Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Supreme Court intervening in State Rights?

The supreme court, in an insane 5-4 decision, decided to infringe on state rights, in this case California, home of the radical leftist, and DEMAND the release of 40,000 prisoners and the reason should disgust anyone with any kind of sensibilities: quality of THEIR health care. The government meddling into the health care debate is going to have "negative consequences" as Scalia said or paraphrase to something like that.

This decision is an abomination because our prisons are overcrowded for two main reasons. One the fault of bleeding heart antagonist like the ACLU. The other is the federal government's fault and they want the state to pay for their neglect. The first being is that we don't use the death penalty. There's a bit of trick question out there that goes: "What state sentence the most people to death row?" Most think Texas or Florida, but they would be wrong. Those are the states that EXECUTE the most on death row, but California is king of the death sentence which no criminal here takes seriously as we've only had, what, 6 execution since 1978, 33 years. Currently we have over 1000 prisoners on death row, and sickening as it is, most can qualify for parole if their appeals are dragged out long enough (til 3 strikes that is). So we got a bunch of bleeding hearts making prison over crowded by appealing for their rights. Yet the unborn is open game. Go figure. What's worse now is that our execution method is being challenged as too inhumane as the needles "hurts" the prisoners. Oh man, you can't make up this kind of stupidity. Killing a innocent human being is humane, but sticking a needle in him is too painful. As well as they want to pull the license of any doctor or pharmacist that prescribes one of the drugs that is used to execute the prisoners. We wonder why people out of state see us as the land of fruits and nuts (and not the agricultural kind either)?

The second reason and the main one that makes the court hypocritical: Illegal Aliens. one third of our prisoners are illegal aliens (no, they're not undocumented immigrants as their crime, other than the one that started it all, crossing our borders illegally). Very violent aliens at that. A great deal are members of the MS-13 and other gangs. Keep in mind, the 40,000 they want released are FELONS, not your non-violent drug user, but hard core, immoral, amoral, and soulless ghouls that will feed upon the law abiding populace. How much less crowding, including those that aren't felons that contribute to the overpopulation, would we have if the federal government did it's job instead of catering to votes they're not entitled to have. Remember, the same ACLU that are suing for the prisoner's rights also fight for the illegal alien under the clandestine terminology of "undocumented immigration"? What do you think these evil goons, both foreign and domestic, are going to do when they get out? Most likely back to their old line of work that got them in prison in the first place. Since we're "overcrowded", where are we going to do with them when they do?

What disgusts me the most isn't the coddling of prisoners the evil malcontents in our society, as well of those of foreign country that we're all too willing to accept without question, especially in LA and San Fransicko, but how they're entitled to a privilege, yes I said privilege, that many law abiding citizen don't have: free health care. 15% of citizens (that's citizens, keep in mind illegals get it free) don't even have health care, while about 25% are under covered. That means these prisoners get more than 40%, as they get everything, even cancer treatment. There have been cases were illegal aliens came here to break our law to be assure of getting the long term care they needed. We wonder why as a state we're broke as well as the Federal government that can run deficits? Better yet, why should the states pay for federal neglect? They make these mandates to the state, refuse to fund them, and then throw the wolves at us when the problem escalates beyond control and now some of the life in prison is better than those that produce and provide in this country. Oh well, soon we will have Obamacare, but I have to wonder one thing: will the ACLU sue to get an exemption for prisoners. Given how our government attitude is, I'll wager this same group of 5 morons in black robes will demand the federal government grant it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The insanity of physchotic lunatics.

The bombing in Pakistan just has me scratching my head and demonstrates a prime example how downright evil and stupid jihadi Muslims really are. So far 80 people are dead after a bombing being claimed by the Taliban in a retaliation for Bin Laden's death. How stupid are these psychopaths? Well, Pakistan was protecting Bin Laden. Anyone that doubts that are in just plain denial as all the evidence, and their reaction, demonstrates this. If fact, they're threatening to kill any troops that dare try to get any more "Militia" members. It was the US that killed him, not the Pakistanis. So why attack them when they did everything to protect and enable him. If one doesn't believe that, why was Bin Laden so complacent? Because he knew he had nothing to fear even though he's less than a mile from a barracks and an academy. So, unless it was to punish them for their failure to protect him, this attack makes absolutely no sense. Then again, this is Jihadism. What about Jihadism that makes any rational sense?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Think Businesses are on our side? Think again.

