ZERO! How many terrorist used old people on wheel chairs . . . ZERO! How many times they used a bladder cancer survivor. . . ZERO. You see, the TSA, under this racist administration, think whitie, blacks, Hispanics (even the illegal ones), Asians, Christians, Jews, Atheists, etc are equally likely to be a terrorist in the sky as a Radical Muslim. The facts don't bare this out, but when does the government let the facts get in the way of their policies to intrude themselves into our lives?

What's worse, the protocols are useless. Just ask El Al, the Jewish state official airline. They haven't had a Islamic attack on one of their planes in 35 years. You know how they do it? They profile, something the dimwits and Dhimmids here refuse to use or believe in. They interview those that give body languages and behaviors that are suspicious. The others they leave alone in peace. However, since we're allying ourselves with the enemies of Israel, we will not dare impinge on the sensitives of their enemies. Just US citizens. Let's note that one of the excuses to prevent an attack like the underwear bomber, better known as Fruit of Kaboom. Even with these new protocols in place, he would still had gotten on board. You see, the new measure can't detect the explosives used, no matter how much you touch the junk. In England, there's intelligence that Muslim doctors are placing the explosive in their women's boobs. Though the exploding boob on Austin Powers was a joke? It's not now and there's no way to detect the explosive, add a syringe for say Insulin and BOOB BOOM! We're dealing with evil, insane, but not stupid lunatics and they're smarter than the TSA (considering you don't need a high school education make most everyone smarter than the TSA) so they'll find way to get through, especially when all are being equated and no profiling is being done.

When you get down to it, the only really reason the government is doing this is to devolve our freedoms and entrenched more and more into our lives. An "Opt Out" day isn't going to do anything. If anything, it will just enbolded this socialistic government even more. If we really want to defeat the evils of tyranny, both Obama's goons as well as the terrorists, then give them no targets. Just stop flying all together or opt for the expensive private flight. Then and only then will the power of tyranny be curtailed.

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