Saturday, December 11, 2010

He who shall not be named did great things. TERRIABLE, but great.

With the recent bombing in Sweden (who knew they had an Islam problem? I.E. they had Muslims) and a stupid statement by moron in chief Obama when asked about his opinion of the recent Islamic uprising in Europe and his comment was that Islam is one of the world's great religion. It was at this time that one, Obama failed to disappoint me on his stupidity and treasonous thinking, and two, that line from the first Harry Potter book. "The wand chooses the wizard, not the wizard choosing the wand. It's not always clear why, but one thing is clear: we can expect great things. The phoenix whose feather resides in that want laid another feather. ONE other feather. It's curious that you are destine for that wand, when it's brother gave you that scar. He that shall not be named did great things. TERRIBLE, but great." This is what comes to mind to me when I hear about Muslims and their devotion to Islam.

Obama was being question to name one good thing that comes from Muslims and his reaction is to say that it's one of the world's great religion. Well, just because something is great, doesn't make it good nor Divine. Can anyone name one good or productive things that comes from Islam? Pita bread? Oil? One thing is for sure, Islam is known more for it's evil atrocities than anything they do good. Just look at the Red Crescent, which is suppose to be the Islam equivalent of the Red Cross (I have issues with that organization, but that's for another day). Red Cross have aided people in disasters. Have the Red Crescent or is it their prime directive to document, allegedly, Israel suppression of the Islamic Arabs? Like with the disaster in Haiti, did the Red Crescent give out one scrap of bread to the suffering people there. Did the Islamic countries send engineers, doctors, or even people of average means to aid in the recover of the suffering of the Haitian people? Do they ever for any disaster even in their own countries? To they offer enforcement of peace, unless it's to oppress Westerns and Jews?

One thing anyone that's has a brain that works can testify to is the evil that has been promoted, especially after 9-11. Beheadings, bombings, stoning, oppression of women, child brides, and the West's obsession to appease these savage practices is just mind bogging. I've concluded that 9-11 was a victory for the terrorists, not just because they succeeded to bringing down the towers and damaged the Pentagon, but to the opening of the liberal mind that not only have their brains fallen out, but their desires for self preservation. Anyone that support these animals end up suicidal. What's to expect from a faith that the word "love" doesn't appear in their holy book? Hand holding and singing "kubaya" or "We are the World"? This faith is so evil, miserable, and physchotic, that followers are more than willing not to only murder the innocent but themselves. What is it about Allah's love that his subjects want to die so badly? Now we have nearly 25% of the world population at a moment notice become foaming, raving, homicidal lunatics so thin skinned as much as questioning their prophet or their sincerity can bring about riots.

For much of the faiths of the world, even some of those that would be defined as Pagan, like Buddhist, Hindus, or even Shinto that was responsible for the outbreak of fighting in the Pacific during WW2, can define love, respect for their neighbor, even if it's only those that believe that they do, but not Islam. They even fight within those that believe as they do. There are accomplishments and acts of compassion, but no where in Islam is that demonstrated. Their Prophet was an insane, even he said so, homicidal, child raping lunatic (oh dear, I've commit a capital offense against this "great" religion). Yes, Islam is a great religion, just as Voltamort was a great wizard. TERRIBLE, but Great. Well, I guess I know who the followers of Muhammad are going to be rooting for in the final chapter of Harry Potter.

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