I tried to avoid reading the editorials as our newspaper here isn't worthy to line the bird cage. One piece got my attention and my goat. It was written by a farm owner who basically calls those of us opposing illegal aliens as hyprocites and prejudicial. He argues that Americans are too stupid, lazy, or cheap to do the work that he needs and those that oppose are akin to the slave owners in the South before the Civil War. Let's take a look at his reasoning.

First of all, he's a criminal as he admits he's hiring illegal aliens to do his work and doesn't provide any housing, benefits, or social costs of his slaves. He's basically admitted that he's a slave driver and can't survive without his slaves. The same arguments that the South made before the Civil War and their industries survived after they were rebuilt after the war.

He first mentions that nobody is lining up to do the work by grudging in the mud to harvest the melons that he grows. Really, why is that? He doesn't mention what he pays, but I'll be willing to bet it's below minimum wage, so yes, he's right. We won't work for $2/hour to drudge in the mud to pick melons. While he's praising the illegal aliens, who work for $2/hours with no benefits nor even ask for transportation or housing. Who's paying for their medical care? It's not him. Who pays for their housing which they stuff 10 families in a one bedroom apartment. At least Southern slave owners, barring the horrid abuse, housed their slaves. More than this hyprocite does. While we're on abuse, how about how the coyotes and human trafficker treat them?

He claims on the statement "what part of illegal do you know understand?" with "What part of economic reality don't we understand?" Well, I rather pay two extra bucks for my lettuce or melons if I can affordable health care (Obama care is going to be way more expensive) instead of having hospitals closing due to these dead beats. Again, Mr. Farmer, you're not paying for it, we are and at much higher price of higher melons. It's he that doesn't understand the "economic realities". He's ripping off the "immigrant" worker. He's ripping off the taxpayers by having us pay for their housing, food with food stamps, health care, crime, drugs, and education. Dude, you need to take a look in the mirror because I doubt you would hire an American. If you're really worried about Americans lining up at your door, whens the last time you lobbied against the welfare state that keeps Americans from needing your job. Oh wait, they would require you to work within the law. If you had to work within the law, you would find a way or someone would innovate something, like the Cotton gin, to make it more efficient. While you got this ignorant, illiterate peasant class from 3rd world countries with a complicit government to subsidize your labor costs, nobody is going to have a need nor desire to do so.

Frankly, I used to think businesses were either stuck with needing workers that will do the the work that Welfare kings and queens won't do, but now I realize, they're nothing but slave drivers that expect the tax payer to subsidize their labor costs, at least those that admit it. If I have to pay a bit more for my produce to eliminate the social and economic costs his slave labor costs us, so be it. It's more than what he will do as he's demonstrate he won't pay more for anything.

The Dream Act? More like the hyprocritical nightmare act.

Obama's war against America, especially the middle class and "white" America takes an all new low. That speech which was really a campaign speech pandering to the lowest class of his evil mentality was racist, bigoted and down right hypocritical.

First of all, remember he's talking about illegal alien children, not anchor babies. These are children that were born and citizens of their "homeland". So this statement "We shouldn't punish the children for the crimes of their parents" was fallacious on many fronts. First, it doesn't reflect the real world. If I drive my car with my kids into a canal, we're all going to die. If I don't work, they don't eat as well as I. This is why people need to learn to be responsible before having children because what we do does effect them. Just look at Obama's mother as a prime demonstration. While we're on "doing it for the children" theme, if it's so wrong for the children not be punish or pay for their parent's mistakes, why does he support abortion?

