Sunday, December 5, 2010

The clash of two of liberals sacred cows.

Was watching a segment of "What would you do?" and one of the segments was of two actors, first a man then a woman, with another actor pretending to be their gay son coming out and the "homophobic" reactions and see what the people in the coffee shop (oh how PC) would react. This got me thinking about the reaction in a liberal country like the US and how fellow Americans would react to anti-gay rhetoric. Well, what got me thinking was what was going on in this segment was nothing what the reactions are in Islamic societies and as the sacred cow of Islam grows in their numbers and political influence (a teacher was fired just Friday because CAIR had a cow about the class: what is Islam), what will be the end game of these two secured cows: Islam and homosexuality. It has me fearful and grateful of how our government is reacting.

First, why I'm fearful. Our government not only supports these savages of the patriarch of evil, but will silence anyone with the power of hate crime or speech for those that oppose them. So what's to become if the sacred cows start attacking each other. Under Islamic Sharia Law, the price for homosexuality is death, even by beheading. What's not known is that 16 of the 20 recruits to execute the 9-11 attacks had all been criminals with homosexuality as one of their crimes. Don't think I'm correlating homosexuality with violent crime. If you're in prison, possibly looking at a capital offense, are you going to turn down an opportunity to martyr yourself and take thousands of infidels with you? The point is that what was portrayed in the segment is nothing compared what these "people" are willing to do. Since Islam will be a far greater threat to the politicians than the gay mafia, I fear they will side with the sacred cow of Islam and then which sacred cow will be next? Just an endgame to think about.

The small thing I'm grateful for, at least for now, is that our government is so incompetent is that the changes are taking far more time and taking far work than necessary. However, time isn't on our side. One virtue Muslims have is patience. They'll wait centuries to full fill their goals, so despite our government inefficiencies. The Muslims can wait us out. I'm just hopeful that they're be so incompetent, that they can't make any more progress.

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