Saturday, January 1, 2011

Onward to 2011

Been away from blogland for a bit. With Christmas and 5 days later, my son's birthday, haven't had time for much writing. Seems everyone has their share of the year that was, it had some good, some bad and a lot of ugly. The Dems got hammered and lost the house, but not before getting their revenge with the START Treaty. Cap and Trade has been delayed, but Obamacare is going strong, though hit with a major financing and tyrannical forcing of the buying of government policies. We got a break from the taxes, but as for two issues, 2010 was one of the worse disaster for America. Hopefully with a split congress, things can be slowed down a bit.

National Security took the worse hit in the country's history. The Muslim lunatics are as fearless against us as ever. Had it not for, the rumored, Israeli computer assault on Iran's nuclear computers, we very well could had been looking at a nuclear armed Persia. North Korea is unstable as ever, we've unilateral disarming our nuclear deterrent, as the dems got their final revenge against the American people. The war in Mexico is on American soil and our government is protecting THEM. The wars continue as we suffer defeat after defeat. Bigotry and hatred of Amerca are gaining in strength. This next year is going to be interesting.

Since everyone have their share of prediction, I thought I would get in the act.

1. Obama will continue to lose in numbers as the unemployment numbers continue to stagnate. He'll gain a few as the progressive and media spread their hatred against the Republican house but won't be able hold as:

2. The Economy will continue to stagnate. We'll hear continue numbers that things are getting better, but people will still not be able to find work.

3. Expect Hilary to take advantage of the situation and rumor to run against BO. Not that she'll run. BO will just be too popular with the leftist statist.

4. Russia to rise again as a threat on the world scene. With the US not willing to intervene, expect some moves against their neighbors.

5. Islamic terrorism worldwide to increase. With nobody really fighting them and most actually sympathizing with them, they'll go on the warpath.

6. The war in Afghanistan will turn for the worse. NATO has abandoned the cause, Britain can't keep their Islamic populace appeased, leaving the US with no will to win to take the fall.

7. No major progress with the 112th Congress. With the houses split, nothing will get done. Hopefully this will be a good thing as the statist can't move on their agenda.

8. Obama will reveal his true intentions (if he hasn't already) as he'll radicalize his executive orders. Liberals will do by executive order what they can't legislate.

9. Expect the Supreme Court to get more involved. They're going to have to make a decision about the funding and forcing of buying of insurance, the rest of their statist agenda will have to follow and with Executive Orders getting out of control, there's going to be to have to be a decision how far the Executive can go without consent from the other two branches.

10. Mileywill have a drug meltdown and head on the path of self destruction as she's forgotten as a "rock star".

11. We'll see a sitcom making Islamic look oppressed. The media has been doing it for 10 years now, it's time for the propaganda to move to the next step.

12. The 10th Anniversary of 9-11 will see Islamic attacks coming from the newly built Victory Mosque. Many will be foiled, but a few will succeed as more and more agency succumb to the Islamic will.

13. Illegal immigration and their crimes will get out of control in California.

14. California will be the first state in US history to declare bankruptcy.

15. Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part 2 will be the number movie of the year,

Hopefully, I'll be mostly wrong, but I fear I not.

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Opus #6 said...

I can't wait for Deathly Hallows. Yay!