His statement of how immigration, or in this case illegal immigration, has made America demonstrates his either hatred or down right ignorance of how America was built. Most immigrants came here legally and had something to offer their new home country. These example of how they're all better than we are, especially white male America, was as racist and continues with his class warfare mentality. We're talking about tens of million and they're not all exception and frankly, 3/4 of them are illiterate in Spanish, so they're no where near the brightest as Obama thinks the dumbest and most ignorant illegal alien is far superior intellectually than the smartest white male. Frankly, if this is all true, why aren't the sewer pipe they leave from that they try to rot America into faring better than the US?

This policy would be against our interests. These children were born and had their most informative years raised in their resident country. Where do you think their loyalty will be. This nonsense has been tried before: by the Romans. Not only where they defending borders that they were way over extended to defend, but used hired help from the very tribes they were defending against. They just turned on Rome when their home country's interests were at risk. Take a look at how these ungrateful foreign nationalists behave now. We have parts of our country off limits as the signs face north to not enter, our schools are ruined, the nationals wave their home country's flags as expected as history continues demonstrate. Second, we're already bankrupt from the laws that aren't being enforced. Third, this will just encourage more illegal activity as we are going to continue to reward illegal activity. I would ask the question to these invaders that demonstrate their hatred of the US and their love for Latin Nation, Russia, Vietnam, China, etc, would you become a citizen seeing how much the government gives to you being illegal versus how they treat their citizen by screwing them, both by giving preferences and the bill? Some how, other to bring their relatives from their countries, they gain no advantages.

The simple fact, we have enough crime, we don't need more by rewarding criminal behavior, we're broke, the states are going under, and have enough pandering to the invasions. The Dream is really a nightmare to the tax payer, and let's face it. One these illegals have their degree and citizenship, it will be a nightmare for them as they will learn there aren't any jobs or money to reward them with as well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leave BO to not disappoint by taking defeat out of the jaw of victory.

I have to admit, this administration has actually amazed me. After gaining a huge victory, they managed to screw it completely up. Instead of taking pride, as the President seemed to do when announcing that Osama (no, not Obama as Fox news managed to make a fool of themselves by stating) was killed, things seemed right in the world, the sky was bluer, like the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, people were actually, after a decade of BS and cultural defeat, we can actually win the war on terror. Heck, the savages even got their carcasses out of the streets in their protest and hate speeches.

However, a man and his minions that are incapable of telling the truth have gone out and, one, try to smear the SEAL's that did this fine work by making them look like savages, and two, obfuscate the whole thing by putting out 5 different stories, and three, refuse to show the photos as being too graphic. As for number 3, please, I saw the victims splatter like watermelons on 911, so seeing this evil piece of garbage have what little brains he had splatter would be no big thing. This whole stupid bruhahaha (that means crazy in Tagalog) is to appease the hatred of those that want us dead. In a matter of 48 hours we've gone from being able to win, to we can win because we can't offend the enemy by killing their evil, savage asses so we can't promote it. All I can say is, "way to go BO. You finally did something right and butcher it beyond recondition making even Osama's face look pretty in comparison.". Now, I'll never believe anything they say anymore nor have any more faith (as if I had any to begin with, now it's completely gone.)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ding Dong, Bin Laden's Gone!!

Now that the most evil and dangerous man, responsible for the murders of thousands of Americans and God knows how many Muslims in their own land, is finally getting raped by his 72 male virgins in hell where he belongs, the question that comes to my mind is now do we go after the leaders of the major terrorist splinters from his evil organizational construction? Will we go after that Hilter in Iran, the head of Hamas, Hezbollah, Abu Sayyraf, and the other evil institutions around the world? Given the timing of this suspicious, I'm glad, despite how much I hate this President, that this evil man, Bin Laden, is finally dead. This symbolism of Islamic supremacy is destroyed, I can rejoiced I have one less luantic wanting to kill me and my fellow American. I just hope CAIR doesn't dare file a wrongful death lawsuit against the US Government.