Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ding Dong, Bin Laden's Gone!!

Now that the most evil and dangerous man, responsible for the murders of thousands of Americans and God knows how many Muslims in their own land, is finally getting raped by his 72 male virgins in hell where he belongs, the question that comes to my mind is now do we go after the leaders of the major terrorist splinters from his evil organizational construction? Will we go after that Hilter in Iran, the head of Hamas, Hezbollah, Abu Sayyraf, and the other evil institutions around the world? Given the timing of this suspicious, I'm glad, despite how much I hate this President, that this evil man, Bin Laden, is finally dead. This symbolism of Islamic supremacy is destroyed, I can rejoiced I have one less luantic wanting to kill me and my fellow American. I just hope CAIR doesn't dare file a wrongful death lawsuit against the US Government.

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